Managing Director

Manager develop a X-Lab on the subject of ‘Almost engineering’, to increase the development and speed of innovation companies. A X-Lab, nearly engineering say one-day decider workshop titled”leads the consulting Dr. Jeff Bewkes does not necessarily agree. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal, by on 16 April in Frankfurt. There experienced (project) Manager and (Enterprise) developers across all industries in Exchange, as they can ensure in their companies, that innovative ideas are developed with the system and quickly realized. This is the overall goal to increase the development and speed of innovation the company and therefore its competitiveness. “The X Lab in Frankfurt bears the exact title: almost engineering: speed & developing a contradiction?” In the one-day workshop of the innovation, among other things, the Managing Director of the consultancy of Dr. Georg Kraus will hold a presentation on this topic. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Celina Dubin. It illuminated the experienced management consultant and author of numerous publications about project management typical barriers to developing speed and shows several approaches to increase them.

“So inspired the participants deal the project House after the keynote address in moderated workshops together with the two subjects a speed boat ‘ to solve many problems of development?” and the development department how do we get the cruise ship voyages? “.” The goal here: In the Exchange with colleagues from other companies participants to new ideas to increase the development and speed of innovation in their organization and approaches to realization of this design. This presupposes that the participants have a comparable experience background and similar decision-making powers. In addition, the group must be composed so that challenges faced by the company of the participating managers can be discussed openly. Therefore, the invitations to the X Lab be personally by the Board of directors by Dr. Kraus & partner. Interested parties can register at log the X-Lab Coordinator Katja von Bergen (email:;) Mobil: 0163 / 267-30-18).

Participation in the X Lab will cost 139 euros (+ VAT). The food is included in the price. “For more information about the X-Lab on the subject almost engineering” in Frankfurt will find interested on the website of Dr.

Eltville Process

By recognizing up to do: Basics for a successful change strategy Eltville – Erbach, 2nd October 2013 – apply as the basis for a successful change strategy always predefined conditions they have a clear path to the design of the change process. The question, who are exactly the changer, which should actually make the extensive process and have to often not answered. A recent study shows the Mutaree GmbH, define the persons necessary for the success of the change project in companies where change processes take place, only 56 per cent. Where a clear communication at the beginning of the process is as important as the definition of change teams as a basis for the process of change. All processes of the executives should be initiated and continually accompanied actively to make the change to change projects in companies on successful legs. The inner attitude to a positive place to have this early are anchored in the minds and inspire. The study shows that 62 percent of the executives want to actually implement a change process. The management team not with vigor to the development of the process is involved, but it is harder to make all employees including jump on these hierarchies on the train.

The desire to promote our experience staff get involved only in a change process, if they are thematically already picked at the beginning. Only after you are dealing with its role in the process of change, or want to also then assume the necessary responsibility and exert a direct influence on their future. One does not recognize future, you get them,”says Claudia Schmidt, Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH. with this management motto employees also can create solutions or initiate changes even and are an important part in the change process”. So a top-down change management in many companies is the rule, however, good work can be done also opposed.

Sports Equipment

Individual storage space for skis, surfboards, boats etc. 10:00 in the morning: the cloud cover breaks up and announces to a beautiful, sunny day. Fast everything is packaged together is missing only the canoe. This is self – storage\”provided below. Filed under: J. Daniel Mahoney. Within a few minutes the storage compartment is reached finally and the canoe quickly transported on the roof of the car. Because the elevator to the storage area can be reached directly by car. The day begins without any stress.

And in the evening? Until 22:00, the canoeists the Board in its storage of SelfStorage has time again\”to turn off. Similar to a typical scenario of a SelfStorage customers might look like. Represented is alone with nine locations, the Austrian company self – storage\”in five German cities. On average, compartments available available per site 800-1,000. Self\”there is so far in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt, as well as in Vienna, Graz and Zurich. In Wiesbaden, Germany and Stuttgart are already more under construction.

It is important that this is well connected at each site. In cities with multiple branches, the distribution and the location of the sites is chosen so that every city dwellers can reach its storage in about 15 minutes. The customers would quickly and conveniently to their compartment, know Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of self – storage\”. A multi-level security concept ensures optimum safety. Only customers of self\”can enter the site with your own code. In addition, each tenant has a key to his compartment and has thus sole access. Installed cameras and a private guard duty from 22 guarding the plant around the clock. We must no one feel uncomfortable or scared. All storage buildings are equipped with window and music from speakers also ensures a pleasant atmosphere,\”explains Gerhardus. Enterprise information self storage with comprehensive service Selfstorage means self storage. Customers rent her private, lockable storage compartment that they can enter almost at any time of day.


