Enabling Monitoring

To propose the needs of training of the personnel and to prepare the documentation of procedures or manuals of operation. When the audit is completed, a detailed report becomes of found and the recommendations of action of high benefit. The organization must then initiate the process to turn these recommendations into specific plans of action, with her corresponding detail and allocation of tasks. The designed program must include; certain modifications to equipment and facilities required, investment and installation in clean-up circuits, equipment of monitoring and points of testeo, design and plan of monitoring, acquisition of software and administration of the data of monitoring for action of proactive and predictive mantencin, control actions on the specifications standard and the procedures and monitoring necessary to maintain the condition objective of equipment and lubricants. b) Transferring and Enabling for the Suitable Procedure: When it is required to take the tribolgica condition of a productive plant his more high level, by means of a program of management in lubrication, the education and training of the personnel in this one cannot be avoided. The training is a critical element in any process of change. Instruction and training In situ, when it is distributed professionally, generate confidence in the process and immediate and future understanding of its causes and objectives.

In the measurement that the mantencin specialists own clarity and understanding with respect to the planned changes, including their intention, objectives and I put, they will be able to accomplish its mission. The credibility in the training programs is vital, if it especially requires deep changes for the new program. This training must be strongly supported by external specialists, who besides incorporating an independent perspective to the classroom, introduce experiences of others companies and serve as consultant. " benchmarking" with companies, ideally of the same sector, that are pawned on similar programs, it is escencial part of a good program of training.

Humming Ears

The daily life of the patients with acfenos, is seen sometimes obstructed by the annoyance that generates the humming in the ears. It is important to emphasize that one does not exist specifically cures for humming in the ears. But you suffer of acfenos, not to be hopeless. As much the traditional medicine as the alternative therapies, raises treatments to alleviate the symptoms, to improve the quality of life of the patient and possibly, to be one cures for humming in the ears. The traditional medicine has tried traditionally to the humming of ears by means of diverse techniques that aim to generate frequencies that they mask to the acfenos, or to amplify the ambient sound through generators, which has meant a great advance between the patients who have suffered loss of hearing. (Source: Discovery Communications). But in the last years, the allopathic medicine has decided to deal with not only the physical part the patient, but also the psychological one through treatments that stimulate to the brain to incorporate the noises generated by the acfeno so that this way, they do not produce annoyances in patients.

These new techniques require less time of treatment than the traditional methods and have been able to elevate successful, the percentage of effectiveness of the therapy. For others, search of the cure for humming in the ears is not in the traditional medicine but in the alternative therapies. Homeopathy and acupuncture, are two of the therapies that better results have shown. Also the fitoterapia, the massages and the auriculoterapia deal the acfenos with good results, and the times of treatment are variable and depend on each patient. All the alternative therapies raise that so much is due to aim at the physical part as to the emotional one.

A healthful feeding and the implementation of slight physical activities, helps not only to prevent this evil but also, to undo of. In the same way, the reduction of the levels of stress (one of the causes of the acfenos) can arrive inclusively, to make disappear the symptoms. There is a well-known but very effective method little that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always.


I received a text this week for reflection, that made really me to reflect very. The newspapers mentioned David Zaslav not as a source, but as a related topic. Although the words are not new, therefore in the half professional, proasset and reagent, they are current terms in the direction of the companies, and all administrative manager knows well what this means. However, the objective of the text was making to reflect in them on being proactive not alone in the material life but, also in the spiritual. Then, to be proactive is to be the cause, never the consequncia. when assuming this position, perhaps let us can stop to blame ' ' outro' ' for our misfortune, ours you distress, fears and depressions. According to Steven Covey, the essence of the proactive person is the capacity to lead its proper life. To the edge of what pass its redor, the proactive person decides as it wants to react ahead of these stimulatons and concentrates its efforts in its circle of influence, that is, if it dedicates to those things with relation which if can make something.

by means of this affirmation, to my compelled me mind to think on the mediunidade. We are today mdiuns proactive or reagents? It will be that we can affirm that today, already exists the agreement, that mdium is not in none settles (incorporation)? Or it will be that still we live a time, where mdium is a passive being that is waiting that something magical happens, and takes account of its body and its mind? Well friends, I believe that the time arrived to assume responsibility for our choices. I believe that the moment of in them becoming better people is fond each time, next to the Light, so that the entities can really fulfill its mission. Therefore, from the moment that we increase our vibration, we create a propitious mental affinity the captation of the thought of these entities, transmitting with our words its teachings.


