Criticized For Criticism: Insecurity And Corruption Are All The Rage

The fateful Joselo in one of his sketches was able to convince people that the world was going to end. This was where a commotion and no one knows who is who. The supermarket cashiers are no longer the commander. The word Pyrrhic no one knows it, and the opposition Gross talks about mental insanity, is getting democracy and napkin in the neck as the officers see when they are criticized, beaten and broken on television. Because what is fashionable is to speak of insecurity, corruption, amnesty, FARC and the 3Rs.

Jalabolismo by imitation and, of course. So for October, everything is valid. Mario Silva says that to get a passport must pay a trialed, that Aristobulus in Giving and denounce corruption, which the prosecution is microsecond opponents in spades in 8 days, congratulations Corrinne volleyball teams after abandonment and until the new prosecutor’s office wants to install an “internal affair”, as one sees on TV to catch corrupt cops. We can not allow the alleged “civil war” that if the opposition would arm gets back in government. Dennis Berry often addresses the matter in his writings. In a way, we could give reason to the Commander.

Decompose, roses and radical right-wing money, police and power? Should be whether they can be as pragmatic as it is still the “new strong Bolivar” in Miraflores. For this, the 3Rs is a great political marketing slogan. Of course the fucker Venezuelan not far behind and is still circulating the text messages text: Ron, Groom and Resaca. For some, the new slogan is indigestible to be amnesty, and even weak political shift, some other warrant for the October elections, and pragmatism promised (and press go to action) is seen with eyes of anger and questions from the opposition. Possible consequences of poor underway in October a microcosm difficult to observe from outside. What happened in the National Assembly to settle the new policy is happening at every City Council and the Legislative Council of Venezuela. Sillazos, betrayal, shocks and changes.

We can no longer vote for the PSUV and there is always a deputy rojito before changing the result. Despite some ratifications, changes are occurring throughout our country. The alleged rectification seen in intentions: the security plan includes the defense minister, which would mean soldiers in the streets against the mussels, while others must go outside to resolve problems directly with the “ministerial meetings” and journalists as Eleazar Diaz Rangel and Vladimir Villegas criticized the amnesty, and wonder what happened to the FARC. More Vladimir Eleazar, though. We need more action, because we’ve only seen is House. Jeanfreddy Gutierrez – journalism student and blogger – 29 years – Maracay, Venezuela Source:.