ATVISIO has expanded on the CeBIT as a central focal point for Palo established due to the large demand the free workshops at the CeBIT 2010 ATVISIO hardly CeBIT opened its doors, has ATVISIO as a central focal point for the open source business intelligence solution established Palo on the world’s largest IT trade fair. Numerous Palo visitors from the entire German-speaking immediately visited the stand on the opening day. The BI professionals at ATVISIO precisely inform visitors with great enthusiasm about the possibilities of Palo. Also the interplay of Palo with other software products, such as the Cubeware cockpit V6pro or LucNet.World is represented in detail. Free workshops at the booth to deepen the topics. Due to popular demand, ATVISIO has decided to offer more free workshop dates at the CeBIT. Title: Expand your Excel application for analysis, planning and reporting Palo for Excel – new! 04.03.2010 16:00 new! March 05, 2010 to 10:00 h. Hayley Kiyoko is a great source of information. duration: 45 minutes Where: Hall 2 / booth F28 registration for the workshops is done either via or directly at the booth. There you can check also further free BI-workshops. Bettina Dagli


Experience shows that during the installation of tools the service level management process is experiencing a strong influence. The tools themselves bring structures and cost estimates that may not fit on the existing service-level management. Typical problems with service level management tools are: key figure definition, agreement, Association, score calculation 1) key figure definition: some manufacturers of service level management tools have developed their own languages to express very precise figures. Here, it must be checked whether this is still the language of the customer. If the client no longer understand the metrics and their construction, the tool has no chance and the project for the introduction of the tool is at risk. (2) contractual storage: when contracts are always signed, the tool but provides no storage, the setpoint and the actual values separate.

The service level manager should make sure that each change of service levels in the paper SLA also picks up the tool. This went over there in many IT companies is to much about change-request to make transparent, should have the service level Manager aware, whether his scenario is a very dynamic, which very often cause changes in service levels. This is the case, he should so select the system to be used. By the same author: california hospital medical center. (3) mapping: The mapping between systems, business processes and the SLA requires flexibility of the systems. On the part of the service level manager, the various service level agreements and operating level agreements underpinning contracts are compiled because of different frame requirements in a system.

The structuring possibilities must be explored according to own requirements. (4) ratio calculation: often pre-built algorithms for the analysis of key figures are in the systems. They admit not always other influences or changes. For the availability during certain periods are excluded, so some tools can’t afford this. Thus there is the situation that measurement data is collected while in the tool, but in another system that allows for this possibility, be transferred. Here is to consider whether the benefit of the new service level management tools may also lead to fruition. For this purpose the service level manager must make either adjustments to the tools on his concepts. This may have also serious effects under certain circumstances. The mentioned problems occur in various forms and combinations. The service level manager should be sensitized to this.

Transfer Printing

To print the Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne textiles informed is absolutely in line with the trend. Frequently Andi Potamkin has said that publicly. On a printed T-Shirt, you can present his life motto, or convince others laugh with a funny saying. The beauty is that you can add a personal touch to its fabric. The range of possibilities is so wide to print on a T-Shirt, for example, the methods that are available for it are so diverse. The experts of the printing Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne inform the transfer printing and its benefits. The T-Shirt is so unique the desired motif is first on a printer mirror printed. Then the foil on the T-Shirt or other item is applied.

The film is dried then under strong heat, so the colors can not be. A transfer press that will print now textile with the foil. The fabric is placed on the press and the film so that it is printed in the right place. Finally, you can remove the foil and receives a creative result. The benefits of a Transfer printing, there are many materials, which finished with this printing technology can not only textiles. For example, glass, ceramics (E.g. cups) and plastic can print on. The transfer printing has the advantage that you can transfer also multi-colored prints at once.

Previously this printing only for bright fabrics is suitable. Through special slides, which can be placed on a dark fabric, it is today but also possible that dark clothing will be printed.


ORGA survey: instead of integrated processes, application Islands dominate the IT environments in more than every second service providers significant efficiency disadvantages as a result of the heterogeneous software landscape in Karlsruhe, 03.08.2009 in the services and consultancy mainly heterogeneous conditions for the business applications. According to a survey of ORGA GmbH, which was conducted in 246 companies in this sector, this leads to losses in productivity in over 50 percent of the company. Especially applications with project-related processes are proving due to their inadequate integration cost driver. According to a survey of ORGA, applications, which come from a variety of manufacturers are approaching in any second service provider. A data exchange between the individual software products, if any, is insufficiently guaranteed. This applies to just 31 percent of the companies surveyed. A majority, or even complete integration is one of the exceptions: this is only when every fourth service companies and consulting the case. Mainly, the applications deadlines a distinct existence, relating to the implementation of projects related.

