Pomerania Measurements

Radiation exposure in Bavaria exceptionally high In autumn mushrooms with many menus may not be missed. On the menus of restaurants attract dishes such as gnocchi with Chanterelles or porcini risotto. However, measurements of the authorities give a negative connotation enjoying. As the news portal reported news.de, Germany’s high radiation were measured at fungi in some areas. Other leaders such as Discovery Communications offer similar insights. The values in Bavaria were particularly high. Still many consumers worry about their health, when it comes to the purchase of vegetables and other food from Eastern Europe. Due to the disastrous reactor explosion at Chernobyl in 1986, many buyers are concerned, because the ground is still radioactive. Fungi store radioactive substances particularly well and are suitable for measurements.

The values from approximately 600 becquerels per kilogram are questionable. CBS has similar goals. This is the limit for imports into the European Union. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, mushroom samples were tested from the Federal land and imports from other countries. For the mushrooms, they resulted from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Measurements approximately 70 becquerel per kilogram, which they were significantly below the limit. A threat would be only in the face of such values consumption of several hundred kilograms of mushrooms.

The mushrooms from most federal territories are harmless. In parts of Bavaria, samples but exhibit a very high radioactive exposure. Here, the values were even higher than those of Eastern European products. The radioactivity on the health implications, is controversial. Generally, groups such as pregnant women and nursing mothers and infants should play it safe and if possible take the culture growing mushrooms. More information: health /… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Washington DC

Fair observer goes at the start, because ‘ readers expect more from news media, than that which is currently served. You have the right to get more facts and context. ” “The multi media journal fair observer” (www.fairobserver.com) has seen the light of day with its alpha version. Fair observer entitled, to change the world of the news. For more information see this site: Walt Disney. Headquartered in Washington DC and adjacent seat in Munich, the four founders want to build fair observer a truly global, independent, and objective instance in the online and mobile field. Heart is the so-called 360 degree analysis”, are analysed in the relevant global and regional topics from different political and national perspectives and illuminated it with cultural and historical context. Thus the reader can form their own opinion for the first time, without being influenced by dominant media corporations.

Fair observer has called into question the existing media and message model and would like to close the vacuum that formed long ago. Readers expect more of News media than what is currently served. You have the right to get more facts and context. In addition, they should have the chance to gain in-depth insights into earth-shattering topics. They are currently victims of a monotonous and commercial media landscape all too often based on the political caste. “, so the COO Fabian new.” “Readers have it deserves to be treated as readers, not as consumers’ first edition of fair observer deals with highly relevant global and regional issues, such as the” corruption on the example of the economic miracle country India “, the fear of Germany in Europe” on the example of the problematic relationship to England as well as the financial crisis 2.0 “. While the first two issues of the general public are accessible, the remaining journalistic repertoire is currently reserved for a hand-selected global test Reader group. Readers who register on the site, are kept up to date about the progress and partly also for the complete offer unlocked.

Betta Cleaning Company

July 14 marked four years since the founding of "Betta-Cleaning." In honor of the momentous events of July the company's customers receive an additional discount of 10% on orders of any further service. Within celebration of the main office of "Betta-Cleaning" changed: colorful balloons, chocolates, cake, fun atmosphere and good mood of employees made the most of Birthday this event! Congratulating the employees, the company announced a mini-training on cleaning problem areas of homes and apartments for staff to release the necessary chemistry. Jeffrey L. Bewkess opinions are not widely known. The training each employee be able to individually consult with a competent technologist, to find a solution to their everyday problems with cleaning and get the appropriate tools for this purpose. "For cleaning company operating in the domestic market for four years – is his age, – Mrs. Evelyn Galoyan, director of "Betta-Cleaning." – During this time we managed to open branches in central and eastern regions of the country, supplemented by a host of new staff and gain the trust of more than 300 customers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Paul Ostling by clicking through. We are full of strength and desire to walk as confidently into the future and to conquer more and more "top cleaning"! "Company" Betta-Cleaning ", still shows high indicators of performance to customers.

