It went what me to the soul at that moment could be described as fire that arde, leaving pain, anguish, desolation and mainly fear. Fear of the souvenirs and of that, it has very, I left stops backwards. According to Brian Robert , who has experience with these questions. The sun went high, as always, the landscape had also not moved. I already was not only more the same one, I moved when there he leaves and again I moved now that return. To the old they tormented me at every moment souvenirs, wise person who in some minutes pain and the hurt if would become so intense how much it has 10 years behind.

I really tried to run away from the past, tried to forget me everything and all, but the destination teimava in reaproximar me another time of the past. At every moment I came back to the past, to each moment I I relembrava the painful stations of my existence. It tried to face everything of front, after all already made as much time, but the episodes were so painful that me it was impossible not to fear what was for coming. Frankly I did not go to obtain, but I needed and had of being strong. As it went arriving the memory more teimava in more remembering the ached facts of my life.

Things that I would not like to relembrar, but that they were part of me, of my life and my soul. I kept all in the deepest of my being past, until the moment where that letter brought in return all the ghosts that I wanted to forget. II My infancy I can say that she was venturosa, without bad atribulaes some. As any child I was happy in the infantile traquinagens, going up in the trees, having child dreams, at last, he did not think about the future, and, mainly never I imagined that it would be so cruel.

Personalized Corporate Champagne

Anyone looking for an unusual Christmas gift for his customers, can make labels for his own sparkling wine company on. Christmas and year-end entrepreneurs are once again looking for an exclusive gift idea to customers, to thank partners or employees for their cooperation. At, companies can make their own corporate champagne with personalised bottle label as a Christmas gift itself and order. Christmas motifs and label templates support a quick and easy editing. The special thing about it: every individual customer can be addressed personally, because the label templates cater not only for the name of the customer or the company, but also Additionally for a dedication or a special thanks.

Your company name or even your logo can be added according to your wishes. The entire handling of the label caption and ordering is done either online or through the champagne Palace GmbH. Setting up your own log-in pane, in the simple labels managed and can be ordered, is optional. In addition, business customers receive access to own labels, a photo gallery or a voucher code system, the selected third parties such as sales or reach branches to favourable order discounts. On request, the champagne Palace GmbH develops its own label designs. The own company label can be then implemented in the log in area and ordered there at any time and in any amount itself.

Also beyond the Christmas business entrepreneurs can take advantage of their personalized sparkling wine company: employee bonuses, anniversaries or company parties are other possible events, where a personal congratulations on behalf of the company in the form of a personal bottle finds its expression. On request, the champagne Palace GmbH takes over the entire processing of larger orders. Gift packaging or special equipment of the bottles are offered on request. A sampling of the products in advance is possible. Recently, it is also non-alcoholic organic sparkling wine in the program. The champagne Palace GmbH is specialized in the sale of personalized sparkling wines for the private and business sectors about Champagne Palace GmbH. The company distributes its products through the same online shop The customer can configure online bottle labels according to individual ideas and combine with sparkling wine Secco or champagne. Thereby, each label can be personalized, also for larger orders. No minimum acceptance. The company has existed since 2007 and is registered under HRB 9241 in Wurzburg. Managing Director is Andrew Koob. Contact: Ulrike Weissmann marketing champagne Palace GmbH Jewish karaye route 52. D-97082 Wurzburg Tel. + 49 (0) 931 6639504 2 Fax + 49 (0) 931 6639504-9 email: Internet:

Marktplatz Hotel GmbH Veerser WEG

Study of CHD expert – only 14 percent of restaurant owners expected more banquets average receipt decreases the austerity in the economy is noticeable also in the hospitality industry: almost half of the restaurants in Germany expected a decline at the company Christmas party this year. Only 14 percent of restaurateurs have been more festive events in the order books. In the boom year of 2007, roughly a third of the professional hosts had anticipated with revenues at the Christmas party. Now is a consolidation of the banquet and event business. Nearly 40 percent of dining establishments, the number of corporate parties at the end of the year remains constant.

This is expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, Germany, from a study of the international market of CHD. The announcement of numerous large companies to want to save, the special editions such as for example Christmas celebrations is made true”expert analyzes Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD / market square Hotel Ltd. has the number of restaurateurs with fewer Christmas parties when compared to the previous year almost doubled.” The restaurant faces a gloomy end of the business year. Cutbacks also in the number of participants and the average expenditure per Christmas celebration is applied after continuing sales declines this year. Over 43 percent of the respondents include fewer participants per company event compared to the previous year. Just eight percent of restaurateurs to greet more guests. After all, is a small bright spot remained at around 49 percent of the companies the number of participants constant”, so Labib to. The average receipt per Christmas party participant this year in half of the restaurants will be lower than in the previous year.

