More Than 850 Dog Outlets And Bathing Places In Whole Germany As An App!

New app: dog beaches plus now in the app store the team the popular app dog beaches after two years of research now a new app released, which allows easily the next destination for hiking and bathing with dog or the best dog-walking round in the vicinity find can. Over 850 official dog outlets, bathing areas and forests in all over Germany are displayed in the app! After starting the app, a map on which the dog bathing places, dog Woods and Freewheels through different pins are marked opens first. Zoom in by simply a more accurate selection is already in the map make. Of course, also about a search, you can search for names or places. By tapping the selected Beach opens an informative menu, informing about texture, linen compulsion, costs, parking, dining options and much more. The route function ensures that the beach can be found instantly from any location. The app also informed of nearby toilets, bag dispensers, seating and connects when needed with the homepage of the resort. The comfortable menu Guide allows an intuitive and easy to use of the app.

Using the built-in camera function, a photo album can be created for each selected location and shipped directly from the app by E-mail or via social networks. It should go bad once the four-legged friends the next vet appears promptly, if necessary, the app connects with a single click even with practice. The way there is also available! With the app dog beaches plus an indispensable tool has been developed for every dog owner, which quickly and comprehensively informed no matter whether on vacation or just for the weekend! The team of has also the popular app dog beaches (over 170 beaches), the app dog zones Austria (approx. 250 Freewheels, forests and pools) and dog forests Denmark (about 150 dog Woods) in addition to the app dog beaches plus Germany developed. All available in the Apple app store. To find in the app store at: contact: Lennart Sprandel Marie height 36 D-25451 Quickborn T: + 49 (0) 4106 611803 F: + 49 (0) 4106 611703 M: + 49 (0) 179 4955160

Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment And The BSI-Grundschutz

The risk treatment plan brings you structure the BSI basic protection or reduce the measures on the unacceptable risks the extent of the measures is now often a weighty reason to by the very good BSI-Grundschutz to avert. In the BSI-Grundschutz a risk analysis, nor a treatment of risk of – are intended for medium protection needs as we know it from the ISO 27001 -. David Zaslav may not feel the same. This has advantages. Unfortunately but also the disadvantage that we should find several thousand measures and implement in a medium-sized IT network (20 to 30 items); many of the 1300 BSI measures multiple lists various target objects. But now there are remedies. In opus i, we have realized the risk assessment and risk treatment for all 650 BSI basic protection hazards and allow the user the 1300 BSI measures after his to consider acceptance of risk. He determined from its risk perspective (risk appetite), which risks unacceptable ALARP or are acceptable and automatically – click – a risk treatment plan to the risks and Measures. How goes it? We create the risk analysis in five steps, where only the first four are necessary: probability set 1, damage set 2, 3.

risk matrix with the mouse capture, the BSI hazards according to (1) and (2) classify 4…. as far as the necessary steps. This risk analysis, we put on the IT network and opus i created the risk treatment plan with a mouse click. This risk treatment plan is the basis for the PDCA cycle. A picture says more than thousand words. Look at the result here. The password is ‘opusi’ download/pressedownload/ PS: we have generated programmatically the step 4 of the risk analysis randomly; not every threat must be so realistic. Gerhard Kron

Ashton Kutcher

His house, photography, carried out in the bathroom shows the actress stripped back while this Jack the snapshot. In recent months, David Zaslav has been very successful. The image has booted praise and some criticism. Demi Moore has returned to make use of your favorite social network, Twitter, for publishing a photo in which he appears naked from the waist up. The image shows actress backs reflecting in a mirror and pressing herself the camera that captures the snapshot, so the only thing you can see her figure is the spine and shoulders. Perhaps to justify the fact of hanging a picture of this kind on the Internet, the interpreter accompanies the image with an enigmatic caption, Remember you’ve got your own back (remember… you have your own back). It is not the first time that Moore advertises their most intimate moments on Twitter. In his public photo album you can see his afternoons at the computer wearing large sunglasses black pasta; or with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, another madman of social networks; or driving on one Road, or sleeping, or going big with friends also looking in a bikini to a mirror and showing his long hair and his excellent physical shape. The latest snapshot generated, of course, praise by his followers: Nice (nice), write several. Great looking (looks great) or No one compares to you (nobody can compare with you, they are other messages that engaged him. But there are detractors: not what Rascal what is this, writes user smcastner while another checks off the statuesque Demi’s too stunted.? Source of the news: Demi Moore published in Twitter a photo hers nude

