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Six held six open systems GmbH 1 Six_AustriForum and Six_SwissForum Stuttgart, May 11, 2010 -, a leading provider of enterprise content management and enterprise media asset management systems opportunity to interact personally and to benefit from the experiences of other six customers from your area users and interested parties from Austria and the Switzerland with a Six_AustriForum on 15 June in Linz, as well as a Six_SwissForum on the 23rd of June in Sursee. The themes of social networks, the new version Opix media city SixOMC 9.2 as well as a look into the future of the six are on the agenda for the Six_AustriForum focuses on product development by integration of the two product lines for enterprise content and media asset management. Under the title learning scenarios in mobile Web 2.0 applications ‘ Mr Professor Mittendorfer shows from the University of Linz, as digital media long ago also in everyday University took catchment. The VERITAS Education Publishing uses state of the art enterprise content technology of management for an online German lesson, which is in line with the trend and creates easier so the jump with joy learn ‘to get all media’. The Six_SwissForums includes advertising team AG. in addition to the presentation of the new version of enterprise media asset management system Opix media city (SixOMC 9.2) and the roadmap for the future product development is also a customer presentation Examples of customer presents the Swiss Agency for integrated advertising campaigns, as the production processes for the media creation with SixOMC can be optimized.

The contribution of the Swiss partner is very users involved: the A & F computersysteme AG shows tips and tricks from the practice, which can be useful and helpful in your daily work. Discussions and opportunities for the personal exchange between the participants, speakers and staff of six open systems complete the two event. Participation in the Six_AustriForum and Six_SwissForum is free for customers as well as for those interested. Detailed information on the agenda, registration and venue are online available at de / AustriForum2010 as well as de / SwissForum2010. Renate Ramerseder, six open systems GmbH

Project Manager Michael Pelzl

Innovative climate: Academy for executives starting in Bremen Bremen, 27 September 2013. How does climate protection the future of companies? Ten representatives of large and medium-sized enterprises in the energy consensus climate deal with this question in Bremen since yesterday: Academy. They work under the heading of green enterprise transformation climate”for two days, such as economic and environmental-conscious acting hand in hand go. The instructors are leaders from industry and academia: Prof. Dr. Torsten Henzelmann from Roland Berger Strategy consultants, Susan Dreyer, Director DACH region, CDP (carbon disclosure project), and the President of the Wuppertal Institute for climate, environment, energy, Prof. Dr.

Uwe Schneidewind. Eight other modules follow until late 2014. You empower business leaders as well as business executives, controlling, engineering, research & Development and communications to integrate strategic climate protection into all relevant business processes. Initiator of the climate: Academy is the non-profit and independent climate protection agency energy consensus. The energy consensus climate: Academy is part of the pilot project funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment green transformation. The training offer combines innovative approaches: companies get holistic support through consulting, detailed insight into best-practice examples and model company, as well as the intensive exchange via the online platform XING.

The climate: Academy provides interdisciplinary knowledge managers, how you can strategically integrate climate change into management processes. This is an educational concept created after latest neurological pedagogical knowledge. Significant support was given energy consensus by the Bremen neurologists and behavior physiologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth. In addition to new knowledge the participants acquire skills, to identify personal and company-internal obstacles to change and constructively to eliminate. The key issue for us is the knowledge anyway, as the participants on their concrete Business situation can relate and implement locally,”says energy consensus Managing Director and Project Manager Michael Pelzl. The management approach of the project chose energy consensus based on long-time experience with companies.


The need to establish contact offerers and plaintiffs, whether for products or services, was born the concept of classified ads. This concept would include those sections organized by categories to facilitate the search for ads, which teachers in principle of a short description followed by the offeror contact details. The first appearances of these sections date back to the 18th century, when some American newspapers began to create paragraphs, where for a monetary amount ofrecianla publication of notices organized by categories. This system of advertising was gradually evolving worldwide and were born the first magazines and periodic especializadosunicamente in classified ads. Many of these journals provide the publication of ads for free for advertisers, then charging an amount for the sale of copies sussus. In turn, also find journals in a sector, where advertisers, usually professional sector, pay for their announcements, for then the empresapoder offer copies free of charge to interested readers.

In any case, this kind of print advertising involves maintenance (printing, storage, distribution) costs, and these costs have to be covered, either by the offeror or the plaintiff’s. In addition to the problem of maintenance costs, we found other deficiencies as the publication of ads without photos in the majority of cases or the possibility of expanding information articuloso services once the magazine has been printed. Since the advent of the internet, many were portals who opted for the theme of classified ads, creating a real revolution regarding the publication of articles and services.To have lower maintenance costs, these can offer both the publication bidders like reading free of charge to both jobseekers. Many are the advantages that offers us this new digital age. Easy handling thanks to the structuring by categories, possibility to see the date of publication of the notice in time real search for articles by keywords or even see the popularity of the advertisements of the item or service in which you are interested. Besides the advantages in terms of cost and usability, thanks to these portals and their scopes of statistics, today can be accurate barometers to analyze trends in the purchase sale items and bid on-demand services.

