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The countries most affected by unemployment in recent times were the Asian and Central and Eastern Europe, ie those who are called developing or underdeveloped countries. First, in East and Southeast Asia, after living three decades of sustained growth (at an average rate of nearly 8% per annum) the financial crisis triggered an unprecedented recession. In this sense, there were massive layoffs totaling 10 million new unemployed. Added to that, unemployment rates have doubled and sometimes tripled. Second, in Central and Eastern Europe as a result of economic restructuring (changes in the forms of production in the industrial sector, etc.), real wages have declined and there is greater income inequality. If you would like to know more then you should visit Robert A. Iger . Unemployment rates rose rapidly from nearly 0% to over 9%.

Third, in Latin America, even though production indicators have improved, unemployment also increased, reaching a value of 7.4% in 1997 for the entire region. This increase is explained by the reduction of social protection to employment and increased competition from imports, since their prices are lower in relation to products produced in this region. In turn, in Africa the situation is not encouraging. Most new jobs correspond to the primary sector of low productivity. On the other hand, the growth of the working population is 3% per annum, which implies the incorporation to the labor market of about 9 million people each year.

What is observed in the foregoing is that in underdeveloped countries, is evidence of a common stamp: mass unemployment, lack of infrastructure coupled with the retraction of the state in the social area. However, among developed countries unemployment has an uneven performance. In European countries is much higher than in the United States. This is because, among other factors, to social security contributions on wages (unemployment and medical insurance, etc.) represent between 16% and 18% in the U.S. and 25% in major European countries. Thus, while U.S. unemployment is around 5% in the countries of the European Union average is 10%


Universal Consciousness

We are beings of Light and Power Our physical body is only the densest part say, something like the clothes that we use to survive in this environment. It is part of the room, a party must learn to use as it is. Our body is part of the baggage that we have, but can not be by no means the focus of our attention to the point of identifying with it. It’s good to keep you clear to go, leaving behind NOSOTROSon identifying him. Recognize what it means to have been created in the image and likeness of the creator Of course we all know that does not mean that the shape of people. Truth? We expand our consciousness to understand that the Creator with all necessary equipment to successfully end the trip. The Creator of Infinite Compassion as power magnetic attraction is a natural part of our being and our environment look closely enough to see how this power couple is running forever. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. Everything in which we focus enters our consciousness is that we incorporate into our lives, the idea we have of the world, our world and ourselves is our consciousness and that changes as fast as we take away the attention to the environment and make a new idea about us.

Watch yourself carefully, you notice everything you say and what you think, well this is all true Now it is true because you believed it and created, giving the assumption. Now change the idea, fix your attention (with the same security as you did before) on what you want, concibete yourself as you want to live. Now we go a little more, is not it a tremendous wonder that did not think it’s all part of a perfect creation. Everything we think and we receive through our senses is ultimately a tremendous barrier to the flow of the universe. When all that tells us to shut up, when all that separates us is dissolved will have access to Universal Consciousness, as Nature, obedient and wonderful.

And you do not discern GUIDE reports through the media, or academic qualifications or history. Look carefully at the world around you and learn to feel that despite what say everything is in order and your continuous charge. No one has more power than you, or more wisdom if you recognize your true identity.


Happier Home

Are you tired of chewing, whining and bad behavior of your pet? Did you know that the cat or your dog may experience jealousy too? Not only can they experience it, but can exhibit jealous behavior of a number of ways not very fun. Get all the facts and insights with David Zaslav, another great source of information. If your pet is anxious, you can start chewing, scratching or hiding. The common objective of these behaviors include shoes and furniture and anything that can get their little paws jealous! The urinating in another way that domestic animals show that they are experiencing anxiety about a change in household routine. Pets sometimes even feel the need to compete for the attention of the owner and if your pet is exhibiting aggressive staring, growling and even biting, it's time to address the situation before it gets out of hand. The for owners who do not understand why his normally sweet pet is behaving so badly. Tips Try to deal with a jealous pet determine the reason for jealousy.

Is it a new baby, a new pet or a new partner? Determining what is triggering jealousy will provide you ideas on how to handle it. Regardless of the cause, give your pet time to adjust to change. Try to continue established routines. While this can be a challenge in some situations, keeping the feeding schedule and exercise your pet will help a lot in adjusting to changes at home. Domestic animals have a tendency to become tight when there are changes in routine.

