Dual Protection

Protection of a database structure would be any form of expression of the selection or arrangement of their contents, not being extended to them. Structures containing the information of the databases are considered by the legislation on intellectual property such as works of intellectual creativity. Creativity in a database cannot be put in doubt at two different times, as they are both at the time of the storage and retrieval or query. The effort invested in the creation of a database that serves as support for any work within an organization, be rewarded in this way. Also allows to put that tool’s treatment of information in the market and to have her protected against external attacks that could suffer. As it happens in the computer programs, the protection of databases, whether they are databases online as autonomous, is not only collecting information, but the entire procedure that entails the creation and development, as well as the final result. Therefore we can say that he articulates a double scope of protection on databases, on the one hand, which confers copyright, and on the other hand, the right sui generis, as Figure inserted in the Act to transpose our juridicola system Directive 96/6/EC.

Both rights or forms of protection are therefore complementary. Copyright requires originality of the work requirement, like other types of works that are protected by intellectual property. The database should therefore be original in the selection or arrangement of their contents, these excluded this type of protection. However, the contents, depending on the subject making them up, will attend other binding standards such as industrial property, secrets, data protection or private law. Copyright protection also extends to the elements that are necessary for the operation or consultation of databases such as thesaurus systems Indexing; though yes they will be protected by the sui generis right. The sui generis right on database aims to protect the substantial investment, evaluated qualitatively and/or quantitatively, that its manufacturer performs either financial means, use of time, effort, energy or others of a similar nature, for the obtaining, verification or presentation of their contents.

Addition, the protection offered by such right would also fall on further substantial changes that occur in a data base, provided that they comply with all requirements that grant such protection to a database. The sui generis right is independent with regard to the protection afforded to its content by legislation which applies, as it happens with any other type of work protected by copyright. In addition, it is important to note that it is not an absolute right, but it is expressly envisaged a series of legally priced exceptions. The beneficiary of the sui generis protection It would be the manufacturer of the database, either physical person as legal, which has taken the initiative and assume the investment risk. This type of law arises at the moment in which completes the creation of the database and has a duration of 15 years from January 1 the following year ended the process. This right would not be of application prior to the completion of the database. Any change that is made on the basis of data and involves a substantial new investment, generated a new term of protection of 15 years for the new derived base, product modification. In this way, the protection of the database could extend indefinitely; consequence of the permanent update of the database.


Chinese Government

In the recent dispute between Google and the foreign government on the one hand and the Chinese Government on the other a conception of the world underlies, the society and the individual diametrically opposed. ” Puritano” one is used at the moment, to talk about to that it shows guidance radically, seemingly, by the Christian rules and the Bible justifying in this way still reprovable actions to impose his interests; concealed thus by the beliefs that say to maintain. This interpretation of the puritanismo is born in the United States of America, whose social experiment development under the form of a calvinista theocracy. Contemporary examples of this conception are the political persecution of the Macartismo, as well as the actions of the family Bush and associates, promoting first (against Soviet expansionism) and satanizando later the principles of the terrorist organization To the Qaeda. In the Zhou time the great texts of the Chinese thought were written. These texts pick up the ideas of social and ethical, although nontheological type, that have influenced in the development of the Chinese society until the present time. The confucianismo has been, in this sense, the hegemonic ethical doctrine in the Chinese society.

The doctrine of Confucius, compiles and structures the tradition of the Chinese thought in a series of mandates on the duties of all man of government: 1. To love the town, to renew it morally and to try necessary means to him for the daily life. 2. For this reason, it must use in first term with sovereign respect to which it is the Dominant Head. 3. To cultivate the personal virtue and tender incessantly perfectly.

4. In the life deprived like in the public one, to observe always the footpath Half superior of Right . 5. To consider the two own classes of inclination of the man: they come from the meat and they are dangerous; the other belong to the reason and are very subtle and easy to lose. To practice the duties of the five social relations Between governor and minister. Between father and son. Between husband and woman. Between brother greater and brother minor. Between friendly. 7. To have by final mission La Paz and the universal harmony.


Start Business

If ud will start a home business or a business on the internet the only way to promote and test your business is through articles. Here I will explain in a cursory manner how ud can start a business from your home, whether you have a unique product or whether ud is that you use the afiliado.porque program through articles ud can promote any of business systems that announce you.The articles are very powerful and many things can be achieved when articles have good content. There are many places where to put their articles in cyberspace and am going to give some tips about the items. 1. Highly intelligent sea to capture the attention of your readers and get them to do click in their articles. Make sure that the title of your article is a keyword, it will be that is aimed at people who are looking for in Google and find that special topic. 2.Organice your article in a way that is easy to read, many people are looking for information for the internet and not precisely scientific formulas and themes difficult to understand, so therefore if it can make of your article a topic easy and entertaining read much better.Also make the paragraphs to have spaces, do not make them too long because this makes difficult reading, make their paragraphs of 3-5 lines. 3.PROVEA of good information to the reader, the better is communication with its readers and is a matter of easy understanding, they will want to read more about of ud.4.haga articles are easy to read, for example you should have a beginning, a body and a final. The beginning would be to start explaining about what ud will speak, body is the place where ud going tell them what you want to communicate and the conclusion is a summary of what he said ud.


