More Than 850 Dog Outlets And Bathing Places In Whole Germany As An App!

New app: dog beaches plus now in the app store the team the popular app dog beaches after two years of research now a new app released, which allows easily the next destination for hiking and bathing with dog or the best dog-walking round in the vicinity find can. Over 850 official dog outlets, bathing areas and forests in all over Germany are displayed in the app! After starting the app, a map on which the dog bathing places, dog Woods and Freewheels through different pins are marked opens first. Zoom in by simply a more accurate selection is already in the map make. Of course, also about a search, you can search for names or places. By tapping the selected Beach opens an informative menu, informing about texture, linen compulsion, costs, parking, dining options and much more. The route function ensures that the beach can be found instantly from any location. The app also informed of nearby toilets, bag dispensers, seating and connects when needed with the homepage of the resort. The comfortable menu Guide allows an intuitive and easy to use of the app.

Using the built-in camera function, a photo album can be created for each selected location and shipped directly from the app by E-mail or via social networks. It should go bad once the four-legged friends the next vet appears promptly, if necessary, the app connects with a single click even with practice. The way there is also available! With the app dog beaches plus an indispensable tool has been developed for every dog owner, which quickly and comprehensively informed no matter whether on vacation or just for the weekend! The team of has also the popular app dog beaches (over 170 beaches), the app dog zones Austria (approx. 250 Freewheels, forests and pools) and dog forests Denmark (about 150 dog Woods) in addition to the app dog beaches plus Germany developed. All available in the Apple app store. To find in the app store at: contact: Lennart Sprandel Marie height 36 D-25451 Quickborn T: + 49 (0) 4106 611803 F: + 49 (0) 4106 611703 M: + 49 (0) 179 4955160

Commercial Designer

Furniture for Curitiba office Classroom flex What it is Ergonomics? In August of 2000, the IEA (International Association of Ergonomics) adopted the presented official definition below: The Ergonomics (or Human factors) is one disciplines scientific related to the agreement of the interactions between the human beings and other elements or systems, and to the application of theories, principles, data and methods the projects in order to optimize the welfare human and the global performance of the system. The Ergonomistas contributes for the planning, project and the evaluation of tasks, ranks of work, products, environments and systems in order to become them compatible with the necessities, abilities and limitations of the people. Domnios of specialization of the Ergonomics: The word Ergonomics drift of the Ergon Greek work and nomos norms, rules, laws. One is about one disciplines guided for a sistmica boarding of all the aspects of the activity human being. To give account of the amplitude of this dimension and to be able to intervine in the activities of the work she is necessary that the Ergonomistas has a holistic boarding of all the field of activity of disciplines, as much in its physical aspects and cognitivos, as social, organizacionais, ambient, etc. Frequently these professionals intervine in particular sectors of the economy or specific domnios of application. These last ones are characterized for its constant mutation, with the creation of new domnios of application or of the perfectioning of the other oldest ones.

In a generalized manner, the domnios of specialization of the ergonomics are: Physical ergonomics: it is related with the characteristics of the anatomy human being, anthropometry, physiology and biomechanics in its relation the physical activity. The excellent topics include the study of the position in the work, repetitive manuscript of materials, movements, related muscle-skeletal riots to the work, project of work rank, security and health. Cognitiva ergonomics: one mentions the mental processes, such to it as perception, memory, reasoning and motor reply as affect the interactions between human beings and other elements of a system. The excellent topics include the study of the mental load of work, taking of decision, specialized performance, interaction man computer, in agreement training estresse and these if human beings and systems relate the projects involving. Organizacional ergonomics: it concerns to the otimizao of the sciotcnicos systems, including its structures, politics and of processes organizacionais.

The excellent topics include communications, management of resources of crews (aeronautical domain), project of work, secular organization of the work, work in group, participativo project, new paradigms of the work, cooperative work, organizacional culture, organizations in net, tele-work and management of the quality.