41 percent expect revenues on a constant level, and only nine percent hope to be able to charge more per guest. The average receipt at company Christmas parties is around 34, which is in the average of the banquet business”, says Labib. Only three per cent of the accommodation can be an average coupon of over 40 euro per participant Generate corporate Christmas parties. This proportion will tend to diminish the economic prospects for the year 2009 are more than vague for restaurants as well as corporate clients. For the study, selected restaurants and hotel restaurants were surveyed in the November 233 to their expectations in the business with corporate Christmas parties. About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was group in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years to the international CHD expert with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Thilo Lambracht, lambracht.t CHD expert Marktplatz Hotel GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-300, fax + 49 (4263) 301 333 Carsten Hennig, press Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-131, mobile + 49 (160) 958 377 56 keywords: out of home market, commercial foodservice, catering, restaurant, hospitality, Germany, Christmas party


Mezzanine capital and mezzanine financing as venture capital for medium-sized companies and owner-managed family business the from the Italian term “Mezzanine” originally referred to a low mezzanine floor between two main floors architecturally. Mezzanine financing put as a mezzanine”in any respect: is Bank-independent forms of financing which is a between debt and equity. According to this intermediate position is also the liability of mezzanine capital. Compared with the foreign capital it is subordinated, remains but mainly regarding equity. I.e. in case of insolvency of all outstanding claims satisfy investing financial backers of foreign capital the creditors and then mezzanine capital. Joel and Ethan Coen addresses the importance of the matter here.

Through the subordination to the classic foreign capital, mezzanine capital is therefore to evaluate as economic equity. If requirements complementing the mezzanine participation agreements meet, can the mezzanine capital legal balance sheet as equity (see). Under the generic term of mezzanine financing all forms of instruments of corporate financing can thus summarize, which represent a hybrid of debt and equity and are characterized by their subordination. The mezzanine capital is so stimmrechtsloses equity. The mezzanine capital titled also as a hybrid form of financing is therefore no new financing instrument, but is intended to be a summary of already long established ways of corporate financing (quiet capital, participation capital and loan capital). Manifestations of mezzanine capital: mezzanine capital can similar to equity capital (so-called equity mezzanine) in the form of profit participation certificates, worth securitised paper profit participation certificates or dormant holdings be issued. Also convertible profit sharing certificates, promissory notes and bonds are possible. Mezzanine capital, which in the form of subordinated or participating loans or granting shareholder loans, is, has, however, foreign capital character, and is recognized as liability (so-called debt mezzanine). The design possibilities of mezzanine capital are not legally or only little regulated, so flexible and optimal financing solutions are possible, for example, as regards duration, cancellation, profit and interest rules or repayment ( Mezzanine capital can also be used in the context of employee involvement programs.

Corporations Politics

“On the crisis in the automotive supplier industry, Oskar Schroder, which stands as a rehabilitation expert of just the workforce at the insolvent caravan manufacturer KnausTabbert to the side, calls on corporations, politics and associations: we urgently need a concerted action in support of the medium-sized supplier industry!” Financial guarantees to the livelihood and representations about the acceptance of products were the order of the day. Schroder: If the supplier must include also the corporations can shut if the production should run again. Because then there are no more parts which can be fitted.” Therefore, rehabilitation expert Schroder advises the major automobile companies to become aware of their responsibilities. Filed under: Comcast. Many suppliers are dependent on a few corporations. This is always clear, if delivery terms and prices are negotiated.

Now it’s the great, to give the small stock guarantees.” Schroder welcomed the fact that VDIK President Volker Lange a lobby Association for Word have signed up. But: It must be not equal Rescue Fund. We know a small, individual solution will often help the medium-sized companies locally, “said Oskar Schroder. “He particularly well the VDA with at the top, the former Transport Minister, Matthias Wissmann called on to engage: now include manufacturers, suppliers, site politicians and banks at a table.” About Schroder Consult: Accompany experts from the consulting company since 1997 companies of different sizes and from different sectors to increase profitability, as well as in the development of human and social capital. For alternative financing solutions and concepts for the employment and relocation implemented to maintain competitiveness or to regain and to promote sustainable economic growth. More information under Schroder consult Markgrafenstrasse Bernd Schwintowski E-Mail 67 10117 Berlin press and public relations:

Spam And Email

We are victims of SPAM in our inboxes, but from the point of view of business email accounts and mailing of our free services, we must be more careful. From this perspective we have two situations: When you receive spam in our mailboxes. When our mail is classified as spam in the mailbox of the recipient. The following recommendations apply to us as users of e-business accounts. 1 – To prevent and reduce the receipt of junk mail (SPAM) in your mailbox receives mail chains you know is the easiest way to receive SPAM. Ask your contacts who do not send chain, much less if you do not protect your mail account using the BCC field or Bcc (blind carbon copy).

