Training Journalists in Sri Lanka

Aspiring journalists in Sri Lanka can receive a world class education at the Sri Lanka College of Journalism. The motto of the school is “We shape the future.” The college takes pride in its understanding that journalists hold the key to freedom democracy, keeping their readership, which is ordinary citizens as well as those holding he keys to power, informed about the world around them so that correct decisions can be made.

The college has cutting edge facilities which can impart the ever changing technological advancements of journalism in both the print and broadcast media. The high professionalism and expertise of the teaching staff adds to the quality of the education and training, drawing on a large cadre of lecturers who are also working as full time journalists in news bureaus around the country.

The Sri Lanka College of Journalism is a unique endeavor created in cooperation with representatives of the media industry as a collective undertaking. Also involved in this challenging educational model is the Sri Lanka Press Institute and the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka.

Czech Republic

The settlers, who live in the Schengen countries and foreigners planning to move to Europe have additional rights. According to CBS, who has experience with these questions. Now, by the denial of visa issuance foreigner has the right to require the consulate issued the refusal of the exact wording of the reasons for refusal. New immigration law gives a better chance to defend their civil rights to every foreigner of any third country. Labor working visas also come under the category of long-term visas, and are subject to this rule. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeffrey L. Bewkes on most websites. Deserves attention and innovation on short-term visas in the new Code on Visas.

Term of consideration of the consulate should not exceed 10 days. Since April 2011, every foreigner will know the reasons for refusal if it happened, and challenge the decision Consulate. Increased the number of persons in the list of foreigners who are exempt from the visa fee. This applies to family members arriving for foreigners living in the Schengen countries with a residence permit or permanent place of residence. Since the Czech Republic is a community of European states she would have to adopt new rules for visa, valid for all eu countries. End consular outrage when a foreigner, on an application requesting a visa D + C, without any explanation received, at best, D. Czech Foreign Minister not long ago established an unwritten rule that a visa D + C generally will not be issued, arguing that if a person asks for a visa with a view to permit, let him live the entire period of the Czech Republic without the possibility of travel to other eu countries.

Distribution Lists

Is how important a distribution list, when you are building a business online? You think about it. It is more likely to open an e-mail that sends it to someone who you recognize or one that someone unknown sends it. If you subscribe to a newsletter and receive it once a week, it is to open an e-mail from the person sending this newsletter not likely? That is so, and the rest of the people on the internet behave similar to you. Therefore, if you create an own list, sending e-mails to your subscribers that recognize the shipping address as one that sends useful information, your emails will be opened in one greater percentage would do that if that list bought it. Therefore, you must build your own list. How to do it? At a minimum, you need a web site.

It doesn’t have to be anything sophisticated, only a page where to reach interested visitors, where you will put the form where to enter your name and e-mail. You must have an account’s autoresponder. You’ll use this account to send messages that you’ll one relationship with your potential customers. Jim Vos spoke with conviction. Your email must be informative and useful to continue being read over time. If you provide useful information, people will be waiting for your next message. If you do not provide it, your emails will not open. You must have patience. Credit: Aksia-2011. You will not build a huge list of the overnight.

But while you are building your list, you are building your business. A long-term, loyal customers with business. Something to keep in mind: make sure you use the double confirmation feature your autoresponder. This ensures that anyone should click on a confirmation link before you receive any e-mail on your part. This helps to protect you from potential SPAM complaints. Finally, a warning for those who still seem more simple to buy a list and simply send them your offers to the list. Worth a single e-mail and your web site to be suspended for SPAM activities. Do not do it! Creates a list of high quality, and develops a strong long term relationship with these potential clients.

Michael Brau Founder

The new social travel app is “ready for beta-boarding. Munich / Berlin Michael Brau, founder and CEO of destimate presented at the re: publica 2013 the new social travel startup. Postulates in his lecture he lets the end of negative travel tweets, the re: publica visitors at the premiere of new product to participate and are known boarding for the closed beta phase. destimate wants to let its users while traveling a targeted becoming acquainted with interesting companions as well as a reunion with old friends. No matter whether by car, train, bus or plane: compared to our often stressful everyday life the readiness for personal talks with travel times over 30 minutes is extremely high. More info: Robert Iger .