Over the past year, the company supplemented by such weighty customers, as Cushiya, Puma, MARS Ukraine, Yellow Sea, Asters, Alliance, Institute of Electric. Paton, National Academy of Sciences Ukraine, the National Design Institute, Kiev Heart Center, Egoist, Prague Auto, Nokian Tyres. And this is not the limit ….:) Note: The Company 'Betta-Cleaning' founded July 14, 2006. The company provides services of all kinds of professional Cleaning and maintenance of complex social, commercial, industrial, residential and medical facilities. During its existence, "Betta-Cleaning" time to take a leading position in Ukrainian market cleaning due to the fundamental principle of "highly competent management and a combination of innovative technology." Customers: Company "Kyivstar" TVC "Globe", VTC "Duffy", "Caravan", BC WINNER, Ob, LOUIS VUITTON UKRAINE, "Igroland, Puma and some other favorite clients.

Essential Strategic Planning

Unfortunately, for many companies there is a considerable distance and a clear difference between the current situation of the company and the situation in which the company want to be. Once you get past the initial surprise and dissatisfaction caused by such harmful results of relevant studies, the company usually regain some measure of calm and ready to design, not without some confusion, a number of strategies to close the gap between what is happening and what should happen, that is, between what is and what should be achieved. For this is that it has created the Strategic Market Planning: to set goals to achieve and to establish the best ways to achieve them, to define what resources are available and ensure the best performance from them, to make decisions that ultimately , convert the current employer in the business you want to be. From the company’s mission, conducting a thorough analysis of the situation and the environment in which the enterprise operates, establishing certain action policies in relation to products and services offered to met and unmet needs, and actual and potential markets. David Zaslav may not feel the same. It is necessary to identify the factors or strategic issues most relevant current and future operation of the company, and this analysis is the main tool to achieve this.

However, a comprehensive analysis of the situation of the company not only take into account its domestic situation, but certain factors external to it but exert their positive or negative. These external factors such as industry sector it belongs to the company, the economic environment, social and demographic to which it belongs, and even his competitors, are generally regarded as limitations or as business opportunities depending on what the way, positive or negative, in which they affect the company. However, are domestic factors, which are based on the strengths and weaknesses of a company, as these factors are what the company can control itself if it proposes..

The Daily

All horse riding excursions are by with experienced, field – and expert employees of the Birch of Justice. Nevertheless, requirements for participation in the tours is a certain Sattelfestigkeit of the rider in all three Gaits, as well as independent saddles and bridles. But also particularly adult horse riding beginners and returners of all ages are at the Birkenhof in the right place. Because in the peri-urban, farm riding school in Frankfurt am Main to get professional lessons under ideal conditions. In small groups of a maximum of three riders, all conveyed the participants what they know for welfare using the horse and may need to. In a question-answer forum Time Warner was the first to reply. Includes in addition to the riding also the Reitfertigmachen learning ‘ and the care of the animals.

The riding usually takes place on one of the farm’s own riding courses, can be laid but on request also in the area. Another offer is also the opportunity to book a double offered regularly on Saturdays and Sundays. In this case, the first hour of teaching on the riding arena is performed while you then spends the second hour on the ground. These lessons are also a good preparation for the guided trail rides in the Taunus region. Continue to find horse owners from the Rhine-Main conurbation, which do not have the necessary time, to daily care of your four-legged friends, with the Birkenhof a competent contact person. So the pension stall directly connected to the riding business at Frankfurt am Main offers enough space for up to 20 horses of pension.

Great emphasis is placed on a horse welfare. Accordingly, the stall is very bright and airy and the adjuster can choose between paddock boxes and boxes without paddock for your horse. Also the daily feeding and crap, the grazing and daily Weidebring and willow get services are already included in the monthly price. In this way the necessary care and support in almost untouched nature always comes to the animals. Continue to stand a separate saddle Chamber, the adjusters and their horses Wash area with horse shower, a fitting place and two all-weather riding courts illuminated in the dark available. So, the horse owners can be sure that their animals at any time are optimally supplied. In addition is guaranteed due to the proximity of the Birch of Justice to Frankfurt am Main, that they can visit their horses within the shortest time and with them enjoy an excursion in the beautiful landscape of the Taunus. All interested parties can get a complete picture of the various offers and their prices under, that riding operating Birkenhof offers.