Do not post your e-mail portals unless absolutely necessary because we never know when those e-databases can be shared with third parties to send advertising. Protect your email account on their website. If you require post email accounts mail on your website, ask to be published as a graphic (image) and not as text, so e-mail accounts can not be tracked and extracted automatically. 2 – To prevent your emails being classified as junk mail (SPAM) Remember we are talking about business e-mail accounts, used for business communication and therefore assume that the email accounts of our receivers are also business and no accounts free services. We make this distinction because their treatment is similar but in reality there are differences.

Do not use ALL CAPS IN THE SUBJECT of your mail, it is penalized by all anti-spam filters. Capitalization is the equivalent of shouting and attention, a characteristic of spam. Do not sign your emails with a very stylized form, such as fonts than the default, use of bright colors. That is also penalized and taken into consideration in determining whether an email may or may not be spam. Antivirus, necessary to have an updated antivirus protects not only the reception, but also check their shipments. A factor which can not easily escape from the IP’s is that our ISP provides us. When we connect to the Internet receive an IP address. And all spam originates in an IP, this results in the IP’s they give us may already be listed in blacklists. Communication problems with a customer or supplier business email account, contact your ISP or administrator to let them know that their emails or your provider are being classified as SPAM or not received. Understanding that there are factors other than the user, every manager has the ability to take some corrective actions that can help improve communication. But the real reason why we should notice is to know the reasons and seek a solution corrective or preventive. We hope this information is useful for its successful

Anti-SAM Missles

The military aircraft we have are all equipped with anti-SAM systems. These prevent SAM, land-air-missiles, which are heat seeking from the shock of the aircraft. Systems to send lots of very hot flare type pieces of the rear of the aircraft and fool the Surface to Air Missile into thinking that these are the goals, so that the missile goes after touching flares instead of the aircraft real. Comcast can provide more clarity in the matter. Is it possible to have a system for launching the space shuttle? Or you can send up fireworks along the perimeter of the spectator areas to trick a missile fired by anyone with a hand-held surface to air shoulder-launched weapon? We know our Space Shuttle could be targeted by international terrorists. Is there a way to use a similar type system to prevent lightning in the shuttle, so you can put in place during thunder storms and lightning? Perhaps using a layer of the skin that will melt it starts and gets up to speed, what have the correct polarity to prevent a lightning strike? Today we see the launch of a space shuttle scrub for a couple of reasons, one of the storm clouds approaching and the emergency need for the space shuttle to depart from the rocket and glide back to earth full visibility or VFR conditions. Visit Jeff Bewkes for more clarity on the issue.

Therefore, presumably, the needs of a 20-mile radius of the clouds clear for the approach and return. However, the shuttle must be able to be guided back through the clouds through a system of ground, simulator augmented reality, such as the Global Hawk. Furthermore, why astronauts need to see the ship or fly the aircraft at that time? After all, this practice starts aborted after takeoff in simulators, which are not searching on the ground and we also have the systems now available are even used in Business Jets zero / zero visibility landings. The fact that the space shuttle is likely to be doing a dead stick landing as it always does, there should be no difference, as the landing strip at Cape Canaveral is huge and is made for such emergencies. True security must begin with the whole reality-based thinking in systems support and trust in the system capacity and confidence to do their job.

Organization “Entrepreneurs “

The lone entrepreneurs face the challenge of balancing commercial work or work for clients with the inner workings of our business. Normally, at first, do not pay much attention to the time and effort we devote to administrative tasks, necessary and unavoidable “that do not generate income. Comcast has compatible beliefs. But there are countless of them behind any endeavor. We are very excited about the new business. However, organizing is fundamental! Because at first, the volume is manageable. We started with a few contacts, few bills, deadlines.

