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European China

The alert ones on the debt in Europe are continued shooting. Country in European countries goes off to the risk but communicated of it restrains them to Europe. Hard low of stock-market in China. Commodities fall. The alert of risks of non-payment in Europe, with the rescue of Ireland in the rug lowered to the Euro again that soon recovered, and the scaling of commodities received the pressure to the loss by China.Lo we advanced: the summit of the G20 would not be used for nothing else that stops to visit Seoul. Today it lowers everything, until the dollar.

WST S& P500 1,213 -0,42% DOW 11,283 -0,65% NASDAQ 2,555 -0,90% Cisco (CSCO -0,05%) had its worse day yesterday in 16 years and 16% collapsed taking with him to the technological sector. 9:55 (New York hour) Feeling of the Consumer of the University of Michigan. Low pre market in syntony with the other international markets. ASIA CHINA 2,985 -5,16% Obama asks to him to China that leaves to the market to establish the value of they yuan, that is to say that quotes internationally in the currency markets. ” They yuan this devalued and China spends much money in taking part in market to maintain devalued it, is important China to advance gradually towards a system based on mercado” (and for the USA essentially). The investors elevated their fear before a possible increase of the interest rates. This same China week already elevated the demanded reserves of capital to the bank, almost in parallel to another increase in the inflation.

Also there have been press information that China would be being been preparing stops to limit the purchases of foreigners of houses. The foreign companies could only buy property only for own use and the foreigners who live in China could only buy a residential property for own use. Greater loss in 14 months for the Shanghai Composite with action of commodities, real estate and banking in low fort.