French Antishock Model

EP would be a system similar to the law Hadopi but less severe. Instead of cutting off the connection to the offenders, your browsing speed will be reduced and the number of pages that could visit would be limited. The Government and big companies of American cultural industry would be very close reach an agreement with the operators of the country. In a question-answer forum Robert Iger was the first to reply. The cultural industry in United States, in collaboration with the major Internet operators, are preparing a new tougher law that regulate the traffic of illegal downloads to reduce speed to users in case of violating the law and limit them the number of web pages that could come. It is a system similar to that of France but less rigorous since it provides no cuts.

The Government and large companies of the American cultural industry, grouped in the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), would be very close reach an agreement with the operators of broadband in the United States to limit access to illegal downloading from P2P file sharing through a gradual Regulation Act. It would, therefore, one of the largest agreements in U.S. territory in terms of regulating of downloads on the Internet due to the involvement of the sector of large operators such as AT & T, Verizon and ComCast. This response to violations of copyright than on P2P networks, could begin lecturing to Internet users about copyright and intellectual property, as does YouTube with users attempting to upload videos with copyright to the portal. In the event that these warnings were not successful, he would proceed to undertake the punishment against the offending users. Intends that those who share copyrighted files, surf Internet at a lower speed. It is also proposed that these only can access a menu based on 200 web pages chosen by the company. The idea that has resulted in the draft of the legislation would come to seek an alternative to the applied laws of three notices in European countries such as France, criticised by the UN for its extreme hardness to contemplate the possibility of censor access to Internet users. This agreement bears chasing for years by associations that agglutinate the big four record companies of United States and the six major Hollywood film studios. According to CNET, the consulted sources warned that the proposal could materialize next month of July. Source of the news: EE UU wants to import the French anti-shock model

Enabling Monitoring

To propose the needs of training of the personnel and to prepare the documentation of procedures or manuals of operation. When the audit is completed, a detailed report becomes of found and the recommendations of action of high benefit. The organization must then initiate the process to turn these recommendations into specific plans of action, with her corresponding detail and allocation of tasks. The designed program must include; certain modifications to equipment and facilities required, investment and installation in clean-up circuits, equipment of monitoring and points of testeo, design and plan of monitoring, acquisition of software and administration of the data of monitoring for action of proactive and predictive mantencin, control actions on the specifications standard and the procedures and monitoring necessary to maintain the condition objective of equipment and lubricants. b) Transferring and Enabling for the Suitable Procedure: When it is required to take the tribolgica condition of a productive plant his more high level, by means of a program of management in lubrication, the education and training of the personnel in this one cannot be avoided. The training is a critical element in any process of change. Instruction and training In situ, when it is distributed professionally, generate confidence in the process and immediate and future understanding of its causes and objectives.

In the measurement that the mantencin specialists own clarity and understanding with respect to the planned changes, including their intention, objectives and I put, they will be able to accomplish its mission. The credibility in the training programs is vital, if it especially requires deep changes for the new program. This training must be strongly supported by external specialists, who besides incorporating an independent perspective to the classroom, introduce experiences of others companies and serve as consultant. " benchmarking" with companies, ideally of the same sector, that are pawned on similar programs, it is escencial part of a good program of training.