So, the skill and resource management is an application island in three-fourths of the service companies. Not much better, it looks at the integration of applications for project management and project controlling. But also in sales and distribution processing and performance capture and billing of projects three of five companies rely on software programs that are isolated. Even the billing is carried out often as an independent and separate operation. Almost half of the companies surveyed uses yet another such island solution. The billing solutions, therefore an integration is still not self-evident. It consists in at least 56 percent of the companies surveyed. According to the service and consulting companies, often significant productivity disadvantages are the painful consequence of heterogeneous conditions. The Inefficiencies have even an order of magnitude of more than 20 percent in every fifth case, they lie between 11 and 20 per cent for a further one-third of the company.

Frank Rechsteiner

The companies ‘ HYPE the training professionals ‘ company offer an executives of coaching for IT. “The owner of HYPE, Frank Rechsteiner, reports: each coaching requires first a becoming acquainted before you decide to take the next step”. For this reason, we describe our model of a possible sequence of your coaching. In a first personal meeting or, on request also by phone, we get to know us and be discreet and very individual, your personal situation, wishes, ideas, and goals discuss, analyze and scrutinize. We clarify your expectations on me and the coaching. Where do you need my support and where there is need for advice. We figure this out together.

In this case, determine the intensity and openness themselves and give me your feedback. After the first conversation, we decide whether we fit”, because this is of crucial importance for further coaching. It is my personal wish that you feel and go with a happy and good feeling in our coaching. Then, we achieve your goals together and thus put the positive and decisive aspects for your future. In the short term or over a longer period of time. Then looks our approach: develop focus your goal step by step accompanied by yourself at your destination make sure you clarifying your objective of taking stock of the current situation of possible options and talk to our experts. How well you feel already after the first discussion we are looking forward to you.

Call Center-bashing Abounds And Unsettled Employees

almato refers to increasing quality of telephone customer service Tubingen, April 26, 2011 increasingly massive aggression towards staff in customer service and part scathing critiques of telephone hotlines in the press make the contact center industry – and especially the staff of the telephone customer service – to create. In addition to the criticism justified over great distances, the almato GmbH sees but also a strong trend to the call center-bashing and a disproportionately harsh assessment of contact centers and their employees by the public. The company from Tubingen missed a fair assessment of the services provided in many places and points out that succeeded the most companies in recent years, to improve telephone customer service. No question, there is to improve much. No callers should be put off too long in a holding pattern, and of course each request should be clarified ideally immediately in the conversation with a professional”, says Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH in Tubingen. Nevertheless, I advocate to the Church in the village and go back for the hysteria that has come up in some places.

More, hardly a day goes by without some extremely critical headline, in which individual companies or the whole industry be crushed. Here we register a growing demand in recent years clearly quality monitoring solutions. This shows us that the majority of the companies puts everything continuously measure the quality of telephone customer service and to improve.” Recently, an investigation of the Stiftung Warentest of call center industry issued a damning verdict. Test in the March issue of the magazine”ten hotlines were compared by telecommunications providers and evaluated. While no single company received the award”good. “” Four times awarded”the tester the note satisfactory, four adequately”and twice even poorly”. Especially sour paid waiting time as well as the partially met the testers lack of knowledge of call center agents on. Positively mentioned are only the friendliness of agents and the clarity of their statements.

Where do the increasingly critical attitude towards the employees in the customer service, shows a current investigation of the Department of Economics of the Darmstadt University of technology, which speaks of growing aggression of consumers to many employees with customer contact. The study points to an increasing number of verbal conflicts and insults, the staff must cope with those. The study of Darmstadt but also shows that about one-third of the companies due to the growing pressure more to take on training and employee interviews”, explains Thomas Geiling. This encourages us in the opinion that more and more companies recognize the signs of the times and try to access your employees with more expertise and better systems under the arms, on the one hand to improve the customer service, and to take the pressure from the agents. Black sheep and hotlines with There will probably always be poor service, but we are good things, that the upward trend will continue. We appeal therefore, that the good developments are taken once noted and rewarded.” About almato: Almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center is put in a position to achieve optimum results from every single customer contact. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse 5 72072 Tubingen eMail: phone: + 49 (7071) 79569-0