Media Support

In the passed month, in the city of Copenhagen (Denmark), it occurred the Cop15, Conference of the ONU on the Climatic Changes. The conclusion of that the great meeting did not get resulted forts was unanimous for diverse involved specialists who had folloied of close the negotiations. To only cite a case, the presidents of important nations as U.S.A. and Brazil, they had arrived no longer final of the round of debates. This delay allowed that many colloquies were not carried through seriously.

The result of Cop 15 sufficiently remembered the case of Kyoto, in which promises had been made that until had today not been fulfilled. In Copenhagen they want to impose impossible tasks. In this case nobody goes to sign the papelada one of quotas of emissions. The problem in general seems not alone to be of governing and authorities. We perceive in day-by-day as not yet we are involved in the ambient question. The Brazilian media exactly contributes for the lack of stimulaton to the support. We almost do not see notice on global heating and its consequncias in periodicals.

What to play outside, that is, we think that everything what we consume and does not have more use can be discarded not leaving no resqucio. The truth, however is another one and everything needs to have a final destination, in which it must be treated ecologically not to leave harmful vestiges in this way where we inhabit. The ecosystem as inexhaustible for the technologies has a urgent necessity not to treat more. The environment is not neutral for the linear economic system produce-consume-to discard, beyond that it is possible yes to have certain social improvements independent of the economic growth.>


Extra Income Online

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Malparado Credit

If it has problems with I credit malparado the following ideas could very be lucrative for itself. Perhaps already it has failed in the payment of the installments and knows how much this it aggravates our levels of stress. If it will be in a situation where it still does not make the minimum idea of as it will go to eliminate these you divide, then worse. For times we are guilty them of the situation delicate where we find in them, but also unexpected situations exist and that they can put any one of us in panic. An unemployment situation is enough unexpected or of one medical occurrence to seem that the world goes to fall down on us. This is a very common problem nowadays and that she is necessary to help to fight so that if has a society more ‘ ‘ saudvel’ ‘.

It is moved away from the credit cards. This step is most important, and seeming intuitivo, if was fulfilled certainly many people would live better today. Exactly that it does not pay interests for using, it is become accustomed it, and knows that after if accustoming it will be much more difficult of to yield. From there until starting to make purchases on instalments it is a small step. How much paid for management of the banking account? Many of the accounts the order in the market are gratuitous, but also in many others are pleased monthly taxes. It examines if it is not to pay for services that does not usufruct it converts for a gratuitous account (regularly the accounts commanded are). It makes a new planning of credit liquidation.

It makes a survey honest cash and of how much and when it will be able to pay its credits. It speaks with its creditors and it displays its situation, many of them will collaborate I obtain they will help and it, reducing temporarily its installments. It is important that it does not leave to pay completely, if to continue to pay same that it is little and establishing dialogue with the creditor, its image will continue to be of a trustworthy person, and will have much more easiness in deciding its situation. It reviews its trade bill banking it looks for of possible deceits. In the age of the digitalizao also errors occur, it inquires its banking monthly trade bill carefully and confirms if all the operations of debit really had been carried through or authorized by itself. It will be able to have that to make a manual register to be able to compare at the end of the month, but this is one system that will take it more time hardly and it will continue. It gives time to the time. This process does not happen of one day for the other. It has that to wait that the previous measures start to give a new course its life. Good luck.


Master Cures

What I can say on the life of it? Well, it always was a very simple person. He was born in a very simple place, still lived in simpler way. He consists not me that he has studied, did not make college, nor mestrado, nor doutorado ….. But he is called Master.

