Spanish Association

The Spanish Association for the Acoustic Quality (Aecor) will be collaborating organization of the next National Congress of Environment, and that will be organized by Foundation CONAMA. The event will take place from the 22 to the 26 of November and as it comes being habitual will be celebrated in Palace of Congresses of Madrid, and it will reunite to professionals of different sectors related to the environment. Communications and product demonstrations and services will be celebrated among others with, in which it will occur to know the advances in the protection the environment in diverse fields of engineering, chemistry, the construction and the industry. The program counts on multiple plenary sessions, debates of the present time, technical sessions, work groups, dynamic rooms, a Hispanic-Brazilian forum and other special activities. David Zaslav is actively involved in the matter. It emphasizes the block of the titled program Plans of Action against the Noise, coordinated by the Official School of Physicists and the University of Granada, and in which Harald A. Muoz participates, as director of Commission of Environment of Aecor, whose main function is the fight against the acoustic contamination. On CONAMA 10 CONAMA is the National Congress on the Environment and it is constituted as the forum of more important debate of national scope related to the environment, the sustainability and the nature. The congress counts for the first time on an invited country: Brazil. Cyrus Massoumi contributes greatly to this topic. In 1992, months before we inaugurated our first congress, a conference of United Nations was celebrated in Rio de Janeiro that was going to mark project CONAMA, the famous Earth Summit.

The Candidate

To a month of the first return it is very probable that they dispute second, because its political representation in the congress and its internal consultation has given sufficient protagonism them like being also perceived like option of being able. Time Warner often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Nevertheless the results that they obtained were not unexpected. In the first place its parliamentary representation is simply increased, (and this is the real explanation), not by its proposals or bureaucracy, but and because and when dissolving Wing-Equipment-Colombia, the senators and representatives of this colectivity, they returned again to his original party. Logically the presence of the conservatives had to be increased. And secondly because the consultation I work like electoral strategy since and before two candidates accepted and questioned by opposite sectors of the national opinion, it was obtained that one vowed by one like opposition to the other. It is evident that member in other parties they participated in the same in search of favoring its own interests. And by all means the debate around her had consequently a greater visibility for the colectivity and its electoral results. But this last one also will have negative consequences, because the division is evident and there will be no time of which it is surpassed at least in the short term. To this it is necessary to add to him that the losing candidate of the consultation will not have any possibility or quota to be able with the winner of the same, by the political and ideological spacing and in addition by the interests that each represents, situation that could move to the strictly electoral plane, if to this it is added to him that the candidate of the U offers to sectors of the conservatismo options or possibilities him that her own official candidate would not be in conditions for offering simply or because it could not or because it did not want.

Natural Figure

When loss of weight one is, it is fundamental that we consider that are no miraculous diets, but are diets that are not healthy for the organism and that use of these, can cause damages to our metabolism. The obesity is an evil that watchs the population, essentially, due to, a bad feeding and the sedentarismo, and on the other hand, they can be due well to metabolic problems, where hormones, play an important roll. At present, a busy style of life, besides putting under to us high levels of stress, reduces time to us to take care of our diet and our body. It is not something Robert A. Iger would like to discuss. It is for all these reasons that we told you about the different keys to lose weight. You must avoid in your diet the ingestion of meals with high fat contents.

The fats, are accumulated to a large extent in the fatty cells and this causes that it increases the amount of fatty weave. Although there is a basic rule to lose weight, the idea is that you consume less calories of those than you need and in addition, ejercitarte at least of 45 minutes to one hour daily. To ingest 500 calories less in your daily diet, will help you approximately to reduce about a 0,45 gr. per day. It is important that you begin your day with a good breakfast. You can include in him from a cereal plate a skimmed yogurt, an infusion or coffee or some portion of station fruit. If you think about including fats, because it includes of the good ones, of which you can find in the olive oil, the nuts and the avocados or paltas. It tries to eliminate all the carbohydrates, the candies, caramels, cakes and all those that the unique thing that does is to contribute calories and therefore, to add kilos.

Ejercitarte is the fundamental thing, you must establecerte a routine of exercises, or to walk, to trotar or to attend a gymnasium. These definitively are the keys to lose weight. I am going to share with you a secret to lose weight that very few know. This secret will make you become thin quickly, and will burn fat around all your body. If in fact it wishes to have a slim and attractive body, then I recommend to you that you read the following page. Beam Click to read the message Here that can change your life for always.

