Click Affiliate

Other ways are PTC (Pay To Click), these are pages on which you sign up and begin to see pages for some time which do not exceed 30 seconds, when you are full time usually credited 0.01 U $ D, these pages provide between 10 and 15 links per day, here you can also levels below you, with what you earn profits from the pages you visit your referrals, the biggest problem with these is that it is very difficult to make money, usually gain very little, because if you want to earn some money you would have considerable have many people in your lower levels which is very difficult, but I’m not saying you can not do. The most profitable business models today there are: sell advertising, this is achieved by carrying too much traffic to your website, and after achieving steady traffic may contact you with companies that want to advertise on your site and charge a considerable sum every ad.

Another way would be for sales of products and services you do this by focusing on a market in which you are an expert, for example you are a veterinarian and your page can sell books or as ancillary to “Caring for Your Pet,” for example. This mode of income is more professional for people who want to put your own business online. And the third is affiliate marketing, this model can generate income without the need to have your own website because all you need is the affiliate link you promote the product and ready, the work of the affiliate is carrying as much traffic to the website that promotes, and each person who purchases referred by the affiliate gets a commission. Any of these methods are profitable..

Attraction Marketing

And this is where most entrepreneurs fail in their strategy of Attraction Marketing. The question you have to answer is why. Why would join you in your business? Well, it all begins with building relationships. People tend to join other people when they are evaluating entry into a business online, and this is the main reason we take into account in its decision. To be able to establish a solid relationship with your prospects, think about how you can add value to their lives. This can be done in different ways. But always keep in mind that you must remember that he came to you because of your irresistible offer, and this does not mean they are willing to join your network.

This only depends on you, the value of their contributions and some areas will see in the following points. 5 – Establish credibility: For people to join your network, before they have to know you have to trust you. So it is important to establish credibility and trust in your list of prospects. They should look like a potential partner that can lead to success. The first key to doing this is to be in frequent contact with them. However, you should not send messages “sales” as long as you do. Provides useful information and practice that always helps. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use your blog, usually updated frequently.

This will help you establish your brand in the minds of your prospects. 6 – Monetization Strategy: One of the biggest challenges for Networkers is not going to “bankrupt” while trying to build your business. And this is another of the mistakes entrepreneurs constantly comment. The advantage of Attraction Marketing is that as you guide your prospects, you can earn money. To do so, can recommend affiliate products that you consider useful and of value to them. You earn money by recommending products and also helps your prospects. And best of all is that this also will help you attract more prospects to you, there is no limit on the growth of your list. 7 – Monitoring: Monitoring your prospects can lead to success, and conversely, not following will lead to failure. One of the things you should consider is that the Attraction Marketing will do everything for you, including sponsoring new members to your network. The Network Marketing is still a people business, and the Marketing of Attraction is based on building relationships with people So the best advice I can give is to do a follow up your prospects. Communicate with them as best you can, but do not try to sell your business opportunity. Only build relationships with them, and this will lead you to expand your network. Over time, more people will know you, to trust you and come closer to you. If you follow these seven key patterns of Attraction Marketing, you will attract highly qualified prospects for your business, so your network will grow in a much more solid and constant.