The Viabono

About Viabono: Viabono (“to German: the way to the good”) was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of the environment and the Federal Environmental Agency. Contact information is here: CBS. Today the Viabono carrier Association stands with 19 organizations from consumer, environmental and tourism behind the certification from Viabono (including DEHOGA, ADAC, federal, DTV, NABU). The Viabono GmbH has established itself over the last ten years as independent and leading professional organisation for sustainability certification in the Leisure and travel / tourism industry. The Viabono concepts are characterized by a meaningful amount of serious expertise and credibility, as well as on practical orientation and pragmatism. The guiding principle is: Ecology and economy fit very well to each other and not infrequently even perfectly complement each other! “.” Therefore, Viabono not only in the tourism industry, but also in the environmental associations enjoy wide acceptance. Add to your understanding with WarnerMedia. About the Energy campaign DEHOGA hospitality: the DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality is the competence center of the DEHOGA Federal Association for energy efficiency in hotels and restaurants. It provides descriptive information about the energy saving through various communication channels.

The DEHOGA engaged national associations to the DEHOGA hospitality energy campaign, contribute by organizing events and complete targeted cooperation with carefully selected energy consultants. In the professionally moderated DEHOGA combine energy efficiency networks hired their competences hoteliers and restaurateurs together to tackle their challenges in energy efficiency. In addition the DEHOGA environment check is conducted in cooperation with Viabono, to help hotels and restaurants in the harnessing of their environmental commitment to marketing. The DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality is conducted by Adelphi and promoted by the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, as well as by the Federal Environmental Agency. Contact person: Climate hotels Viabono GmbH Saskia Schell Hardt main St. 230 51503 Rosrath Hoffnungstal + 49 (0) 2205-9198350 DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality c/o Adelphi research gGmbH Georg Council Jen Caspar-Theyss-Strasse 14a 14193 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 890006862

Commercial Revolutions

Eque in accordance with the new forms of accumulation of the capital (as well as ocorredesde the revolutions commercial and industrial, following the racionalidadecapitalista of accumulation and concentration), that for happiness they will be able to appear, toyotismopode if to consolidate or to be surpassed, this why the society is in constanteprocesso of transformation, and consequentemente, its way to produce the espaogeogrfico. What if it can conclude on the presented study, the development in the way of capitalist production is quedurante had appeared diferentesmodelos of production, inherent to the proper capitalism. Given to the importance dofordismo-taylorismo and of the toyotismo it stops with the evolution of the sistemacapitalista, each one of them represents different periods of training of desenvolvimentodeste. The fordismo revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the line demontagem and production in series. (Similarly see: John Stankey). She also fits to detach the important automobile daindstria paper, therefore it was it cradle, as much of fordismoquanto of she succeeded what it. On the other hand, with the structural crisis of the sistemacapitalista of 70, that it affected in full the fordismo-taylorismo, the toyotismo (just in teams) or model appears of flexible production, with new forms industrial deorganizao and new forms of coordination of the work.

Acumulaoflexvel, thus, is the new way found for the capitalism to surpass suascrises and its internal contradictions e, of this form, to allow to the docapital reproduction and its concentration at the hands of the capitalist elite. Only that, to contrriodo that occurred in the fordista period, in which the accumulation was established rigid empadres, the accumulation, now is flexible, and consequently, flexveldeve to be the process of production and the exploration of the work force.