Give your pet plenty of attention and affection to reassure him. If your pet is jealous of a human or other pet, show love and affection will send the message that not being replaced. Play with your pet a few minutes each day. Provide for both (you and your pet) a bonding experience, not to mention fun for both. If a new household member is the reason behind jealousy, not put pressure on your pet to link with the new addition, let it happen naturally and gradually. Your pet will approach when ready. Look at the signs of behavior. Aggressive behaviors can be avoided looking warning signs like staring or aggressive stance, such as riding or body language as show teeth and tail in a stiff. If your pet is a dog and because of his jealousy is a new dog, you will need to be aware of the possibility of a struggle between them. Some fights occur with little warning, but there are behaviors that are preludes to problems, so use this opportunity to avoid a fight breaks out. Note that if a fight occurs, the dogs tend to establish a social hierarchy soon after the fight. The heavy bark and growl are some of the ways that dogs establish who the dominant male. As always,. The ingredients such as chamomile are used for its natural calming properties and can help calm behavior in your pet. Hepar. sulph. (30C) is a homeopathic ingredient often recommended for pets hypersensitive, agitated or have an aversion to others. Both of these ingredients are incorporated into one, and Scullcap is another natural ingredient used to support the nervous system. Scullcap may be used to circumstantial problems linked to a demanding event such as a trip to the vet or a competitive event or as a general tonic used to support the entire nervous system, supporting the peaceful behavior. These techniques combined with natural remedies for pets can help provide needed emotional support and correct the behavior of your pet, which ultimately makes for a pet and a happier owner!


Organizational Culture

Reactive or proactive capacity is one of the most important factors in organizational culture. Culture is rooted in attitudes, which represent an evaluation of the perceptions found in the internal system of values and beliefs. Include attitudes, beliefs, affect, and performance trends. The definition Organizational Culture most accepted is that of Schein, “Organizational culture is the pattern of basic assumptions that a certain group invented, discovered or developed in the process of learning to solve its problems of external adaptation and internal integration and that worked well enough point of being considered valid and, therefore, be taught to new members of the group as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems (Schein, 1984:56)

Measurement of Organizational Culture We are reminded that no is easy to assess organizational cultures. (Source: CBS). These measurements are based on the analysis of stories, symbols, rituals and ceremonies to achieve some clues. We can draw on interviews and questionnaires with the aim of clarifying the values and beliefs, evaluate the statements of corporate philosophy, it provides ideas about the culture adopted in the process. We also conduct interviews with employees to determine their perceptions of the culture of your organization.

The identification of culture is very important for the administrator of an organization as a psychologist, to act consistently in the organization, working towards promoting improvements driven changes. A study of culture to understand the power relations, unwritten rules, which is taken as truth, and so on. In this context he considered a series of seemingly unintelligible behavior, enabling action planning in tune with the organization.

Chicken Empanadas

Historical Review: A pie is a food consisting of a filling of meat, ham, chicken, ricotta or other products, contained in a mass produced in the manner of bread dough, mostly wheat, but is made from corn and other cereals and sometimes with the addition of some fat (oil or butter). It is food that is produced in almost every country in the world. Also called cakes or pastries in origin as old as bread (2,500 BC), the cradle is Persia, it is highly probable that this custom home cooking has been the harsh climate of their origin, the desert heat forcing men to invent a way to protect food from being exposed to the elements, alone and condiments species became much more pleasant to taste allow better conservation and help in many cases to digestion. Researching the Bolivian empanadas we were surprised by the variety and rich cuisine of the same. At Robert A. Iger you will find additional information. At least we knew at least 12 varieties within which is the chicken empanadas (jigote) that also carry along with chicken meat. Jigote Ingredients For the Chicken: 500 Grs. 250 Grs shredded chicken. Ground beef 1 onion, finely chopped 1 cup chicken broth 8 hard-boiled eggs, sliced 1 bottle stuffed olives 1 kg potatoes boiled and diced 1 tbsp chopped yellow pepper chopped 1 sprig of parsley finely chopped 1 teaspoon oregano, teaspoon salt to the sauce ; to teaspoon ground beef black pepper 6 tablespoons olive oil (for sauce) 4 tablespoons corn oil (for boiling potatoes) Ingredients For the Dough: 8 cups flour 2 eggs 1 Litre warm boiled water 3 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons melted butter pies Ingredients: 2 kg of chicken and beef jigote 3 Kgs Bolivian empanadas dough 4 eggs's clear to seal the edges of the empanadas enough oil for frying Paper towel to drain jigote pies Chicken Preparation: In a large saucepan with enough water and some oil and salt, put previously boiled potatoes peeled, and when tender, remove from heat, cut into cm cubes, please reserve Clean the chicken, put it in another pot to boil the meat until tender, when soft cup reserved chicken broth, remove the bones and cartilage of the chicken so the meat is shredded, reserve for later use Put some salt and pepper to the meat in a frying pan 4 tablespoons oil, heat it and stir the meat, cold meat on high for 4-5 minutes without stirring in a saucepan place the cup of broth; incorporate Shredded chicken and fried ground beef, stir well to unify the meat and simmer for 5 to 6 minutes Stir in the potatoes to the mixture of meat and stir until all ingredients Apart unify into a cauldron put olive oil and immediately the garlic cook 1 minute Stir in the onion together with the oregano, parsley, hot pepper, salt and pepper and saute for 4 minutes Stir over medium meat mixture to sauce, stir very well to unify all jigote ingredients, cook for 5 minutes at medium heat, let stand until use Preparing the Dough: In mixer bowl, place all liquid ingredients, salt and sugar, whisk speed Stir half the flour in little by little while the mixer is mixing all the ingredients When the dough is completely smooth, remove from the mixer; empolvore flour the surface on which it will stretch the dough, stretch the dough with your hands and knead a little on the table Let stand in a warm place for about two hours Empanadas Preparation: Divide the dough into 24 balls of equal weight on a floured surface extend a ball of dough to achieve a thickness of cm or so; Place 1-2 tablespoons of jigote or chicken stew, add one olive and one or two slices of boiled egg; Beat the egg whites and with the help of Brush the edges of the dough to stick better end A so the mass to form a crescent, squeeze the ends and repulgue – Completion the edge of the pie – very thick Repeat for each of the 23 balls remaining mass Fry in hot oil to cover half of the pie, place the paper towel on a tray, drain the hot pies and serve Write to or contact us at our website:. .