By the way, this is the only form that it accepted to be called during all its life. They only see. It did not make law school, but he created a code of ethics and insupervel moral, that total is adjusted for all the countries and all the peoples. Although it has left well clearly: I did not come to destroy the law! He did not form himself in economy, but he decided complex economic subjects at its time, as for example when Cesar guided Dar what he is of Cesar. It did not study medicine, but its life carried through cures throughout all; In such a way diverse physical cures, as well as moral cures. It explained in them that the Sos does not need Doctor. that the evil is not what it enters in the mouth of the man, but what it leaves the mouth of the man, therefore what it leaves the mouth of the man he is that of which its heart is repleto. By the way, It and Pepeu Gomes had said this! He did not study Psychology, but until he is today considered the biggest psychologist of the humanity; He did not make Pedagogia, but he developed an education method, that is admired until today. Let us see some of its more famous histories: The good Samaritano The Figueira Seca The party of Nuptials Bad the rich one Talentos The Semeador The narrow door The last ones will be the first ones The deceased leave to embed its deceased The Candeia underneath of the Alqueire You look at the Birds of the Sky It was not the Super Nane, but it very taught in them on the ungratefulness of the children and the family bows, as well as on the family bows, when it said in them that all that one that follows the Father who is in Skies is its mother and its brothers.


Magnetic Fields Produce Hypnotic Effect

By contrast, in other cases, frequencies, such as televisions, which induce normal sleep and hypnotic. It is expected that magnetic fields associate produced by certain physiological processes such as bio-electric waves generated in neurons and muscle fibers, interact with those that are generated abroad, which in turn leads to changes in the release of neurotransmitters responsible for a number of important metabolisms in the body and mind. This is a relatively new field, but it promises many surprises over the coming years. Situated at the height of the eyebrows, in the middle of the brain, the pineal gland, which according to the mystics is the seat of the soul is a tiny but basic structure, capable of launching metabolic processes throughout the body. Researchers Jose Luis a Bardasano, director of the Institute of Bio-electro-magnetism Alonso de Santa Cruz, University of Alcala de Henares, has studied the correlations between the activity of this gland and electromagnetic fields and magnetic field.

In his view, the pineal may act as a magneto-receptor, modifying its activity under the influence of magnetic fields, especially those of low frequencies. This causes behavioral alterations, depressive disorders and may even modify the effect on the body have some drugs, especially opiates. Electromagnetic fields have the same effect on the gland that light: inhibit the secretion of melatonin, a process that could lead to immune alterations, insomnia and mood swings. However, the greatest value is that melatonin is a key defense against cancer: its lack favors the development of this deadly disease. And unfortunately, the oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field generating sources of low frequency electromagnetic waves to reduce levels of this compound. According Bardasano, chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields increases the likelihood of cancer and leukemia, a disease closely related to the pineal dysfunction. These fields also influence the development of psychological disorders and neurological. In general, people with predisposition to depressive episodes and alcoholism, as well as workers exposed to this radiation are the most sensitive to the effects of pineal de-synchronization due to non-ionizing radiation, can also reduce healing effects of some analgesics, especially morphine derivatives.

The existence of Earth’s natural magnetic field has been known for hundreds of years, thousands in the case of Chinese or other ancient civilizations. However, the first scientific studies of the relationship between natural and artificial magnetic phenomena and some human psycho-physiological disturbances date only the last century. As you note should be aware more than ever on the relevance, scope of electromagnetic radiation, all that it can generate, simply pay attention.


Spirit World

To this force the disclosure in our life as benevolent, man must pass four stages development in which you learn to evaluate their spiritual advancement based on two criteria: the ability to see that the Creator is the only force in existence and as they can experience as good. In each of the four stages we go through in our spiritual path open to us a deeper layer and inner reality. In the first two stages – Stages of hiding “- the Creator is in hiding. In the two later stages – “stages of revelation” – the Creator and man is revealed. The transition from concealment to revelation is what is called the “Entering the Spirit World.” FIRST STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT A person who still does not feel the need to relate to the Creator, is in a state of indifference in this regard. She lives in total detachment from him even without being aware of their status. When he awakens in man the desire to know why and what it live, start to approach the wisdom of Kabbalah and learn through them, how to move towards the answer to the meaning of life.

This is how we entered the first stage of spiritual development called “double concealment.” BARRIER At this stage, we experience two forms of concealment that affect our reality as follows: 1. the Creator does not exist, everything that happens is pure chance, a product of nature or of blind fate, 2. the Creator, if it exists, is not a benevolent force.