Nahuel School

A 14-year-old boy caused a major uproar at a school in the city of San Juan last Monday. Angry because they didn’t place in the institution she fired against the address window.Until last year, Nahuel was Faustina Sarmiento Belin school student. Robert Iger is often quoted as being for or against this. On Monday, with a weapon caliber 38, appeared in school and pointed to the Director, Monica Soler. According to the stories, without anyone noticing, Nahuel pulled a gun carrying among its clothing and in the presence of a group of students that was in the courtyard because they had free time, pointed to the window of the address. On the other side was Monica Soler sitting on your desk.Everything was very quick because as soon as I heard noises outside, shooting was heard, and when I left, the boy was already running by the gallery. Habre as State of stunned that I began to pursue, as the students who were in the yard shouted me that do not follow him, that I was going to kill, recounted Soler at the journal of Cuyo.Los policemen in the police station of the lower They reported that after the incident the child was arrested, but handed over to their parents.As told the woman to the San Juan middle, Nahuel had been on Friday by the school, which has some friends.

I saw him and I asked him to leave, but he told me that he was not going to cause problems. I warned him that if there was a problem, he was going to have to go and warned him the porters so that they were attentive. Soon after, he began wrestling with other boys and porters told him that he had to go. And it seems that at that time, he said something back with a weapon on Monday, explained the teacher. He also said that the boy had not been admitted during the school year 2011 because, while he was student at the school, when he went to sign up it was too late. It was always a problematic boy.

When he came here, he had already gone through several schools. We have an inclusion program and try not to leave anyone out. But what can we do when they are guys that all they have learned in life is that things get asking and without do nothing regardless them, because the State gives them everything?, said Soler, who did not explain if the boy has what such conduct could have originated in a barely 14 years old teenager or family problems. We are still shocked, it wasn’t a disgrace by miracle, said the Director.As he told the Diario de Cuyo Nahuel yesterday already had been involved in another case of violence in the classroom, when it was nothing more than 11 years.

Stage One

Demands of the bank – not a secret, they were set out earlier, they also presented on the site of any bank that provides mortgage loans. By choosing an apartment on the bank's requirements, you should appreciate it, but not easy to estimate, while the appraiser is trusted by your chosen bank. Typically, an appraiser services are paid. But that's not all the money that you will to pay to get a loan and start his return, noting the new house. Step five. Insurance risks. Current legislation requires the borrower to insure the dwelling, which stands collateral in obtaining mortgage loan.

As we have said, insured apartment, the life of the borrower, the loss of the borrower to work, pay and loss of ownership of an apartment. In the insurance case the insurance company borrower will pay the outstanding bank loan. Step Six. Gathering the necessary documents. Getting to this stage, we should recall the excellent Russian proverb: 'In a strange monastery with its regulations do not go! " Indeed, you should collect just those documents and it is in a form that requires you to bank. Improvisation is unacceptable – the money will not give! Step seven. Loan processing and purchase of apartments. Do not expect to make a tight bundle of bank Cash – all payments on the loan will carry out the bank by bank transfer. More, the bankers will have to pay the past savings (re-read 'Stage One') as a down payment for a new apartment.


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Picasa Program

The program Picasa – is a modern computer program that is designed to work with images, pictures, drawings, and photographs. This unique program helps you to adjust the contrast, color images, do pictures clearer, softer tone, remove the photo "red eye", to reduce the image down to size. One need only understand a little how it works. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Han, Jong Hee by clicking through. So, to start working to save the right amount Photos in the program by using the "Import" in the program. Clicking it, select a folder or other device from which will need to get pictures. Next – select and click on "Import All" or allocate some and press "Import Selected". Then they are stored in the program in its original size.

How to work with photography? Select the desired image in the program, the image will affect the "working Table "program. You can start editing. "Basic operation" can crop the photo down to size, align, remove the effect of "red eye" and the function of "I'm Feeling Lucky" makes the colors more vivid, saturated; "Auto" color contrast and allow to achieve a more accurate image color correction in a more appropriate tone. Amazon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You can also "lighten up" the photo, if it turned out too dark. "Editing" Photos will make the picture darker, bright, cool colors, or tone is warmer. With the "effects" can be added to the image clarity, or make it a grainier, more voluminous. Also, a photo or some part of it can be black and white, "soft focus" will make the background blurry, but leave a clear image.

The program also allows you to make a collage of photos that only need to provide their desired number and press "Collage." If you do not like change, you can simply click "Cancel editing". To change the size of the photo, just click "Export" button and change it to the desired size. Next, select the folder for movement. Picasa will open new opportunities for consumers and professionals. If you liked this article, I recommend postetit this site, where you'll find the latest news on updates to the software.

