The first step to find offices for rent can help you generate great profits, since for many of its clients, that you give them a good impression may be decisive to know if they will hire or not. Is therefore an extremely important factor to know the stage of your business; expansion for the needs in respect of offices for rent. Remember that to make a company successful must carry out the 4 P of the marketing: price, promotion, product and place, this last is usually covered with the rent of offices. There are many factors that influence the choice of the offices in Mexico, to address such elements in a more accurate way we provide you with the following information. Of first instance, is suggested to develop a budget, and based on this plan, search offices for rent that are within the scope of their possibilities. The first rent and the deposit requested for the rental of offices, will determine the choice and location. Ease of access is another of the elements that affect or benefit the flow of customers that you can receive within their offices for rent. To make your choice of the property is adequate, it is recommended to take into account the following points: analysis-benefit of having offices for rent.

Request help of professionals in real estate. Verify the space offered in the Office rental. Inquire about business that they surround the building where going to make your rent of offices, is important to know these companies can provide you added value or are its direct competition. Contemplate the means of transport and their availability to their executive offices. With these brief tips you may have offices in rent, which in addition to suit their needs and budgets, will find themselves well located. With information of offices for rent

Ready For New Discoveries

Part-time master program NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine will begin in January 2013-new methods for tumor therapy, techniques for targeted release of pharmaceuticals in the body or tissue and organ replacement procedures are just some examples of the application of nanotechnology in medicine. In this area, a new University course in Nano sciences and nano medicine developed by Danube University Krems in cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna gives an in-depth knowledge. Course start is in January 2013. For the in-service postgraduate master program in NanoBiosciences & NanoMedicine”, the three universities jointly contribute their expertise to provide interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training on latest state of knowledge to the participants. The University course is intended as preparation for the application in businesses engaged in nanotechnology-based questions in the field of biology and medicine. The Nanotechnology has become the basic technology for many scientific fields. Especially in the biotechnology and medicine, a nanotechnological approach has now become the most common method to gain new insights and to employ modern analysis techniques.

Know about the latest status of nanotechnological methods with particular emphasis on biology and medicine, the students this will enable to keep up with the latest research results and to apply the latest innovations in their daily work, “so Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erich Gornik, course Director of the Technical University of Vienna. Content and target groups in addition to the provision of basic knowledge in the fields of Biophysics, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and molecular biology are the topics of tumor therapy, tissue engineering”(tissue engineering), drug delivery” (release), biocompatibility of materials, sensors and nano-analytical methods in the diagnosis of treated. The risks of nanotechnology are also discussed and critically reflected. The four-semester University course is structured in modules.

To enable an optimal compatibility study and vocational courses held blocked in Vienna and Krems. He aimed primarily at managers, researchers, policy makers, and VerkaufsmanagerInnen from science, medical and engineering courses. The University course is held in English and concludes with a master of Engineering (MEng). Registrations are immediately opposed taken.

Bremen Consulting

And the demand will continue to increase as the European Commission sees the transfer of results of science in economic efficiency and Society as one of the great challenges of the coming years. The strengths of innoSPICE include a solid scientific foundation, with further development opportunities within the global SPICE community and applicability by all actors involved in the innovation and technology transfer from universities and research institutions through transfer institutions to the public and industry in addition to the focus on innovation and technology transfer processes. By unique positioning and skills together with other projects, a solid foundation for xCon partners, which puts itself on future-oriented and sustainable growth for customers as well as to innoSPICE forms promising prospects of success. And the recipe seems to be new projects, new staff and a new headquarters are all signs of a sustained for a year now positive trends in the Hanseatic management consulting. These are attachment to the Northwest of the German Federal Republic and Europe-wide implementation of projects, change management for regional Champions and strategic consulting of top listed companies as well as best practices and innovative consulting approach no opposites, but all competences, xCon partner to the make, what is a future-oriented top-strategy and management consulting Star unpretentious and with a high quality claim in itself and its employees, in the years to come companies! xCon partners xCon Partner GmbH is a top strategy and management consultancy with a focus on business-IT alignment. Founded in July 2011 in the Hanseatic City of Bremen has the young consulting company already has two additional offices in Wiesbaden and Munich, and therefore has an optimal positioning along the North-South axis of the Federal Republic, which ensures short distances to customers as well as fast response times. xCon partners stands for excellent advice at the interface between business and IT direct, honest and down to Earth.


A includes many different industries. Thus we find in the business including a car dealership or a pet shop. The search for a branch designed not always easy. A casting agency is found not necessarily in C, such as casting. The clever users thought about drawing a name other industry into consideration. Instead you could look it up in landscape gardeners nurse. Search problems affect all areas. Is researched by a bookstore, a second-hand shop or a newsagent. No user is not aware of these problems. The occasion for individuals to open a business directory, always depends on the user. For some it is pure curiosity about the business of the relevant industry, which can be easily reached by public transport. Whereas there are more than enough. There are regional and national business directories. Users receive the classified directory once a year. If the directory does not spread, the reader, the list could be used at otherBody issues. The thickness of the yellow pages is variable. Is interesting that one can not subscribe to the Business Directory. Remarkable are the different displays: small and large, such as painted, designed, exciting, located in the right place or completely nonsensical placed. For weeks have advertising departments of companies to access, present them with a new advertising concept. This reflects then reflect true abilities. It is also possible to find a coupon book to. This can be located anywhere in the book. The Business just shines through its diversity. The rationale behind this is that the user is satisfied. In this way, well presented, where a company is located. Daniel Keppler, Seolin.

Yukio Hatoyama

Yukio Hatoyama, leader of Partido Democrtico (PDJ), was elect day 16 of September for the Japanese Parliament first-minister. It is the first time, since 1955, that the first-minister does not belong to the pictures of Partido Liberal Democrata (PLD) that he was in the power has 50 years more than. New premi Japanese is 93 that it assumes the power in Japan and received the votes in favor of 327 members of the house of representatives, against 119 of the agorapartido one of opposition, the PSD. In the Senate, it received 124 votes the favor, front the 84 of its opponent. He was definite that it to have m, aioria in the two legislative houses, the PDJ will govern in coalition with two minority parties, the Social leftist Democrata (PSD) and the New Broken of Povo (NPP), whose leaders also they will be part of the structure of government in the Executive.

The Democratic Party, led for Yukio Hatoyama, won the legislative elections in Japan and placed end the 50 years of hegemony of the Democratic Liberal Party. The aggravation of the world-wide crisis, very felt for the Japanese economy, was of basic importance for the pretensions of the opposition, since the country was in contraction and had a number sufficiently raised of unemployeds, mainly of Brazilian immigrants, the Dekassegues calls, and of come immigrants of Japanese origin of Peru, where it has one another great colony of descendants. Yukio Hatoyama, leader of the Democratic, winning Party of the legislative elections in the Japo.Com a platform more to the left, based on social politics, the PD more than conquered 300 chairs of the 480 in the Chamber Low. Hatoyama, that is grandson of the founder of the plant of Bridgestone tires, will have to be confirmed as the new first-minister when the Japanese Parliament if to congregate, inside of about two semanas.' ' It delayed, but finally we arrive at the jettison line.