According to the last registered barometers, is known that in this last year the provinces with the highest number of transactions are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. From 23.00 hours is when greater number of requests-respuestasse place. And with greater affluence categories are those of furniture for the home, clothes, computer, pets and spare parts. Also have you checked as the buying and selling of items has increased significantly from the stage of crisis, many are who have needed to break off any membership by publishing an announcement in Internet to earn extra money, as well as those who have used this type of portals to find any item at a much more affordable price.


We want to live a more successful life, but many of us lose the opportunity when presented us. You can easily make your successful life with only a few opportunities in his life. Here is four which is going to really take off your life! 1 Organization. You have to have everything in order in your life. The more organized you are in every aspect of his life, more fluid all anger. You can put some things on autopilot and save time by eliminating the time looking for things or ask how you are going to finally get everything. 2 Confidence.

There are few things that will contribute to our success in life as well as the confidence that we have. Confidence will take you to make decisions to go and take chances where they have to be taken. and we know that without risk, little reward. 3 Trust. The success and confidence go together. The more you trust in you yourself and others around you, trusted best will all flow. And when you trust in the world to provide you with resources and situations that you need and want, you will usually find that they are there. 4 Curiosity.

You have to be curious. Curious people tend to look for answers and the successful people is full of answers. If you are curious about investments, you will probably learn everything you need to know. And their investments probably will do this much better than the next person. These four tips can really lend a hand on the road to success. These are only the beginning, but if you can get dominate these four, you will already be in a good to get position more good things come into your life! I would like to ask you the same question I did a few weeks ago, if you were absolutely convinced, then investigate with due care, that it is possible to win in a legal and ethical manner between u$ d 20,000 and US$ 30,000 d and even u$ d 50,000 per month, and then in about four or five years. Relax and rest the money flow It will continue arriving, with a minimum of investment this business interested?

PHP Companies

This article is for those who are looking for new hosting services. When we develop projects on the Internet choosing a good hosting service is one of the most important decisions we can take: If our site doesn’t work, our business does not work. If it considers that the functioning of your Web site is important and you want to find real solutions to the most common problems of hosting, this article will give you 10 reasons to choose an international Hosting company. 1. Companies of Hosting work internationally have Data Centers in various locations to provide a better service to its customers.

In cases of hardware failure, the system automatically redirects traffic to the Data Center more nearby. Do not allow your hosting company falls and slow connections may affect your business. 2. By having different Data Centers, backup procedures will always be insured. In case of any kind of accident, the data will be kept safe in a remote location. 3.

The Hosting international companies have online support and in this way it is possible to manage the aspects relating to your account every day, 24 hours, not depending on non-working days or time zones. 4. A support team will provide support by phone or email when you need it: every day, 24 hours a day. 5. Due to the variety of customers located in different continents, the international Hosting companies are prepared to offer a very flexible service. In all cases the response time is fast to meet the needs and expectations of customers. 6 International Hosting companies offer support for various programming languages. 7 They offer support to multiple databases as well as PHP4 and PHP5. 8 Teams of specialists perform daily updates of software and hardware based on new technological developments and updates to ensure maximum security of servers. 9. The companies of Hosting international count with experts in all the technical procedures necessary for migration to the new server can be performed smoothly and within a minimal timeframe. 10. The majority of the companies of Hosting International have their own community online where users can communicate and share ideas of business among themselves. Starting an Internet business is not an easy task, and choosing a good Hosting company international among thousands of possibilities is a fundamental task to run your business. There are many companies that offer excellent hosting services. Feel free to search and choose the one that suits your needs.

Health And Aging

People who use a lot of everyday fruits and vegetables, to keep fit and health to a ripe old age. Everyone knows that such vitamins. And that's what 'fitaminy'? Fitaminy – it's all secondary plant compounds that body gets along with vegetables and fruits. They, as well as vitamins and strengthen your emotional and physical health. Follow these tips have not only in old age, but in his youth, to be able to live as much as possible more, not complaining about his health. Especially, these tips are helpful to women. They will help you, women, to preserve the beauty and health for many years. A beautiful and healthy woman – a wonderful mother and wife.

