Krauss GmbH

52 episodes about a company losing the connection names Krauss GmbH & co. KG on the way to new economic strength companies, if they do not continue to evolve and improve. This improvement should however no specific matter, but must be done constantly. Under most conditions Joel and Ethan Coen would agree. Best emerged from this perspective in the framework of the support initiative of production’ the Styrian business promotion agency mbH (SFG) in Graz the idea – in addition to other support measures to exploit business potential – with a weekly webcast first Styrian companies to provide impetus to the implementation of lean principles. The webcast LEAN TRANSFORMATION describes possible (solution) ways for a new orientation and the associated change processes in a company in the form of 52 episodes. To do this, a team of authors under the learning factory called the Krauss GmbH & co.

KG as a Styrian, medium-sized company with a fictional biography of companies in the life consulting & training. This Krauss GmbH & co. KG was 1966 founded by the then 24 years Siebenburgener emigrants named Ernst Krauss in the North of Graz. And quickly developed into a medium-sized company with national and international clients in the field of serial production of pumps. Now this success story shows but also its downside: unexpected customer demands, short delivery times and inflexible production. To a failed audit, which connect the previously simmering conflicts at the leadership level now open days and continue to grow the dissatisfaction of employees can be. “Even if it to a fictitious company is, so a variety of Reader comments show how the authors: beautifully written and as close to the real thing”, this format allows the reader to find itself again. And that will succeed in the framework of the episodes of the webcast, to bring readers on entertaining and exciting way the need of change processes as well as basics of lean principles.

The rising number of episodes subscribers on social media Platforms of learning factory consulting & training shows the author team Angela drove, Dipl.-Soz. Rolf Gartner, Dr. Rolf Schrader and Ralf Volkmer also, that enjoys the story of Krauss GmbH & co. KG as well as the protagonists of a steadily growing popularity. Read also consulting & training episodes once a week on the homepage of the learning factory at, as the company Krauss GmbH & co. KG succeeded in gaining new economic strength. But also, this allow what approaches and methods. Experience the highs – but also the lows – which brings a change process.