Training Journalists in Sri Lanka

Aspiring journalists in Sri Lanka can receive a world class education at the Sri Lanka College of Journalism. The motto of the school is “We shape the future.” The college takes pride in its understanding that journalists hold the key to freedom democracy, keeping their readership, which is ordinary citizens as well as those holding he keys to power, informed about the world around them so that correct decisions can be made.

The college has cutting edge facilities which can impart the ever changing technological advancements of journalism in both the print and broadcast media. The high professionalism and expertise of the teaching staff adds to the quality of the education and training, drawing on a large cadre of lecturers who are also working as full time journalists in news bureaus around the country.

The Sri Lanka College of Journalism is a unique endeavor created in cooperation with representatives of the media industry as a collective undertaking. Also involved in this challenging educational model is the Sri Lanka Press Institute and the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka.

Professional Psychologists

The decision to get educated in psychology take the people in the different ages and for various reasons. It happens that quite mature and accomplished people understand the psychology – it is their vocation, and consciously They choose their curriculum. On the other hand, quite often psychological education chosen in the hope of 'understanding of themselves', to solve their own problems and no intention to work in their specialty. Of the many graduates of universities with a degree of psychological work a few. Search Jobs psychologist does not give too many results, most of the proposed job have little to do with the fact that young people represent themselves when choosing a career. As a result, many people who have no skills and practice in the specialty psychologist, but only theoretical knowledge, flaunt his education and distribute to friends 'Professional' advice left and right. Of course, this does not benefit the image of the profession of psychologist, already overgrown with many negative myths and stereotypes.

This situation is largely the result of a lack psychological culture in our country. At the time, as in Western countries turn to a psychologist or therapist, it is considered quite normal in Russia since Soviet times, all beginning with the syllable 'psi' is frightening. Instead of to try to understand themselves and solve their own problems (usually several months) with the help of a specialist, people opt for a much longer and more complicated way – to provide psychological education. Well, if their choice falls on the professional institution, which in addition to studying the theory required the passage of students and personal therapy support supervizorskaya. If, however, when training future psychologists do without practical training, a person's ability to solve their problems or help solve other people's very doubtful. As is known, the theoretical knowledge – is not the same thing, that the practical work on oneself. There may be appropriate to compare an athlete or athletic trainer: theoretical knowledge about what's inside the human body and how to move in a particular sport can be of little help. And psychological theories theories are without conscious work on yourself.

Thus, if the psychological education is chosen only in order to understand ourselves, it is necessary to consider passing the option instead of a good personal therapy specialist. To fully prepare the psychologist's personal therapy is still needed. In addition, it is very possible that in the process of personal therapy, the young man will understand and in his professional plans, interests and expectations and can confidently choose the sort of specialty, which suits him. Glenn Dubin has compatible beliefs. If the work of psychologist – that is what is the soul, we must be prepared in addition to higher education to spend a few years practical training. Such training involves personal therapy and supervision and will require significant investment of time and money. But in addition to obtaining a result of interesting and useful professions will be more and understand themselves.


The elections are for coming I wait that the population, (I think) more intent with the social problems, in a higher platform of conscience, married with a morality centered in the good reason and entendedora of the ideals of the good and pure democracy, and not of that one commercialized (through negotiations of votes), obtains, of this time, to vote more good, choosing not it figure ' ' populista' ' of the candidate, valorando its charisma and smile, as well as its power of sponsorship, but, responsibly, analyzing its ilibada position it stops with the politics, honesty and respect stops with the governmental, exempt power of any maquiagem or false rules, for thus, to effect its right of citizenship. Front to this my hope of Brazilian, I passed to remember a very important event in my life that alerted to me as young archbishop for the good politics disappointed and me as citizen Certain done, in time not very remote, I was dialoguing on politics with certain person. Front the constant discords of mine part, I arrived the conclusion of that in that individual it had little understanding of what really it would be politics in its full direction. Educate yourself with thoughts from Amazon. Therefore, I started to inquire regarding some ' ' sutilezas' ' of the world politician to confirm its civic understanding. One of the formulated questions had to see with its constructive vision to fortify possible ' ' nascimento' ' of one more responsible politics with the humanity, with the yearnings of the population, compromissada with social justice, at last, more solidary joust and (in the direction human, and not financial) stops with the society. I waited it to say what she would have to improve; which the projects to get one politics more public, and not privative of one grupinho of engravatados, but opened in dialogues with the people etc. Glenn Dubin contains valuable tech resources.