Financial Congress

On 14th and 15th January 2010 is the 10th financial Conference of at WHU under the heading ‘ finance 2020 perspectives on tomorrow’s markets’ instead. For ten years the students holding annual scientific University for corporate governance WHU Otto Beisheim School of management in Vallendar/Koblenz their very own new year financial Conference. Outstanding university graduates and students here meet internationally recognized leaders from politics, science and economy. The Conference offers an exciting to think about environment in which creative minds interact and share information and concepts on the subject of finance in today’s global competition. WarnerMedia does not necessarily agree. During the two-day Conference, the participants listen to the corporate speakers and professors and learn and discuss within the framework of workshops and panel discussions about the issues important to them. Paul Ostling: the source for more info. The students are preparing the Conference together with the Chairman of the Board of the campus for finance\”and holds of the Foundation Chair of Finance of Dresdner Bank, Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf, before. The Conference objective: The creation of an atmosphere in which participants discuss challenging content, gain insights into current topics of finance and make new contacts within the investment world can. On 14th and 15th January 2010 the 10th financial Conference of at WHU under the heading of finance finds 2020 perspectives on tomorrow’s markets \”took place. She will be held exclusively in English. The list of event sponsors some of the most famous names in the financial world lists, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, the Boston Consulting Group, Rothschild and more. Venue is the picturesque campus on the banks of the Rhine River. The College is located an hour from Cologne, as well as from Frankfurt, and only a few kilometres from the historic old town of Koblenz. First-class accommodation in a nearby hotel and stylish dining offers the participants to the event. The Conference is considered as an extraordinary opportunity, celebrities from the industry to meet, the it in their Industry did to the very top.

Organization Values

Taking this into account we could perfectly assess the racism in Germany nazi, as a value and not as an anti-value. Obviously there is no consistency between the term and the result. If we see it from the point of view of the negative and positive values we can now say that effectively for Nazi Germans racism and xenophobia was a value, even they could it be considered positive but for the rest of the world was a negative value or an anti-value. Therefore define the personal values as: quality humans possess considered by them as necessary and valuable and can be judged by others as positive or negative according to their interests. For assistance, try visiting Coen Brothers. Starting from this definition we have that in an organization there may be a variety of personal values and of them the shared values of the Organization and that it depends on are formed of leaders transforming or training of the values desired by the Organization to carry out more efficiently and effectively of the same objectives. So you will understand better, in any organization in the world they want as shared values honesty, sense of belonging and loyalty however not always these values are present in all the members by what is necessary to maintain a good line in terms of the formation of these values to prevent mergers with already existing damage to. Therefore attaches great importance to the values in the formation and consolidation of the organizational culture, let us show an example. In a company founded at the beginning of the last century, where the staff turnover has been very low, where it maintains a narrow linking with the retired workers, where the address of the company remains virtually unchanged, where the main source of employment is still the same since the beginning, insurance in that entity the organizational culture is very consolidated what does not mean that everything is going well, to the otherwise this is very dangerous for an entity. Credit: CBS-2011.

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Environmental Responsibility

Kusatherm sauna gas tested and certified heat generation by Kusatherm gas oven range the Europe’s leading manufacturer of gas stoves for sauna, which is company Kusatek sauna technology from the Westphalian city salary, with the patented sauna oven series Kusatherm a model number to bring sauna pleasure, economics and ecology to a common denominator. Sauna heating with gas at a sauna operation is the energy consumption of sauna cabins without a doubt of one of the biggest cost factors. Also will say burning of oil, gas or coal power with the help of heat, generated, this then transported via large, loss-making routes, to produce heat in the sauna again. Savings in this area are not only economical, they are an example of practiced environmental protection at the same time. The heat spot is more cost effective and less costly. Perhaps check out Time Warner for more information. With gas. Due to these considerations, diploma engineer Bernd Kuntz has developed the Kusatherm gas oven range with services between 10 and 90 kilowatts. By high importance is, especially in the light of current sauna fires with high fire damage, the testing and certification of the sauna gas fireplaces to gas appliance guidelines.