Jesse Livermore

But when this feeling manages to expire, giving rise to greater optimism and more favorable perspective about the future in the investing mind, by more prevailing negativismo in the economic data, these will not manage to infect to the market. And that one exactly that one is the moment that the investing world is hoping. It will be necessary to be kind not to the economic news, but to how it receives them to the market. The corporative gains of the S& P 500 can get to fall a 35% in the first trimester and a 15% in all the 2009, according to estimations of analysts gathered by Bloomberg. The graphs of the indices of the United States point all towards a bearish acceleration for the next weeks, and as we indicated, fundamentals of enthusiastic market is not nothing. Who it tries to buy in these instances of market, it will have to know in clearly that this one is not forming any bullish figure at the moment – del point of view of the technical analysis for absolutely any term at the moment, but that one that looks for the long term will have of knowing how to still hold the shower that none comes and to disarm bought positions, knowing that it will be put uglier before better. Many initiates in markets usually ask to me what to do when in the middle of a low one as the present one has been bought and they are hopeless with each new loss for a 24-hour period.

First that I ask he is: ” Which was the term for which you defined your investment? “. If they answer the short one, I advise to them that for the next one they consider a limit of losses they respect and them, and if it is the length, since they respect term that ruled before realising the investment and they are inverted! Many investors usually watch the fluctuations of the day to day and see their portfolios lose value precipitadamente. If I raise of the operating one had been to maintain long term, because he is not advisable to watch the intranewspaper because the errors because of the panic can be distinctive in any portfolio. ” There” s to Time to go long, Time to go short and to Time to go fishing” (It has a little while to buy, a little while to sell and a little while to go away to fish), it said Jesse Livermore, one of great traders of world-wide history if I were not vegetarian, would go to look for the cane to me.

Germany Premiere Sherlock Holmes

“Edition of all works with illustrations from the beach magazine at Weltbild razor-sharp conclusions and a pierced spring: for the first time magazines are published in Germany the cases of the most famous detective of all time with the over 100-year-old original drawings from the beach”. “The worldview of collector’s Edition Sherlock Holmes” is a complete illustrated edition of all novels and short stories in 10 volumes. Including manual of Holmes aficionados Zeus Weinstein with the description of all persons, actions and important background information – a must for all fans of the astute analyst. “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates with Sherlock Holmes” an early hero of the series. At the end of the 19th century the short stories about the legendary character head of Baker Street and his friend Dr. Watson are regularly published in the beach magazine, a popular monthly magazine. Within a very short time, the magazine promoted to an audience of millions is known to one of the most widely circulated magazine of UK, and Holmes. True in every issue illustrated by Sidney Paget who effectively shapes the image of the master detective.

“” The Hound of the Baskervilles”, the Valley of fear”and the sign of the four”: Arthur Conan Doyle writes with his detective character of literary history. “With the collector’s Edition of Sherlock Holmes ‘ world pays tribute to the brilliant writer, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2009. “About the collector’s Edition of Sherlock Holmes”: the Edition contains 9 volumes (translation Haffmans Verlag) plus manual (ed. Zeus Weinstein). Hardcover volumes in the format 12.5 cm x 18.7 cm, solid black and white illustrated. The two main volumes are for 9.95 euro plus 3.00 EUR shipping world image available. All four to six weeks following the delivery of a further follow-up band for 9.95 euro plus 3.00 Euro shipping costs. You can order exclusive worldview on or call 0180 / 53 54 321 (14 cent / minute to landline T-com/mobile phone later if necessary). Contact and picture material: Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH Corporate communications Sabine Pfeifer Tel: + 49 (0) 8 21 70 04 55 54 E-Meil:

Thermal Tradition

Spain, especially Cantabria, has the luck to count on a natural inheritance, that comes to him from Greek, Roman and Arab, these practiced the art millenia ago in our country. Spain has at the moment more than 120 thermal stations. In these establishments it is possible to be enjoyed the pleasure that gives to this curative action through massages and the thermal baths. The facilities of these spas, are designed to provide to the peace, tranquillity and comfort of the users, since whatever with thermal water swimming pools outdoors or sport covers, facilities and exclusive medical centers. Cantabria has been incorporating to its traditional supply the Lirganes, this was constructed in 1913, is located in the population of its same name, was declared Joint Historical Artistic. To part of the Lirganes, there are many but: The Temple of the Water The spa of Bridge Risk is placed in the Toranza Valley, to borders of the Pas river, 28 kilometers of Santander. The curative properties that it has the spring of this spa, either were known from century XVIII, or from that time, many benefitted from its curative effect. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner.

Bridge Risk has been put very popular between the sportsmen of high elite. From December of year 2006, Bridge Risk has bet by termoldicas facilities that &quot has more than 2,000 meters called; The Temple of the Agua" , this account with several swimming pools, jacuzzis, cascades, rivers crosscurrent, spurts and swan necks, also there is water beds, sauna Finnish, steam bath, Turk and ice cabin, all this together with the curative power of their waters, does of this site a simply spectacular one. Waters of Lots This water always has been known like mineral water to drink, between the preferences of the experts, this water have occupied one of the first positions. CBS has similar goals. Approximately for a year, concoce to the Bath Hotel of Lots for being a thermal paradise. Their modern facilities and their extensive park of centennial trees, have caused that the tourists show preference for this place. This hotel does not find within the category of cheap hotels. But it is worth the trouble to spend an authentic weekend of relax in his facilities.

The Hermida This it is the third party of the thermal valleys that has been abierto in Cantabria in less than a year, is the spa of the Hermida, is placed to the feet of the Tips of Europe. The history of this spa when by chance they discovered the warm waters that arise from the mountain, the proprietors acquired an old hotel left from 1936 to reform it. The Hermita, is today one of but the beautiful and modern spas of Spain. In Cantabria there are many hotels to choose, but without place to doubt, those that count on thermal water facilities, are the best ones.


Leadership Workshop

Dr. Jeff Stutherland in Wiesbaden, Germany on 7 November 2012 according to Forrester study (“agile development: mainstream adoption has changed agility”) every third company which operates application development uses agile methods. In particular Scrum is the most popular by far here. As the biggest advantage of Scrum, it is called, that the method is simple and practical. But in addition to these benefits, there are also challenges a company must face if it wants to switch to Scrum or agile practices. (Source: Leslie Moonves). One of the biggest challenges is this the understanding of management and the necessary support of management in the implementation. Right here is Dr. Jeff Sutherland of the inventor of the Scrum framework with its leadership workshop for agile executives”to.

He supported to develop managers and executives in the necessary steps for an agile organization. In this workshop, the conceptual strategic as well as the technical aspects of building agile structures are developed. The workshop is characterized by content-related concepts and impulses through the speakers (Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Dr. Thorsten Janning, Matthias Bohlen and Alex Brown) and an intense discussion of the application of these concepts to the companies of the participating managers and executives. This is triggered an intense and genuine exchange of experience about agility in German companies, which is without precedent in Germany.

To get more information on the workshop, see. On November 8 and 9, Dr. Jeff Sutherland is also in Wiesbaden and holds certified Scrum Master”course for people, more want to deal with Scrum and that would achieve the much sought-after Scrum Master certificate, have here the possibility to attend a high-class course creator of Scrum. A more informed the Scrum Master certification way there will be currently unlikely in Europe”more information, as well as the possibility of an online registration for the above courses are available in the Web page.