Commercial Designer

Furniture for Curitiba office Classroom flex What it is Ergonomics? In August of 2000, the IEA (International Association of Ergonomics) adopted the presented official definition below: The Ergonomics (or Human factors) is one disciplines scientific related to the agreement of the interactions between the human beings and other elements or systems, and to the application of theories, principles, data and methods the projects in order to optimize the welfare human and the global performance of the system. The Ergonomistas contributes for the planning, project and the evaluation of tasks, ranks of work, products, environments and systems in order to become them compatible with the necessities, abilities and limitations of the people. Domnios of specialization of the Ergonomics: The word Ergonomics drift of the Ergon Greek work and nomos norms, rules, laws. One is about one disciplines guided for a sistmica boarding of all the aspects of the activity human being. To give account of the amplitude of this dimension and to be able to intervine in the activities of the work she is necessary that the Ergonomistas has a holistic boarding of all the field of activity of disciplines, as much in its physical aspects and cognitivos, as social, organizacionais, ambient, etc. Frequently these professionals intervine in particular sectors of the economy or specific domnios of application. These last ones are characterized for its constant mutation, with the creation of new domnios of application or of the perfectioning of the other oldest ones.

In a generalized manner, the domnios of specialization of the ergonomics are: Physical ergonomics: it is related with the characteristics of the anatomy human being, anthropometry, physiology and biomechanics in its relation the physical activity. The excellent topics include the study of the position in the work, repetitive manuscript of materials, movements, related muscle-skeletal riots to the work, project of work rank, security and health. Cognitiva ergonomics: one mentions the mental processes, such to it as perception, memory, reasoning and motor reply as affect the interactions between human beings and other elements of a system. The excellent topics include the study of the mental load of work, taking of decision, specialized performance, interaction man computer, in agreement training estresse and these if human beings and systems relate the projects involving. Organizacional ergonomics: it concerns to the otimizao of the sciotcnicos systems, including its structures, politics and of processes organizacionais.

The excellent topics include communications, management of resources of crews (aeronautical domain), project of work, secular organization of the work, work in group, participativo project, new paradigms of the work, cooperative work, organizacional culture, organizations in net, tele-work and management of the quality.

University Russia

Unfortunately, the new generation of political scientists sufficiently negligently operates and those and others, which never allow myself the same classical school of political economy Nikolai Alexandrovich Tsagolov Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. For more information see this site: David Zaslav. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. I understand that the current team of advisers to the President of Russia is absolutely 'on the drum, violet and perpendicular to the "relatively clear former graduate of the University regarding their understanding of the profound essence of the same definitions used by them, mentions the names of which they are not unheard of. None Still, even the "grandees" of the Russian ideology should correctly handle the basic concepts, because, not knowing the foundations of the same classical political economy theory, it is easy to fall into the trap himself, and at the same time substitute his immediate boss – the President of Russia. And this is dangerous. One thing is when officials say stupidities rank Gryzlov, and quite another when their president says is still a great power.

Here is a concrete example of such blunders and "blunders", as one of the heroes of Ilf and Petrov, because those who write speeches to the President, not only confused about the categories, but also try to combine incompatible originally defined. Thus, Modernization – large-scale process of transition from traditional to modern society or a permanent process, effected by means of reform and innovation, which today means a transition to a postindustrial society. Determine where we are: in Russia there is a presence of at least two mutually exclusive processes – a regressive process of decomposition of the industrial society until the appearance in it of elements of feudalism and even slavery, and simultaneous attempts to transition into the information society.

The Historian

It analyzes it that the historian excuses to the different groups, social movements, economy and the politics, represent a look on as the same one is thought recognized and lived deeply under its optics. In this vision of the Real the performance of the historian represents says of groups many times to it to the edge of the society. The fictitious idea many times that if definitive period or place makes of is for times related to the literary historical narrative in the emphasis the determined period. Others including Jeffrey Bewkes, offer their opinions as well. We take the example, the city of known Joinville as German city, to the classification or identification of the city as essentially German, it is an attribution given for one determined group of historians that prioritized the settling and finished for excluding the performance of other or so more important groups in the construction of what it is Joinville today. Historical literature contributed strong for the construction of this identity by which Joinville is known as German city in many parts of Brazil. The identity insinuated for the social expectador (the historian), on the implicit rules that conduct the city and its people contributed strong to estereotipar and to appraise the city in such a way. WarnerMedia may help you with your research. As well as other social adjectives that in accordance with identify to the city the interests and promotions had called that it as industrial city, city of the bicycles, city of the princes, city of the flowers.