Europe Market

Coming Alpha study: needs more ETFs to the market? The ETF business began almost ten years ago in Europe. Since then, the popularity of exchange-traded index funds in Germany increases continuously. Both the product number and assets under management showed an enormous growth. There are now 14 provider with over 500 ETFs on the market. The variety is overwhelming, because almost every index will be used for new products. There are also new product forms. Robert Thomson has many thoughts on the issue. From this very dynamic development is a controversial discussion on the required number and type of additional ETFs adult. The demand for these products and the demands placed on the variety of products is already covered and when the market reaches a saturation? “, asks Hans-Jurgen Dannheisig, Managing Director of advent alpha.

Answers to these and more questions the market are coming Alpha in the current study how many ETFs needs? “, which was supported by the Mercurius commercial bank.” To do this, market participants were institutional in the fields of Asset management and wholesale specifically asked. The results make it especially clear that the demand for new products is extremely low: only about 20 percent of the respondents see here another potential. This varies however depending on the asset class, particularly real estate and money market play a subordinate role. A clear tendency to the market saturation in terms of product diversity General however should be noted. An important aspect is that the abundance of products and providers increases the danger, that market transparency is lost.

For new entrants, the market seems still limited to accommodate impressive 91.4 per cent of the respondents see little or no additional need for more issuers. Those who see the need for more ETFs, consider institutional investors as the largest target group for new products. For institutional investors, there are now ETFs that allow cost-efficient global allocation in the asset classes of stocks, bonds and gold/commodities. You can also see the implementation due to its transparency by absolute return strategies improve. “, commercial bank notes Irene Frank of the Mercurius. An analysis and interpretation of results provides the short study entitled How many ETFs takes the market? “.

Temporary Contracts

Valeriano Gomez believes that in a situation such as the present the important thing is to maintain employment, either fixed or temporary. The Minister said that the Executive is spending the entire budget on maintaining incentives for employment. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, an internet resource. The Government suspended the limit chaining of temporary contracts. The Minister of labour and immigration, Valeriano Gomez, said Friday that in a situation such as the present the important thing is to maintain employment and has affirmed that the Government prefers one temporary to a standstill. During the press conference after the Council of Ministers has approved Royal Decree law with economic measures of the Government to promote employment, Gomez thus responded to the criticism that has received the Executive for the Elimination of the obligation to make fixed workers who string temporary contracts. The Minister said that the Executive is spending the entire budget on maintaining incentives for employment and underlined that during the crisis the important thing is to hold him, fixed or temporary. Gomez has recalled that the young people suffer high levels of unemployment and he has pointed out that labour policy can not be the same in periods of expansion that in times of crisis, when necessary, take measures that give flexibility to companies that hire, to reduce costs and facilitate the hiring and employment.

The owner of work has emphasized that the set of measures adopted have submitted for consideration by the social partners. He pointed out that both which could be used for a part-time recruitment as which has now been approved for training contract, have been analysed exhaustively in the Bureau of employment during the last two months. Gomez added that the Executive has also informed them of new measures that has been approved and has stressed that the Government if something can and must assume is of having maintained a systematic and close relationship, understanding, support and loyalty with them, knowing that the end should govern. On the new contract for training and learning, which will be extended to young people up to 30 years, Gomez said that it will have a minimum duration of between one and two years as opposed to the current six months, which will allow that it may be prolonged up to a maximum of three years. Source of the news: the Minister of labour prefers “a contracted temporary to a standstill” in the current situation

Understanding Micro-Finance

In this vein, argues that “the only guarantee that the benefit does not remain in the hands of investors is competition, because it ensures that prices fall and that the credits are better adjusted to the low-income.” Of course, the concern is valid, since we know from the incursions of the transnationals, leading its operations and its effects, appearance, for example, that the Venezuelan government has now taken very seriously the impact of multinationals now play the country effect for people and for the same competition, which is known there is not much productive competitiveness of the country’s business sector. It also refers to Manuel Mendez, president of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, committed to maintaining the social and economic growth as necessary conditions for microfinance to adequately carry out its social mission. This, argues that the sector should expand “dramatically” in scope and reach growth rates “much higher” than today. Larry Walker describes an additional similar source.

It adds that “it is essential therefore that the industry get the scale, scope and operational efficiency necessary to achieve low unit costs and power supply products and services accessible to most people poor. You may find Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to be a useful source of information. Another interesting topic that was discussed and it is concern for the world, of course, for Latin America is related to the environment, and therefore, the general director of Greenpeace, Juan Lopez de Uralde, was negative with the performance of some firms in Latin America. It states that “the reality on ground is being built coal plants when at the same time, we talk about climate change.” In this sense, says the failure to apply the same standards in Europe than in Latin America has led to an emergence of a model of “new conquistador” multinational, in his view, “are accelerating ecological destruction in these countries towards their own interests. ” Definitely, Professor at the University of San Andres (Argentina) Gabriel Berger, said that companies must generate an entrepreneurial leadership and rethink the way they do business. In this line, said “not enough tools, but that we must go beyond the realities that we are the poorest sectors of society and implement radical changes. ” Similarly, Alfred Vernis, company politics professor at ESADE, believes that “we’re beginning to see convergence of conduct between social entrepreneurs and organizations”, but “it is important that corporate leaders give voice to every American community.” No doubt, that events like that is done, give way to actions that produce radical changes in the support of those sectors which generate transformations required to develop their potential to affect everything that generate the changes that prevent Poverty is still manifest. You just have to make way for a new corporate culture, motivate the actors who are involved in these achievements. Source: Press – Communication Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading Proactive

