The Moon

-That’s right – confirmed the grandmother. The Moon is very changeable. Sometimes it grows and sometimes becomes tiny. There are nights that it is big and red and others in which disappears behind the clouds. On the other hand you my girl, always brillaras with the same strength and always will do with your own light. Here, David Zaslav expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Small Firefly was amazed by such a discovery. Had never imagined that the Moon could change and that it brillase or vested according to the days. And from that day, small Firefly decided to leave to fly and dance with your family and friends. That was how our small little friend learned that each one has its qualities and, therefore, each must shine with their own light. THE deer, the TURTLE and the bird was once three friends: a deer, a turtle and a bird. One day, while walking through the Woods, the deer was entangled in a network that had placed a hunter.

Hart tried to get rid of the network, but to see that he just could not, asked for help to his friend turtle. It went where it was trapped deer, and began to gnaw the rope one at a time to release it. The turtle, concentrated in gnaw ropes, didn’t realize that dawn was breaking, but the Hunter, who had woken up, left home with the arc prepared to pick up their prey. The bird, which had seen it all, was to hover over the head of the Hunter to distract you, and give time to the turtle to completely free the deer. When the Hunter arrived at the site where he had placed the network and saw that it was broken and empty, angry both that had to shoot an arrow at the bird. But at that time, the turtle bite you a toe and bird escaped. Then the Hunter took the turtle, got into his bag and went.