Generate Income

If you are of those people who have enrolled in one or several affiliate programs, has managed his link and comes it promoting their affiliate, but nevertheless still has failed to generate the level of sales you want, here I leave 6 techniques or strategies that will serve to make money with affiliate programs. 1 Build your own website: you need to build your web site to be able to promote their products of affiliate; but it is very important that you have your own domains and a professional hosting; If you are promoting the products of third parties with a free domain, the visitors wonder because you would have to buy a person who can not even invest $10 in its own domain. Jurisdiction that would be unprofessional and not serious. 2. Write reviews of products that are promoting: you need to know about the products being promoted! It is crucial that you purchase all the products being promoted, so that you can write comments about them.

Let your potential customers know that you are using these products and why it worth buying it! You must then publish these comments on your website, in your newsletters and articles. 3. Get a blog: a blog is an excellent tool of promotion for the affiliate programs; Here you can place links to different products promotes. You can also interact with your visitors on a daily basis on those comments placed in relation to the affiliate products. Having a blog updated with articles, opinions, recommendations, etc. will make your blog well seen in the eyes of google. 4. Write articles: one of the best ways to become an expert in your product is writing articles on the Internet that include a link to your web page.

There are hundreds of web sites where their items must only place the word articles in google directory and will have hundreds of these to accommodate them. The more articles you write, greater opportunity You will need to click on your link from affiliate. 5 Internet forums related to your products: place your comments on various forums related to the niche market of products that promote much help in generating sales; You must always place the end of your comment your link from affiliate or in any case put the address of your website, in order that they can read your articles, comments or recommendations of products that promote. It is important to place these comments on the forums regularly.


Surely you have asked yourself in more of some occasion since you can make to arrive in order month. Your income, that sometimes seemed to be sufficient to cover your expenses and commitments, no longer reach to you suddenly. The reasons by which this one situation occurs can be very diverse, although they can generally be reduced to that there are lost the control of your expenses and probably you have acquired commitments (debts) that you cannot cover. , If you do not take to a strict and periodic control of your income and expenses, generally most probable it is than you derail in the search of one better economic situation. Robert A. Iger is open to suggestions. It is to take into account that we lived in a world that all along exerts a great pressure to acquire and to own goods and services, the publicity bombs to us frequently, and if you do not know clearly what is your real situation financial, most probable is than you make decisions mistaken with respect to your money. In addition, if you do not have an emotional balance, that allows controlarte you before the influence of the outer world (that includes relatives and friendly), you are exposed much more to any setback economic. For example, if your neighbor changes his automobile, and you put of envy, and salts green running to the nearest distributor, and you get into debt yourself with the excuses of which I deserve me, or I see there since I make to pay it, or if it is not thus, never I will be able to change to this one old car. Another example could be that for to screen to your father-in-law, and whom the good life sees that you can give his little girl, him purchases one and thousand gifts paid with the credit card.