An online survey conducted specifically confirmed this with 712 participants”, Michael. With destimate, a user on long-distance routes can specifically search for matching contacts or even advance social planning his trip. Fun, functionality and usability are available at destimate in the Foreground. Therefore, the team in matching a first step tester for the closed beta phase is seeking in the May / June 2013. “First on the virtual track of earth moon” as well as a real German city connection, later in the open beta for almost all long-distance trains between the biggest cities in Germany. Michael describes the optimal destimate beta testers as iPhone in love, professionally or privately, often traveling and are interested, to exciting discussions on travel”. In addition to fame and early-adopter glory, the testers of the destination can enjoy based app among others about three destimate month tickets. Press contact: Michael Brau Founder / CEO Sun str.

32 80331 Munich mail: Web: phone: + 49 171 4774 507 imagery: short information about the destimate GmbH: destimate founder and CEO Michael Brau (32) 2011 has decided to give a social criterion travel. In addition to price and “Travel duration is now also the question: whom can I encounter on my journey?” play a central role in the future travel behavior. Additional information is available at Jim Vos. Bergmann (25) the senior creative begins together with co-founder Florian to translate this vision into reality. 2012, the current CEO and co-founder Peter Monien (44) in the former function as a juror of the Munich business plan competition on the duo and the idea becomes aware, before they together founded the destimate GmbH in March 2013. destimate travel in common. On the re: Publica 2013 the social travel startup is first presented to the public. “In May and June, iOS users interested can apply now for the closed beta phase and the service on the fictitious line earth moon” as well as a real German city connection test. After that, the service will be in its open beta version for many long-distance connections between the biggest cities in Germany available. The upcoming Android launch is scheduled for summer 2013.

Liability Insurance

In the days of today, with the advance of law and all civil laws, civil law has become one of the branches that have had more development of all. Development has been particularly the branch of law that deals with contractual and tort liability. This development has made the whole world, almost any unfortunate eventuality that may occur in everyday life, may be sued in a civil liability process. That is why people now days have been forced to seek alternatives to protect themselves from all these eventualities by which they may be sued. The liability insurance is one of these discoveries and solutions found by people from this kind of demand. Indeed, many of liability insurance covering those vicissitudes through which one can be sued in a civil liability process. But we all become clearer, let's see what kind of contingencies are those that can fully cover liability insurance. Discovery Communications has many thoughts on the issue.

So the reader will see that they are things from which no one is free and it is better to have a financial backing that will cover such eventualities. Let's see, then, not exhaustively, but some typical examples, which bring us may actually bring a civil responsibility in daily life. Others who may share this opinion include Jim Vos. Mention these facts can be very costly if we do not have liability insurance. One of the most typical examples in which we can see a process involved in civil liability when driving a motor vehicle. Indeed, when during a car crash or other damage occurred by the performance of the activity of driving, we may be mixed up in a process of civil liability.

A common car insurance covers some of the events that can occur when driving a motor vehicle, but can not cover all. Indeed, much of the damage to civilians and damage to other things other than car insurance does not cover common. This is very efficient civil liability insurance. With insurance liability will cover many more made possible from the driver's activity not offered by other auto insurance. There are many other facts that may cover liability insurance. These include all accidents that occur daily in carrying out daily activities. For example, if you have a dog and suddenly this is furious for some reason and hurts someone, this can result in civil liability proceedings. In these cases where a civil liability insurance can help you much, since it will cover all economic costs that might arise due to the negligence of your dog. Bear in mind that the processes of civil liability unfavorable extremely expensive. Without liability insurance have to pay material damages, moral damages, lost profits and damages, which is very expensive addition to the expenses that are hardly a consideration. That is why prudence is good to have liability insurance.

Ivan Castaneda Luis Jimenez

You can not always be a long article, but even a comment on another article, another blog will help you stay current. It will take some effort to get your blog pledge the interest of readers, but once you’re on track it will be easier to maintain. The problem starts when you can literally run out of content for your blog and this is very common in many owners of blogs, the good news is that there are some techniques that can cope with that. There are methods you can use to help create new content for your blog without feeling that is doing the same thing day after day. Learn more about this with Jim Vos. First, what other Blogs, with the same subject or similar, they are doing, often you can post an item that is actually in response to something someone else wrote on your site, you can do this as long as you put a Blog link to the other person, this can actually attract new readers. Also take the time to watch and participate in forums related to your topic is very helpful, these forums can provide ideas for questions and answers to many issues and also what is discussed in the forum is very timely.