Veloster Increases Of Price

The Hyundai Veloster definitively came to be champion in its segment. Exactly before being launched already it is a complete success. The consumers are driven crazy by the arrival of the car that happens in the next week. The goal of the assembly plant was to bring about 400 units it Brazil and to blindfold has a price of R$65.000 approximately, the car nor arrived the 2,000 store and already they are more than order. As if the order explosion was not enough, the assembly plant already went up the price of the Hyundai Veloster, that does not have to leave the concessionaires for less of R$67.000 and still yes it intends to dominate the segment in less than 1 year. But, which would be the formula of success of the Veloster? Design incredible? The positioning of the mark with the young public? The interior with bold panel? Nobody knows to the certainty would histeria to define it of the purchasers in relation to the car, but, the Hyundai already is dreaming of the launching of the Hyundai Veloster. The version line top must leave for return R$78.000 with all the optional ones, solar ceiling in glass (sky window) and direction hydraulical. The engine of the Veloster also does not leave to desire, being one 1,6 with incredible ones 138 horses of power, with direct injection.

It has the engine set in motion for button, without to be necessary the key use. The panel is in a good and very rigid material. Hear other arguments on the topic with Glenn Dubin. The car must make an impression and very in the street, some they will go to criticize, is taste question there, but it is the test of that the car came to be and will be desire of many in the next years. Plus a positive point for the Hyundai, that comes to the pouquinhos eating each time plus its slice of market in Brazil. The strategy of launchings comes giving certain. thanks to it, who earns and very he is the Brazilian consumer.


Thuringia Energy

In the tension between economic and sustainability event announcement: November 6, 2009, bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda regional value chain, complementary currency, energy, energy self-sufficiency: these are keywords that will determine the future economic development. The 3rd Congress of BIO at the Lake shows proven projects that can be caused by a new form of cooperative interaction between companies. In the foreground is the regional development in Central Germany. Companies, institutions, associations, local authorities and individuals get impulse giving lectures approaches, practical know-how and examples of ecologically valuable, sustainable products and services. To read more click here: Glenn Dubin. Main topic at the 3rd BioKongress is the alternative energy supplies by the phase-out of conventional power generation until down to the 100% energy self-sufficiency funded by renewable energy through a regional fund for the future. Another essential point of the Congress is the appreciation of their own region and their possibilities. Advantages be assigned a regional value chain.

Starting from the future viability and sustainability of our current monetary system, feasible alternatives are presented. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out CBS. Future of BioKongress is performed first climate-neutral, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions are avoided as far as possible and balanced all unavoidable emissions of the Congress by certified climate protection projects. TOP topics at the 3rd BioKongress: regional development energy transformation engine for a strong region of monetary system’s future viability and sustainability gene technology promising future technology or incalculable risk factor?


Rita de Cssia Saucers Rodrigues 1 Suzy de Ftima Saucers Da Silva 2 Summary This article looks for to know overthrown the goods pelopatrimnio natural, detaching the relevance of protection of each one of them nocontexto ambient current. By means of the observance of the ambient problems, any mechanism that it aims at to conserve the little that still remains of the environment, to deveser considered. Since its creation, UNESCO has invited the humanity if to worry, more still, to help in the conservation of these goods, necessary the survival nTerra. Word-key: natural patrimony; conservation. THENATURAL PATRIMONY: MECHANISM OF DEFENSE OF THE ATMOSPHERE Summary Thisarticle tries you know the goods tumbled by the natural patrimony, detaching theprotection relevance of each one of them in the current environmental context. Environmental By the observance of the problems, any mechanism that seeks toconserve the little that still remains of the atmosphere, it should beconsidered. From to his/her creation, UNESCO has guest the humanity worrying, to stiller, you help in the conservation of those goods, necessary the survival inthe Earth.