Advice on how to save Health Keeping your mind and memory to old age. Scientists have shown that even elderly people form new nerve cells and their connections. With the help of which you can speed up this process? How to train the mind: older people should be active and maintain a zest for life. Reading books gives more benefits than inactive indiscriminately watching tv. Ability to maintain healthy thinking crosswords, entertaining games, developing programmy.

body: frequent walking, cycling and swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system, on which depends directly on the brain. Eat right: the basis of the diet should be fruits and vegetables. Fitaminy-active substances, which are on the plant protection. They are not only a person can help keep the concentration and observation. We wish you good health, not only you but also your family.

Beauty And Health

What exactly every girl wants? The theme for what was not only written books, articles, short stories, but still shot film. This theme is abysmal, because every woman has a very great needs: the executable and not very much, from the desire to be loved and the only one, and ending with such ordinary, as the desire to have sufficient finance clothes or jewelry. Needs of abundance, there is one odnoka that connects all women – dream for ever and ever young look and even seductive. The elegance and health – the most important components of the attractiveness of women. But in the interests of that individual male turned around after him, and no image in the mirror scarecrow, one desire is not enough. Lovely – does not pay over and above the daily work of each other.

Occasionally, some lady come for a ride devoid of makeup, but do not go to rest flush cosmetics, this sin most women. Facial – This is an opportunity to push the time when people will accurately determine the age. Cleansing, toning and saturation of the skin – that such procedures must originate and end date any woman. This procedure does not require long periods of time, 7-19 minutes every day, because this leaves the need to visit expensive beauty salons and plastic surgeons advice. It should be diligent to select cosmetics, giving priority to kosmteticheskim means well-known companies. It is important to skin care.

The application of body lotions, as always, like a face cream. It should be memorable also about the exercise: Callanetics, belly dance, fitness, aerobics, yoga, and – strikingly types a lot, it is always possible to choose something to taste. By giving the muscles strain, may dispense with cellulitis, an additional to phys. Add passive exercise stress, such as massage. Massage the right thing to professionals, in the year to spend at least 1-3 courses. No less important is proper nutrition, for in order to maintain beauty, it is necessary to avoid large fluctuations in weight. Weight should be constant, and this means you need to replace the sweet fruits, forever renounce soft drinks. Fast food also must be mercilessly driven out of ration. Undoubtedly, these measures are time consuming, as well as willpower and discipline, however, and the outcome is worth it.

Jorge Never

George and Mary were friends since elementary school. Together they also high school. They were able to count the most intimate things without shame of one another. They knew each other and themselves. Mary knew as a young woman, not wishing to exaggerate and say a little girl, who loved George with all his heart.

But he also knew that George only wanted as their friend. For they will never let you glimpse her feelings. It was all he was hiding. Convinced he would never be your partner in life, wanted to keep his friendship above all things. Have made the slightest hint, Jorge begin to react differently in front of her and that was something she had intended to avoid at all costs. So I just listened to him all conquests to. Their successes and failures. a l had asked many times she went she did not leave with anyone.

"As difficult it is to conquer your heart," he asked mockingly, never suspecting that their heart was absolutely in its domain. "But I have not found anyone so far who has managed to conquer it," he always replied Mary a "I'm young still do not see because I have to hurry. "Just because it's more pleasant to be in couple alone " George, "she said smiling I feel so lonely when I have not I can not help as I lose one, go out and find a replacement and try to find as fast as can.


Tiger Decision

Amen! May the peace of God be now and forever with all of us. * * * The victory of the Tiger vidBastos * poor you if you think that you will be defeated! / your defeat is case decided. / want to beat, but how you don’t think, / your unbelief you crush one time. / If imagine losing, lost are. / who does not trust itself, running back; / The force that drives you forward / is the decision affirmed in your mind. Many companies crumble in failure / even before the first step; / Many cowards have capitulated / before having the fight started; / Think with amplitude, and your deeds will grow; / Think with narrowness, and going in a hurry to the soil. / love is the power that all it can be.

/ is the decision affirmed in your mind. / weak is that that weak imagines; / Look up what tall is destined; / Confidence in yourself is the trajectory / which leads to the tops of the victory. / which runs over the goal not always reached, / nor further the strongest disk launches, / but, self-confident, going strong and forward, / with the decision affirmed in his mind. _ * Round of Caridad Programa of the LBV created in 1962, which integrates the permanent campaign of the LBV against hunger, carried out by the institution since the early 1950s, in order to protect those living in the street and to low-income communities, distributing food, clothes and footwear, in terms of hygiene, and providing first aid andmainly offering them life lessons, by Ecumenical prayers and words of solidarity. The Ronda de la Caridad is one of countless humanitarian and socio-educational programmes undertaken by the LBV. * Bastos Tigre (1882-1957) among other outstanding talents, was journalist, poet, composer, dramatist and advertising. Original author and source of the article.