Advertising Online And Sales In Companies

For a few years online advertising it is experiencing a boom of great magnitude by its positive results, your seemingly quick and effective ROI if it is well used by its ease of access and their attractive cost of campaigns; for this reason there are many SMEs and entrepreneurs who contemplate for 2011 additional items of investment in this item. However, one of the main obstacles to which brands are enfrenan when they disembark in the virtual world is the measurement of the return on investment. The world of online advertising has great advantages in terms of turnover, however is reduced effectiveness when it is not known how the measurement of actions reaches customers. The figures speak for themselves, only 13% of companies that invest in online advertising, know to identify the indicators of return on their investments, so that such information will help them to identify the type of advertising and to its objectives more effective online marketing strategy. In addition, There is still a deep ignorance about the real effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and promotion using the Internet as a platform, so that within the main objectives for 2011 in the field of online advertising, are the specific training on instruments of measurement of return on investment.

In addition, 2011 seems to consolidate itself as the year in which the transit towards Web 3.0, in which users and consumers connected to the Internet through their mobile handsets transform in the new objectives of the different advertising strategies and online marketing implemented by brands and companies of all size and condition will occur. However there is still a long way to go, that Mobile Marketing is a trend on the rise is a reality that is undeniable, but incipient; so you begin to clarify concepts relating to the measurement of results of online advertising, as well as to optimize the content and portals to the requirements of the new mobile consumers, are the great challenges and objectives of the brands for 2011. The permanent connectivity through mobile devices has experienced its greatest boom during Christmas 2010, something that no doubt is the first step towards a definitive transition, but this marks must be able to adapt both its contents and its results measurement systems. You should bear in mind that different strategies of online advertising are in essence, the best way to establish channels of communication between people and services. The transmission of messages focused on informing users about services and actions promoted by the brand in order to increase not only the sales figures, but what is more important, traffic to the corporate portal. Online advertising is of maximum effectiveness in economic goals but also for opening up new areas of business through alliances and synergies with the competition.

Getmore Media:

Bonus systems generate valuable customer data valuable raw materials, an economy cannot function without the oil, coal, precious metals. A further raw material moves increasingly into the spotlight”: the information. Internet and technology providers of goods and services bring a flood of information, which, used properly, can provide a decisive competitive advantage. Big data is the key word and is on everyone’s lips. The challenge: in an increasingly complex world of the huge amounts of data the relevant information for its own business to win.

The Kerpen agency specializes in implementing large discount and bonus systems getmore media. It sits the company exactly at the interface between customer and producer. Big data was already our everyday life, as this term was still unknown,”says co-founder and CEO Arkadius D. Zielosko. Just when even the wholesale stands between the manufacturer and the actual customers, a systematic evaluation could give valuable insights. Which product to buy wholesale? What wholesale sold how much to which operation? What article buys the company today? What are the sales in a certain period of time? These data are anyway. But we make them visible to the customers”, says Zainal continues.

The requirements of data protection will be thereby safeguarded. Especially the marketing departments are very fond. Therefore, we have greatly expanded this area. Our customers value the ability to select and filter the information freely,”says Kai Stamm, key account manager at getmore media. Also a regional and temporal analysis was possible. Finally, the customer can see how its advertising really works, what promotional activities lead to what results. Losses can be avoided. The poking around in the fog that has an end. Changing shopping habits be covered objectively.” Once data can be any filter and accurately evaluate. So structured information, the real result from unsorted data Wertbewerbsvorteile can offer. getmore media helps in this way to do business where they want to be: very close to the customers. For requests we are gladly available. Your contact: Kai Stamm key account manager getmore media GmbH loyalty & rewarding services-Heinrich-Hertz-str. 3 50170 Kerpen Tel: 02273 / 95295 0 fax: 02273 95295 – 90 getmore media is a specialist agency for loyalty-and rewarding programs. Whether premium catalogue, bonus system, or online incentive and competition – the Agency has extensive experience in these areas. The company advises well-known customers in Germany and Austria and especially attractive reward programs and Incentivesysteme. As binding and motivation tool, they belong to a successful communication with employees and customers. getmore media has successfully positioned itself in this area and develops customized solutions for its customers.