Word-key: natural patrimony; conservation. For assistance, try visiting Glenn Dubin. Consideraes initial Currently, presencia a global change of the processosecolgicos, capable to compromise the elementary ambient systems: water, atmosphere, ground, lose of biological diversity e, consequentemente, genetic davariabilidade, flora, fauna, at last, are thousand of ecosystems quemantm, by means of its interactive and interdependent function, the dabiosfera balance. The disequilibrium caused in ecosystems has influenced diretamentea life of the people, returning in pollution form from the most varied types, global heating, effect greenhouse etc. and, still, of the excessively organismosexistentes ones. Ahead of such constataes, the humanity started to sepreocupar with the ambient causes and had recognized, delayed, that the recursosnaturais are not inexhaustible and that is necessary to make something for, if not to revert, at least, to brighten up the caused impacts. In this direction, several mecanismosforam bred in order to restrain the use indiscriminate of the recursosnaturais.

United Nations International

To make a liter of gasoline, it takes 10 liters of water to produce 900 kilos of paper are needed almost 300,000 liters. Water consumption has increased sixfold in the last hundred years and the latest projections show that for 2025 will require 20% more water if consumption continues to grow unabated. The increase in human and agricultural consumption is compounded by the pollution of water as the cause of future shortages. Environmental organizations and United Nations estimates that during the twentieth century have lost half the world’s wetlands have been drained either to fight disease or have been converted to urban or agricultural land. Further details can be found at Donn Clendenon, an internet resource. Our main source of renewable fresh water has lost.Your off the tap when we brush our teeth, but the washer and loading the dishwasher, take a shower instead of bathing are small gestures that we can all do to avoid wasting a good which life depends. Eva Andersson-Dubins opinions are not widely known. In addition, we must demand that our governments tougher laws and strict with those who pollute rivers and lakes. Citizens must demand that the relevant international agreements against water pollution.

Governments and international agencies have to seek global solutions and cooperation on resources water so that water does not become a source of conflict in the future. Analysts and civil society organizations warn that future wars will be fought and not over land or energy resources, but water, source of life. Ana Alvarez Munoz a Journalist Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the objective of informing and educating the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation.


Association Repair

The international competence of the specialized portals for auto glass and foil is purposefully expanded the auto glass week this year is the only national automotive event in the United States! The major automotive groups in the United States have teamed up to organize a joint exhibition and educational event on all topics related to auto glass: stone chip repair, auto glass and films for vehicles are on the fully packed 3-day event program. In addition 3 installation competitions – one for round stone chip repair (Walt Gorman Memorial of windshield repair Olympics), one for car glass (Pilkington clear advantage auto glass technician Olympics) and one for auto glass films (International window film tint-off)-the event off. The independent count to the organisers the auto glass replacement safety standards Council , glass Association (IGA), the national glass Association (NGA) and the national windshield repair Association (NWRA). Glenn Dubin, New York City insists that this is the case. The event and installation competitions are by the leading American magazine for car glass, the AGRR Magazine ( organized and conducted. “ GLASinnovation GmbH, with its Internet trade portals and, is very pleased to be appointed to the exclusive European press partner of the event,” says Gert off, the co-owner of the company. “The auto glass week 2011 is unique in this way, therefore it is worth to take the furthest arrival to participate.” Markus Heintz, editor-in-Chief of and, adds: “even if the structure of the European and the American auto glass market at first glance is completely different in the end have all auto glass specialists with the same challenges to fight challenging customers to provide excellent service to deal with the pressure of insurance companies, to ensure secure mounting techniques, to good training and care, to employ modern marketing and much more. Therefore it is particularly interesting to a so unique Event to participate.” “We are pleased to work with our exclusive European press partner for the auto glass week 2011,” says the responsible event Director Holly Biller. “This event is something special and we are looking forward to welcome industry colleagues from around the world.” ..