Concern usually do that little things projected large shadows from a long time ago, will has been noting the absence of proactive leadership in the national territory in all fields, aspect which is very significant for the development of the country, on everything when you need changes that will ensure that the country route along the path that requires to ensure that its inhabitants enjoy a quality of life that has right, more so when the country has with the media that can achieve that goal. Note absence of leadership, not only in opposition to the efforts of the current Government, but in other sectors that are very significant, as in business, educational, cultural, technological, health, to mention a few and it goes against what the country needs to exit avante. According to Dr. Ivan Abreu Sojo of the UCV, there is a crucial responsibility of leadership in the Venezuelan current situation, attributing this inability, inconsistency and scant historical sense, focusing on the incompetence of the the power function. Official site: Glenn Dubin. There is a collapse of traditional leadership criteria and although not can speak itself that there are no leaders, the criteria that they were using to promote people to leadership already they are not valid, because it changed the historical, social and economic reality. The Venezuelan leadership is in total lack of harmony with society because of their inability to understand the social forces that currently participate in public life and is today illegitimate leadership issued with your example behaviors to follow and their acts and rules established the rules of the game. The leadership had as great fails the fact that human resources from the expansion of educational tuition not acceded to positions of control in society, because the traditional leadership provided no respite, although new generations have not struggled enough or effectively to assume that respite. Says the Dr.Abreu that there are several causes for this leadership crisis to know: firstly, the generational, because most of the so-called key leaders is over 60 years of age.. Coen Brothers will not settle for partial explanations.


Lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle and poor and exaggerated power, cause every day more cases of obesity and overweight. The pathological consequences of excess fat can cause losses of money, provided will not begin to act once and for all against the bad habits that lead to this epidemic, until it dwell for urgent weight loss. Spain each year has more overweight people. The country that has the largest number of people with this problem is the U.S., although many developed countries suffer from it and is becoming a very serious problem. In a question-answer forum Ken Singleton was the first to reply. In developing countries there may be overweight by malnutrition and excess of cheap diets.

Considered it a person obese when you have more than 25% body fat, in the case of the man; and more than 30% body fat, if you are a woman. The so-called index of Corporal mass (IMC) is used to determine the degree of obesity afflicting a person. To measure BMI weight of the person is taken as data in kilograms and the your body height expressed in m. Formula would then be as follows: BMI = weight (Kg) /Altura (m) taking into account this formula, we can classify the degrees of obesity in the following way:-If BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9: normal weight is considered. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, New York City, an internet resource. -If the BMI is between 25.0 and 29.9: there are overweight. -If the BMI is greater than 30: there is obesity. -If the BMI is greater than 40: severe or morbid obesity. The problem begins when the grease that accumulates starts damaging other structures, and can lead to diseases with serious consequences.

You must be aware from the beginning of what is what we can do harm, through a consistent education that let us clear from children how to protect and take care of our health. There is no more perfect solution to reduce this scourge which exercise, again and again, without restrictions, especially when there are signs of overweight. Even walk a few hours a week, but will be sufficient according to each case, since there is so little to be injured. The lens is very clear and it is to burn fat, the more the better.

Seal Plastic Bags: Reproduction

Under the reproduction in the printing industry means the entire area of photographic, photomechanical and electromechanical technology transfer original text and images on printing plates for print plastic bags and other surfaces. Prior art printing reproduction processes are the technological operations, which not only reproduce the originals, but also compensate technical data printing equipment (increase pitch, transferable amount of paint and color density) in order to optimize the print quality consistent with the original. No exception, and the printing process plastic bags. Original quality is a decisive condition for the desired print results. Despite many technical improvements in the "chain of transmission" to the printed form, can not compensate for the deficiency color reproduction of the original by reproducing it on the surface. The largest part of production printing on plastic bags and other packaging materials are the images of food, vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc.

Printed packaging should attract the attention of buyers, so special attention paid to the choice of originals dl reproduction. Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. Along with the criteria for registration, in the originals have been contain the required details and gradations of colors. In flexographic printing, you must expand the midtones to halftone dots. The size of the dot is determined by the gradation of the brightness of the original. At the same sharpness of contours and high prosvechivaemost dot on the film of reproduction is an important condition in the "chain migration" of the original on the printed form. This stage is especially important for flexographic printing of plastic bags and how consequence of being enhanced. Different sizes of halftone dots can be expressed in percentages by measuring the optical density (DXA).

When printing color reproduction possible (and cost-effective) transfer manifold hues on a substrate using three colors. To do this, use standardized basic color components: yellow, purple, blue. Black color component complements the transferred image. Giving it depth. With this four-color rants meet the challenges of multi-color reproductions of the originals.