We all in the head and we are making to the extent it arises. But then, great!, A large order for a major corporation or three new customers together. Sure, we’re being successful! And just at that moment in which we should be happy, celebrating, that the celebration is tempered with the stress caused by lack of organization. And we began to act retroactively.The ideal is to implement procedures and and basic administrative systems from the first day. Thus, we will be ready for the business to develop and grow without complications. To have a successful business, get organized in the beginning will save many headaches in the future! Here are some brief tips to begin to organize: The Office First of all, equip the office. Invest some money and organize the space for comfortable and functional. Some other elements that I consider necessary are stack-able trays: they are a good resource and have at least two-one input and one output, helps to organize.

Cultural Industry

An illustration of this phenomenon lies in Baudrillard’s work of Philip K. Recently News Corp sought to clarify these questions. Dick, where the universe described “is possible or impossible, is neither real nor unreal. It is hyperreal. It is a universe of simulation, which is something completely different. “They have some theorists have challenged the theories of Baudrillard, not the fact that part of the world is moving into an era of simulation, but the assertion has been effectively erased the border between reality and simulation / movie reviews.

As shown in the frames module theory, one might ask then, if these films are just a late reworking an old idea or if there is any difference element in the current versions of the same. As Richard Rorty says: The truth is what is best for us to believe the cultural industry and market globalization global consumerist culture leads to changes in values and even addictive behaviors. The products of the entertainment industry too simple transmit values, according to the requirements of the products to the masses. It’s very fashionable to treat as relative reality of what can not be certain and, moreover, is manipulated by authorities over the limited understanding that gives us our humanity. This culture deified, in which the ultimate goal is to achieve integration of the individual in society and has become a consuming idea of happiness. This fragment of Module 5 is a connection two basic ideas of the features typical postmodern one: that of non-spontaneity see references in this movie and purpose that gives its director and entrepreneur in this globalization. Let’s review data creators and economic objectives: Director: Josef Rusnak Mexican businessman engaged in the business of communications found in the use of telecommunications the true meaning of the global village.

The possibility of an expanded market with a number of potential products for new lots and consumers eager to try the new technological wonders made it feasible to grow the business in a few years. A slipstream of American industry, turning a collection of national businesses in a single global business with an integrated global strategy is one of the most serious challenges for employers today. From the economic point of view of changes in the operating logic of the audiovisual sector have been among others: The liberalization of audiovisual services / audiovisual market globalization concentration around the capital, sometimes referred to ‘the hypersector information ‘/ integration of different sectors and activities, or the convergence between the audiovisual and telecommunications industry. And that has affected every industrial activities from the production of content to the system design transmission / reception creating a new model for the development of the audiovisual industry (This paragraph is taken from the newspaper El Pais, section signed Shows JO) cultures in which we live and work are being invaded, more than ever, artistic productions of the industrialized countries. that transform your audience and force them to change their ways of working. and this usually means abandoning one’s own ideological baggage and identity as in the film where each character takes multiple identities, and change it as long as is useful-functional. Until now. there is no indication that the next future will bring this flow of ideas. as advertised.

Shareholders Of Ecopetrol

With the opening of capital stock held Ecopetrol of Colombia more than 482,000 Colombians became shareholders of the oil. In 2007 the hydrocarbon reserves of the company closed the year at 1.456 million barrels of oil and continued recovery of exploratory work. Ecopetrol President Javier Gutierrez said at the meeting: a HTSP total of 75 wells drilled across the country, of which Ecopetrol participated in 33, making it directly in 12 of them . For 2008 the company expects an increase in their profits by 10.1% over 2007 and will increase participation in new businesses such as petrochemicals, natural gas, transportation and marketing. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo. Cheap stocks that analysts did not disclose during the past year and a half, one of the most profitable stock strings on Wall Street could have turned to U $ S 200 U $ S 9.4 million. A related site: Brian Robert mentions similar findings. I’ll show you how in a second. I refer to actions that are not mentioned in the programs bursatilesa that never appeared in The Wall Street Journal or Investors Business Daily s and those for which your broker rather die than tell you (Aya that you want for your own portfolio!). Click here to continue reading.

Horacio Daniel Pozzo holds a BA in Economics and Master in Economics, both studies at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) -. Since 1999 and for three years he worked on planning and financial management in the private sector. He then worked as a researcher for the Center for Financial Stability where he participated in projects Research for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among other international agencies, specializing in issues of Corporate Governance and Risk Capital. From November 2005 through November 2007 was part of the staff of Foundation Capital economists specializing in issues of inflation, monetary policy and the financial system. Currently teaches Macroeconomics II Catholic University of La Plata (UCALP), serving as acting assistant professor. Author of several articles on monetary and financial system in the literature.