Executive Committee

Metro de Caracas. Imagine you! Workers and managers excluded by the Government and the current authorities of the subway, come together as they never did inside of the company, to provide a platform to fight and defend the values of the company that formed them and gave them work for many years. What little there is to thank this Government is achieving things that under normal circumstances would have never occurred. That is called a fair return of the founders, in view of the facts that gave rise to his departure from the company. He filled me also of great hope because from now and as workers, former workers, pensioners and retirees from the Caracas Metro, will be part of the Venezuela that an organized this making an opposition block to this Government equipement offender who has intentionally destroyed the jobs of thousands of families but in no way has been able to destroy their hope and courage.

Being outside the company under these circumstances, has proved to be an otherwise interesting experience and different. And not for now be unemployed by the work of the Government, but because he has allowed me the circumstance of sharing with the rest of the workers in a situation of exclusion of the Metro, citizen a clearly unprecedented experience as who lives the rest of the country, as it is a consciousness of a struggle in which in truth I invite you to participate to the extent of its possibilities. The essence of underground culture that completely changed my way of viewing and analyzing things in a sense I outlined a whole inside of the company. I try to explain that I mean: many years ago, when I was part of the Executive Committee of the subsidiary of a multinational company, was commissioned to write what was called, the elements of the corporate culture of the company, but adjusted to our idiosyncrasies, with our own values of corporate culture that made us unique in front of other subsidiaries in other countries.

Frank Rechsteiner

The companies ‘ HYPE the training professionals ‘ company offer an executives of coaching for IT. “The owner of HYPE, Frank Rechsteiner, reports: each coaching requires first a becoming acquainted before you decide to take the next step”. For this reason, we describe our model of a possible sequence of your coaching. In a first personal meeting or, on request also by phone, we get to know us and be discreet and very individual, your personal situation, wishes, ideas, and goals discuss, analyze and scrutinize. We clarify your expectations on me and the coaching. Where do you need my support and where there is need for advice. We figure this out together.

In this case, determine the intensity and openness themselves and give me your feedback. After the first conversation, we decide whether we fit”, because this is of crucial importance for further coaching. It is my personal wish that you feel and go with a happy and good feeling in our coaching. Then, we achieve your goals together and thus put the positive and decisive aspects for your future. In the short term or over a longer period of time. Then looks our approach: develop focus your goal step by step accompanied by yourself at your destination make sure you clarifying your objective of taking stock of the current situation of possible options and talk to our experts. How well you feel already after the first discussion we are looking forward to you.

Many Executives

The outdoor team training to simulate such situations. Outdoor team training – what it be effected at the outdoor team training issues clarified that under the conditions of everyday work step back. Indefinitely but this question make a voltage potential that can lead to the inner denial of employees (incidentally executives), if it is not resolved. One of these questions is: is an employee’s individual personality potential largely involved in the daily affairs of the team or essential skills are not included? If unrecognized potential exists, the training of an employee attitude that focuses only on the essentials, is easy to understand. Because of the existing potential of any interest from the point of view of the employee apparently has – so it is not used as well. In the routine the day-to-day operations, the potential is lost.

Under the microscope of the outdoor team training but it comes to the fore. The employees because the processes at the outdoor team training deliberately have nothing to do with the other work of a team, use potential, of which usually so far nothing was known. This reaction is carried out automatically and is also unaware of the participants. A well-trained leadership but can tell the difference and suggest. He can use now completely emotional competence in the outdoor team training has learned the team leader for the expression of his skills – but in the reverse order in which these skills are often valued. The starting point is the emotional assets, regardless of the work item to detect the change in the behaviour of an employee. The difficulty is to classify the motivation of the perpetrator in a seemingly valueless activity.

It is not decisive whether the outdoor team training meets by chance an individual preference of the participant. Many Executives then evaluate the level of engagement than self-interest on the subject. But, the commitment to the group, which goes hand in hand with this behavior is crucial. Just the willingness to use special skills in the general interest, is an indication that the employee would like to do more. Now there is the social and communicative competence of the Executive, to affirm the unconscious Act of the participant on the emotional level. This provided the basic connection between two trading on a positive footing. This is the prerequisite to the new patterns of action in the corporate team work.