The gas burners work with natural gas, propane or butane, it is irrelevant whether the sauna system to the gas network is connected or powered via a tank with gas. For the second case Kusatek has joined forces with a well-known partner for liquefied petroleum gas, even where no gas connection available is to place a propane gas tank. To the regular filling of the tank, the gas provider cares. For the sauna operators only low additional costs. The function principle of the heart of a Kusatherm sauna gas is the tube spiral, through which the hot combustion gases are led. Gas burner heat a gas-air mixture at a temperature of approximately 350 degrees Celsius. A fan creates a vacuum in the pipe system and sucks the hot mixture through the furnace.

Baltic States

Among such problems should isolate the problem of political stability and continuity of political and economic decision-making, consistency in the actions of the authorities at all levels. Numerous inconsistent legal decisions on the sez had undeniable political overtones struggle between different power groups, which could not have a negative effect on the development zones. The struggle for the expansion of regional benefits detriment of other subjects of the Federation affected the growth of separatist sentiment, stoking tensions between center and regions. Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. Another important challenge is to maintain economic state security and its interests at the proper level. Never becoming a modern conditions '' free zones to fully become 'eksportosyrevymi', ie large, often unauthorized and uncontrolled exporting of strategic raw materials and 'not quite legitimate' capital. With the fuel crisis export activity of the fez is a lot of complaints.

At the same time it should be noted particularly geopolitical position of some bands. Thus, the Kaliningrad region has played and will play a strategic role in ensuring the political, economic and military interests of Russia in Europe. Taking into account the plans of nato inclusion in the alliance of Eastern European countries and the Baltic States military and strategic importance of further increases. In this regard, provides a range of measures aimed at providing vital region, including in the event of possible crisis situations. By strategically important branches of the program include: the transport sector; fuel and energy sector, agribusiness, communications and telecommunications. The result of all these problems is that currently include running, only two – in the Kaliningrad region and in .


In China

But, through some historical documents, we will make in this chapter, a relation concerning the evolution of the lesbianism in history. To start with the first register, we have Code of Hammurabi, dated of 1770 a.C e, according to Bouzon (1992), oldest and is known body legal. Created for Hammurabi it was based on old Semitic and sumerianas laws. In this document the SALZIKRUM figure exists, that characterizes one ' ' woman-homem' ' , that according to history, could have one or more wives. According to poet, historian and researcher of the homosexual culture, Judy Grahn (apud Godoy, 1997), the first poetical text was created by a called woman Enheduanna. It, who was son of king Srgon I of Acdia, composed, in 2.300 a.C, for Inanna, considered the goddess of the love.

Enheduanna exaltava the beauty of its goddess and if it related as wife. According to Mott (2003), in some old communities, as of Albania, they had been accepted lesbian relations in the past. Let us take as example the mountainous zones of Cabira, where aborgine only of women existed a composed society, SBRAIE call. In China, this homosexual relation also was found. According to historians, it had women that they intergesticulavam as husband woman, a relation called DIUSHI. In Rome she had the calls? public banns? for women, who were a simple form of the women to satisfy its sexual desires feminine.

Even though the women married men did not leave to go to the banns therefore were there that some charged lesbian desires were become fullfilled. (RICHARDS, 2003) According to Richards author (1993), in old Greece the relations homosexuals supplied the necessity of personal relations of an intensity not found in the marriage. The women, by having been considered as inferior intellectually, physically and emotionally in relation to the men, were excluded from the meetings and masculine meeting, compelling to form them it between itself, a group to deal with the most varied subjects.