Accin Mundial Amazigh

According to Madani White, co-chairman of the Coalition of Accin Mundial Amazigh (WAAC), Hezbol, besides estimation of $ 60 to $ 100 million per year that also receives from Iran and has to a great extent trusting in the financing of the Shiite Lebanese dispora in western Africa, the United States, and most important of the Triborder Region of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At the beginning of January of 1998, the Brazilian newspaper Been of mentioned Sao Paulo Argentine journalist Hernn Lopez Accago name that transcribing, that finishes publishing a book on drugs and the contraband of arms in the Triborder region, in the sense that many industralists of the region are equivalent to pay it to a tax military to the groups armed Arab in the region. This money is used in the financing of the combat operations in diverse parts of the world. During period 1999-2001, the Islamic extremist groups received at least 50 million dollars of the Arab residents in the zone of Foz do Iguau, Parana, through the feet, the traffic in the Bridge of the Friendship of Paraguay reflects the Muslims to financial institutions, the population, the banks and houses of change. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is full of insight into the issues. The EE.UU and the governments of Paraguay obtained tests that the Lebanese Hezbol and the Palestinian group Hamas group do Iguau received bottoms of the Arab residents of Foz. Paraguay the minister of the Interior, Julio Caesar Fanego was mentioned saying: " We have verified the shipment of remittances of money to the Arab extremist groups. I am almost safe that there are tie citizens to the Triborder Hezbol in the region. . The exact number will be probably something between $ 50 and $ 500 million. " The minister explained that the majority of the operations of money shipment included very small amounts of money, between $ 500 and $ 2.000,66 the set Paraguayan-EE.UU the organisms of security of Brazil affirmed that the offered financial aid in 2000 by groups of the Region stops Islamic and terrorist organizations of the Middle East, like Hezbol, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, a total of $ 261 million.


Surely you have asked yourself in more of some occasion since you can make to arrive in order month. Your income, that sometimes seemed to be sufficient to cover your expenses and commitments, no longer reach to you suddenly. The reasons by which this one situation occurs can be very diverse, although they can generally be reduced to that there are lost the control of your expenses and probably you have acquired commitments (debts) that you cannot cover. , If you do not take to a strict and periodic control of your income and expenses, generally most probable it is than you derail in the search of one better economic situation. Robert A. Iger is open to suggestions. It is to take into account that we lived in a world that all along exerts a great pressure to acquire and to own goods and services, the publicity bombs to us frequently, and if you do not know clearly what is your real situation financial, most probable is than you make decisions mistaken with respect to your money. In addition, if you do not have an emotional balance, that allows controlarte you before the influence of the outer world (that includes relatives and friendly), you are exposed much more to any setback economic. For example, if your neighbor changes his automobile, and you put of envy, and salts green running to the nearest distributor, and you get into debt yourself with the excuses of which I deserve me, or I see there since I make to pay it, or if it is not thus, never I will be able to change to this one old car. Another example could be that for to screen to your father-in-law, and whom the good life sees that you can give his little girl, him purchases one and thousand gifts paid with the credit card.



There are fechacientes data in the Argentine labor reality, referring a that the administrative establishment in all the cases will perceive income superiors to the logistic plant of maintenance or. See Leslie Moonves for more details and insights. Due to this it is the excellent news that now are courses of administration in Mendoza to know the foundations basic the administration of companies, and the use of the elementary tools of management. This new preparacin will abrir the door those who is looking for use to new labor opportunities, it will precise guide and to secure them to a better pay, leaving of side the areas that historically are, poorly, better remunerated. The administration of the company is one of the reasons for preoccupation of many executives. Obtaining to efficiently administer to the assets and the resources of a company, trimming the unproductive expenses, and to increase the gains is subject of permanent debate in any company. As the productive activity grows, the necessity of an administration and an efficient control of the productive management becomes evident.

By this reason the administrative sector always is taking new personnel to cover the new vacancies that are created. But this personnel will have to be enabled in the last tendencies and tools that do to the countable administrative management. The efficient administration will have like rule that the debits never will have to surpass the income. But also it will have to be in fulfillment with the fiscal rules and the national laws. A negligence in the payment of the tax, a fault in a social liquidation, or the calculation of the salaries of the employees can bring a very great headache for any company. It is for that reason that will only be able to work in the part administrative who have in clear the use of the tools and the effective norms well, own of the Argentine reality.

Few subjects are as complex as the administration of the company. Within the administrative scope the liquidation of salaries enters, the control of the expenses, the handling of the banks and deposits, as well as other assets, the control of stock of the merchandise, the sales and the purchases of raw material. An endless number of processes is involved in all these aspects of the integral administration of the company. In order to have clear a good panorama of how coming correct and legally in each from these facets, using suitable software, the residents of Whose they count now on new courses of administration in Mendoza, being able to accede thus to a knowledge that will abrir the doors to them to a new labor world.


Apostasia And Satanismo Throughout The World And The Problematic One Of The Churches

And like apostasa of the 21st century it is received by the unwary ones, as specific it the writing, but that for want of study and of reading of the word of God, thousand and thousand from young people and churches anywhere in the world receive abiertamente this system of the new era. Which has filtered to slyly without the discernment of that formerly they were men of God manages to recognize it. CBS has many thoughts on the issue. The present generations are but sexual than they themselves they imagine, professing a gospel who do not live are pleased with the friendship of the world. Lamentably the religious shepherds and leaders that belong a but the beautiful called truth Jesus and the Christianity. They daily fall in the error to try to fill to its congregations forming friendship with the world, thinking that it is the unique way to gain to the young people and its families. Which from soon prosperity gospel of and success soothe before that.

