Argentina: A Country On The Brink

The conflict between the government and the Argentine countryside gets worse day by day. But what the government fails to understand is that the issue goes beyond a conflict with a timely sector. Argentina is the society which opposes the policy being undertaken by the government, which is leading to many conflicts, with inflation increasing, and an increasing likelihood that this economic boom we among all Argentines, is coming to an end. The damage to Argentina’s economy is growing every day. Learn more at this site: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. One thing: according to forecasts, the area sown to wheat would be the lowest in the last 15 years. Another fact: De Angeli (a major ruralistas that are leading the protest), said yesterday, and after being detained last Saturday, “If necessary, we will be another 100 days.” The day lived on Saturday was about to unleash a much more serious for the institutional stability country. So serious is the situation that has been reached and the discussion that is at the center of the scene is the economic situation or policies being implemented, but that discussion is now raised far more serious and passes the country’s institutional stability. Stop by to defend democracy. In this situation, ordinary people are asking: How can the government do not take a pacifist stance and tries to find a solution to the problem, instead of trying to show strength? But for the government, in the words of the President, the most important thing is to care and economic model that is the reason why is not intended to assign to the conflict.