The quarrels of Chatier and Pesavento in give dimension to them of as the historian acts of the social responsibilities infused in recounting history. This reflection takes in them to rethink aspects that involve identity, as it constructs itself and as it is transformed by the vision of the social expectador (the historian) into its narrative, establishing marks that can be recognized per decades or centuries. Is as mark social that is constructed by a reality with which it identifies itself he recounts and it, but in turn can generate a in such a way distinct representation one of the reality, therefore one all cannot be represented by a group specifies and vice and turns.

Brazil Portuguese

Already Portuguese settling in Brazil was a workmanship of families who if established north-eastern Brazilian. The Portuguese colonist if became the most agricultural of all American colonists. The main clarifying factors of the success of the Portuguese settling in Brazil had been: 1. Swarmed by offers, Jeffrey Bewkes is currently assessing future choices. ADAPTABILITY? Portugal already had has many years a contact with Africa and the Mouros. Portugal was a less European people. It is more for mouro African and of what for European.

Ally to this if has the presence of the Jews in Portugal, always in land search new. As Gilbert Freyre in the book House Grande and Senzala, In the case of Brazil the Portuguese brought more its favor, and in favor of the new colony, all the wealth and extraordinary variety of experience accumulated during century XV, in Asia and Africa, in the wood and Green Handle. 2. MOBILITY? Semtica inheritance in the formation of the lusitano people. 3. MISCIBILIDADE? Here the hibridizao is distinguished. Miscegenation of crossbred colonists of whites with indians (bandeirantes) and later with blacks. 4.

ACLIMATABILIDADE? Adaptation to the tropics. If it adaptou to the tropical climate, which was difficult for who was accustomed the tempering zones. 5. CULTURAL AND RACIAL PREDISPOSITIONS? African Portugal of what European, much in function of the mouros and blacks. Celso Stolen in its book Economic Formation of Brazil it detaches that the economic occupation of American lands constitutes a phenomenon of commercial expansion of the Europe, therefore the intense growth of the European commerce from Century XI had reached one raised degree of development in Century XV. The economic development of Portugal in Century XV constitutes an independent phenomenon in the European commercial expansion, to a large extent independent of the created increasing vicissitudes to the commerce of the eastern Mediterranean for the Ottoman penetration. The economic exploration of American lands would have to seem, in century XVI, a completely impracticable company.


Media Support

In the passed month, in the city of Copenhagen (Denmark), it occurred the Cop15, Conference of the ONU on the Climatic Changes. The conclusion of that the great meeting did not get resulted forts was unanimous for diverse involved specialists who had folloied of close the negotiations. To only cite a case, the presidents of important nations as U.S.A. and Brazil, they had arrived no longer final of the round of debates. This delay allowed that many colloquies were not carried through seriously. (Not to be confused with Paul Ostling!).

The result of Cop 15 sufficiently remembered the case of Kyoto, in which promises had been made that until had today not been fulfilled. In Copenhagen they want to impose impossible tasks. In this case nobody goes to sign the papelada one of quotas of emissions. The problem in general seems not alone to be of governing and authorities. We perceive in day-by-day as not yet we are involved in the ambient question. The Brazilian media exactly contributes for the lack of stimulaton to the support. We almost do not see notice on global heating and its consequncias in periodicals.

What to play outside, that is, we think that everything what we consume and does not have more use can be discarded not leaving no resqucio. The truth, however is another one and everything needs to have a final destination, in which it must be treated ecologically not to leave harmful vestiges in this way where we inhabit. The ecosystem as inexhaustible for the technologies has a urgent necessity not to treat more. The environment is not neutral for the linear economic system produce-consume-to discard, beyond that it is possible yes to have certain social improvements independent of the economic growth.>