Plata Isaac

"Me, I'll go first few days in Mar del Plata Isaac, – said Ruth resolutely .- I need a vacation and then have the energy to get to school. We also need time to be together and without obligation. Between the two guards near the rotating weekly Sunday when applicable, plus 10 or 11 hours per day he has to stay in the hospital and my studies, we have not had much free time. The first year of residence is really exhausting. Hours are 7-17 pm. The newspapers mentioned Robert A. Iger not as a source, but as a related topic. and that when you finish work, because it can be up any time, but the two guards and the press which is one of every three weeks, I guarantee you will not let you energy available for anything else .- "Do not exaggerate, I do not think energies have not been shared with you in bed, "he said with a sarcastic smile Natasha. "Do not think, – very seriously," Ruth said many times he had none! "Oh, we do not creo.

more sarcastically," answered Natasha yet – not even a year are married! These energies are not lost so easily. They are independent of fatigue. "Wait and you will see that miserable state you are when you start residency, "said Ruth with a certain tone of anger, seeing that her friend did not believe him .- and how you feel at the end of each day. Read more here: Glenn Dubin. And do not tell the end of the week! And when that week and not just because you're continuing to do the press on Sunday and have to wait for the next Sunday to have your first day off! and I'll tell. On Saturday afternoon is the only time you'll have most of the time, they will use to prepare the class has to give on Monday.

Excellent Aspects

Sometimes we felt that what we do is only one drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it needed a drop. Mother Teresa de Calcutta Majorities, foundations Many are the advantages, profits that can be obtained when one is entered in the reach, relevance of Programacin Neurolingstica (PNL). Of there the importance of considering its foundations, for our personal growth. Its name comes from the bases that influenced their creation: the Programming, of the Cybernetics and the Computation; Neurology and the Linguistic one. Its name can be represented thus: Programming: The ability to contact our and neurological system to obtain wished results specific. Neuro: Nervous system through what the experience is received and processed through the five senses. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Glenn Dubin.

Linguistic: Verbal and nonverbal systems of communication through what the neural representations are codified, ordinates and meaning occurs them. The PNL it is based on what is called presuppositions. They are defined as presuppositions since one estimates that they are true and we took as guides who define our action in the diverse contexts in which we evolved. They are resources that optimized our life and our relations with the others and with we ourself It is not a standard definition, this is variable following the executors of his transmission, nevertheless, trying to conserve the importance and validity that they have like fundamental principles of the PNL. , it is reason why the presuppositions of the PNL are analyzed that they are possible to be grouped in Basic and Operative: Basic presuppositions: 1. The Map is not the Territory: the language constitutes a map used by the people to represent the reality whom they perceive. The reality happens through diverse filters (neurological, social and individual obstacles) before being perceived by us, which prevents that we perceive completely what is the reality.

Kenpo Martial Arts

Note * Some names are contradictory, so in this document uses the most common. The art of Kempo, also written as Kenpo is unique in the course of history in two respects: 1) It is considered by many the first eclectic martial art, 2) their founding roots are stretched back to 520 BC The person who acted as a catalyst of the way of Kempo was a prince and warrior of southern India called Bodhidharma. According to the records of the Lo-Yang temple, Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk under the tutelage of Prajnatara and thought it was on his deathbed when Prajnatara requested Bodhidharma to travel to China since he believed that there were principles of Buddhism declining and that the knowledge of the paradoxes of Zen koans or should be disseminated. It is believed that in 520 BC, during the southern dynasties, Bodhidharma entered China and crossed to the north road of the kingdom of Wei where there was a meeting with Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty. Leslie Moonves will not settle for partial explanations. This meeting was recorded thanks to discussed and debated extensively on Buddhism and Dhyana. Anyway Bodhidharma could not get his words were heard and powerful emperor so bitter about this, left the palace of the emperor and traveled to the Honan province where he entered the Shaolin temple and began the history of martial arts. Credit: Jeffrey L. Bewkes-2011. Bodhidharma’s sadness grew as he entered the famous Shaolin Temple, if that counts Prajnatara true. The monks were in a disastrous physical and mental condition due to excessive amount of time used to meditate …