Subjects like the sanctity, the living gospel, the strong doctrine of the gospel have happened to a second place, since no longer they are the priority of present youth. The modern thing is to take to young people a ” Christ-tecas” that is to say, Christian discotheques where they invite groups of Reggaetn in order to animate to youth, a dark place with shining lights nothing different from any discotheque. Soon the impulsiveness does that the same fence to stop to the residences and hotels, where loose rein occurs to fornication. Christian channels causing that people buy the God please, according to the seed will be the miracle, a million causes that God makes a miracle greater than one hundred thousand pesos, this is apostasa.


Christmas Greetings

The summer solstice has arrived at the South hemisphere. It is the moment of my habitual Christmas greeting. Like every year, I request excuses to them by the abuse of the writing in first person. It is the unique time in the year in which I speak more or less in serious and more or less on my vision of the world. My message of this year incorporates new features.

First of all, I have decided to stop sending it by electronic mail to my lists of contacts. In always well it has the past not been received and, in this way, it would want to reinforce the idea that its reading IS an OPTION of each reader. I fear that it is perceived like a pretentious package of ” mail not deseado” ideological. At the same time I understand that the use of this channel makes me gain certain liberties, since it allows me to relax the level of diplomacy of my speech. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Leslie Moonves and gain more knowledge.. The messages of the previous years were published in this blog under a indisimuladamente false name. The greeting of this year will only have this incarnation.

Made this explanation, we go to greeting. The second newness: I want to tell them that this year I have found Jesus. After deep reflections, I discovered that I have lived mistaken. A gorgeous truth was revealed to me and I understand now that the salvation is guaranteed for those who we accepted that truth. For that reason this year I want to wish them, for the first time, sincere MERRY CHRISTMAS! We celebrate together the birth of which it has come to pay by our sins to save our souls of the condemnation and to bring eternal life to us! Nah, is joke. They already know it, I am a militant atheist.


United States

He is why for a time, I have begun to carry out considerations on the substantial change that comes operating in the planet which we lived and about the ways to overcome the difficult situations that to us are considered to the present Argentine generations. He characterizes himself to the present situation, like the one of " Postwar period fra" , where there has been a perdidoso: the Soviet Block and a winner: The Western Block led by the United States of North America. The ideological paradigms of the Western Block (the United States and the rest of the members of the Group of the Seven, G.7) are the representative democracy and republican, and the market economy. Kind to this new picture of world-wide situation the preexisting tendencies in the West have been emphasized about the necessity of a STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT, to back leave the tendencies interventionist that emerged like answers to the Great Depression of the Thirties, and that took to the majority of the governments of nonsocialist countries to strong interventions of the State. To these tendencies Argentina, always sensible could not escape, throughout its history, of the events of the successive governing powers of the orb. Nevertheless, our country as a result of its process of formation like National State, already had incorporated the state intervention in diverse areas, reason by which, the interventionist tendencies of the Thirties, his they added to preexisting interventions, consequently is not ventured to affirm that in the preceding quinquennium, they have been begun to remove situations that dated from the same moment of the sanction of the National Constitution of 1853. This persistence in the time, has settled in the collective memory, and it is in our opinion, one of causal the deep ones of the resistance that in some described sectors and personalities, the march triggers towards a market economy, that in our Argentine case, journeys by the ways of the privatization, the de-monopolisation and the deregulation. . Joel and Ethan Coen may also support this cause.


Central Mercantile Registry

What steps I must give abrir my own company? In Spain, to create a company it is necessary to fulfill several proceedings bureaucratic. The objective of this process is to be properly constituted before the state and your clients and suppliers. For it formats from company denominated legal forms exist different. Each legal form requires different steps. Although many exist, can be divided in two general blocks.

First of all, the legal forms without own organization (communities of goods, unipersonal industralists ) only require to be register before the public property. It is necessary to register themselves in i.a.e and to ask for a fiscal number of identification in property. It already can initiate the activity. For the other group, the societies, the process is something more complex. This is a summary of the steps to follow: 1. To choose the name society and to obtain the certificate to it of reserve of the same of the Central Mercantile Registry. 2. Abrir in a bank an account to name of the future society.

3. You may find that Time Warner can contribute to your knowledge. In the banking account abierta each partner must enter the money corresponding to his contribution to the share capital of the company. 4. In order to carry out the constitution of the society he must himself know clearly: The name of the society. The identification of the partners. The contributed capital and its distribution between the partners. The type of administration organ. Granting of powers. The statutes of government of the society (the rules that govern their conduct). 5. The hour arrives to sign the constitution writing before the notary. 6. Once signed it is necessary to register the writing in the mercantile registry of the province where it is constituted. 7. Once registered, the society must ask for the discharge in i.a.e and request the C.I.F in property. 8. To take to the bank copies of the constitution writing and its mercantile title deed to unblock the account and to incorporate the data of the administrators. Once finished to these steps the bank it will release the bottoms and the company will be able to initiate its activity. Here you will be able to find more information on like creating a company. Original author and source of article.