Rental Income

An extra income is more important than the real estate prices are currently rather most sink and this leads to a sale at a loss. To make not the houses standing empty, these should be rented. The apartment is not completely paid off, you can wear off further the apartment by the extra income which bring in rental income. The apartment has already been paid in full, thus gained extra income for something new is use. David Zaslav is often quoted as being for or against this. Who asks for a new financing for a House, for example at the Bank is also asked whether there is still an extra income through rental income. Who has every month an extra income by renting, also has a greater chance to more funding. If you have an extra income through rental income, should however always remember that this can sometimes fall away. The tenant of the apartment takes off and it penetrates a new tenant didn’t, only once dropped the extra income.

There is another important point in the extra income through rental income. If you’re unlucky and have a rental nomads in the apartment, quickly very high costs. Everyone who has an extra income by renting an apartment, should place always a part of the extra income on page. This protects you in case that are even higher repairs or a loss there is. In principle, one can say that the extra income through rental income is secure. Who just look at the tenant when renting and also a Schufa repeated information, hedges on each case. Unfortunately, you can see any people in the head and through the hedging is a smaller risk in any case.

Regular Income

Perhaps these results Restraint in the customer reference from a great respect for requirements of the departments. As in the question, 62 percent with special challenges IT organizations in the implementation of catalog strategies faced by call the orientation towards business processes. A customer-oriented differentiation and modularization of IT services is called challenge even by 70 percent. These results suggest that there are still deep understanding problems between IT and business”, interpreted re houses. Service portfolio must be thought out the business processes”, judges the ardour consultant.

But as a seemingly even more problematic, the pricing of IT services turns out for IT organizations however. Four out of five call it as an issue in the development of concepts for the IT services catalogue. Because business calculations and pricing only belong to the secondary competences in IT”, believes re houses. All erfahrungslos are “most IT organizations here no longer, because the line clearing long ago not a new topic is more.” But he sees additional claims in the context of IT service catalogs, because the prices of the services can be compared with offerings in the market. Through this market supply, a new dimension with potentially far-reaching consequences come to often. It is comparable, the own prices for IT services must be more market-driven.

The price level of the market can be achieved not break even establishing an IT service catalog forces indirectly measures aimed at a reduction in costs.” For this reason, it is understandable that the pricing will met by IT services with respect. Re houses therefore from his consultancy experience of best practice tips worked, the pricing of the services in the IT service catalog on a secured basis allows elegant: development and implementation of an IT product model of the kinds of IT services with the Product dimensions: Type of services, costs or prices as well as the quality and risk options. Transfer the technical point of view with the IT components (E.g., servers, middleware, etc.) in a commercial based (determination of resource units). Joining the resource units, providing the kinds of services and related options (service level) to IT products. Detailed description of the services and options in a language understandable for IT customers and representation. Differentiation of performance levels after levels of IT service, process service levels and technical performance service levels. Consistent IT cost transparency supported by a trend management. Derivation of real cost and price drivers in various areas (E.g., hardware, software, staff), from which the resource units sit, to avoid excessive fixed or jump-fixed cost. Implementing a regular price benchmarking to determine the action requirements for optimizing the own price structures. Regular Income selling IT services, at an early stage to identify above or underfunding for possibly necessary adaptations. Use of innovative pricing models for a fair price, E.g. a tier pricing depending on volumes and time. Here, the fixed costs covered in tier 1 and 1 + n then tempered in the animal only the incremental costs. This prevents a higher proportion of fixed costs charged at higher volumes.

The Reason For The Low Income

Leaders take on the work of vendors to agree with the lack of income and make the problem of sellers problems of the company. Why do I need a salesman? Where the company money, which we can share? Just because someone in the company solves customers' problems. And point. You may find that Leslie Moonves can contribute to your knowledge. All of the company solve problems customers or those who work with clients. What are the problems of our customers? Which of them decide to sellers? Yes, there are problems that the seller does not concern. But here's all the customer's problem, which is from the moment he came into the store or the first contact with the company until the moment when he makes a decision and pays the money or going in a good mood – all these problems solves the seller. At least that should be addressed. examine what answers you will receive in response to the question "Why are small sale?" They can be very different.

Here are the options: P – We have more than – More competition! – People do not have money (People say that they have no money – it would be more correct). – They do not know what they want. – High prices. – Few people have a store in the wrong place. – No one does not need anything at all everything is already there. – Everything is the same everywhere, people just price interest and so on and so on and so forth Well, here we can say