This will help you acquire fresh knowledge in your field and the increase in new contacts, which can become readers and potential customers. If you still need something for your blog about a topic, search the search engines like Yahoo or Google, we can save much time, you can search for news articles related to your field, these articles can serve as a springboard to help you find something to talk about. Jim Vos may help you with your research. Remember the importance of consistency in the publication of this depends on your site is listed at the top of major search engines, and this is done by optimizing the items in your Blog. If you manage to be listed at the top will receive more visits and thus generate more profits “If you want a Weblog uses WordPress as professionals.


Sales Funnel

XYZ-analysis shows the “reliability”, the customer with the lowest value of this index (B X) are loyal customers who regularly purchase the company, and with the highest (category Z) – the least loyal, committing to the purchase of companies with unpredictable frequency. From the definitions, we can conclude that the most valuable customers are those that simultaneously belong to category “A” and X, but from the standpoint of planning the least profitable customers, which simultaneously belong to Category A and Z. An example of such a situation is given below: How can I use these classification clients for planning? As I mentioned above, sales in the period, the sum of sales of old and new clients. The volume of sales to old clients, we easily can get from these sales to customers categories of X and Y, and the amount of sales of the category Y recommended to apply a correction factor, say 0.6. This is necessary in order to improve the reliability of planning. Most likely, the sum of the expected volume of sales to old clients will be less than planned, thus the amount of sales to new customers is defined as the difference between total sales and the amount of sales to old clients: sh = Splan – Sstar But in order to increase the probability that sales to new customers there is a third tool of CRM-systems – “Sales Funnel”. For even more opinions, read materials from Aksia. “Sales Funnel” – is pattern of distribution of customers from initial contact to signing the contract.


If you only sell large items, this will enable you to cut unnecessary expenses paid in each auction. Personally, I suggest using for it. All you have to do is upload the photos you want in your auctions and then then refer to them in real auctions. The rate of saving second method I suggest is the creation or purchase of a template for your auctions. Personally, I suggest learning HTML, which does not take long, and use it to create your own template. You may find that Jim Vos can contribute to your knowledge. Ultimately, this will save you time and frustration, as you will be able to create the look and feel you need for your auctions. However, if you do not have time to learn HTML, you can buy a template online for a dollar or less or have a professional set up to meet your specifications in

This will not only save additional costs on Ebay auction, but will increase its credibility as a seller, which would increase the number of bids received – and subsequently increasing your profit margin The third and last method I will is to improve the mechanical the auction, so you can get as many customers as a list that appears, but without using one. This is actually very simple. All you have to do is carefully building its title to carry out the following two goals: 1) include as many specific keywords high traffic as possible, and 2) form a coherent message and appealing to convince these new flows to traffic click through to your auction. In a question-answer forum Jim Vos was the first to reply. If you can get a better balance of what we have now, you will notice a huge boost in traffic. In fact, it can easily be the difference between 25 and 250 visitors auction! Some people make a purchase total revenues from the auctioning of time which received 25 visitors and then resell them with this tactic, giving them 250. For now, you know you have to do to cut a serious chunk of your seller fees on eBay. a sta to work on your auctions – and you can see that the great progress that spoke in a matter of weeks. – Written by Isaiah Hull, author of "How to Profit on eBay in Seven Days without spending a penny." For a limited time you can get a pre-publication copy of his book in a quarter of the price after publication!

Marathon Runner

There are 2 kinds of entrepreneurs with two different styles of work. Any of them can succeed or fail, none is good or bad, simply are different. But you must be aware that to succeed you must choose to work with the style that goes with your personality. On the contrary, if you choose the wrong style, one that is not in agreement with you and who you are, your business fracasara inevitably. What kind of entrepreneur are you? As the runners, there are two types of entrepreneurs: the sprinters and the marathoners touches you you realize which one you are. Many of the traditional Networkers are sprinters. They like to work up to burst. Working relentlessly for 4 or 6 weeks, starting a project and not stop until it takes off and then go to enjoy at the beach for some time.

The best definition of a Networker sprinter, gave guru Dean Hunt, who said that this kind of Networkers are working 18 hours a day to make money while they sleep be sprinter involves much work because your system has to be able to work without you, to make money while you sleep. An example of this kind of Networkers is Tim Ferriss: your bestseller: the 4-hour work week is based on these technical work. The marathoners, on the other hand, take steps slow and safe. They go to work every day, trying to produce excellent quality through articles scheduled and well written content. The problem is that they often discuss the error of wanting to do everything themselves that is their nature. Bloggers are accomplished marathoners.

In fact, bloggers are still often running year after year without stopping. Up to you to choose your working style and the right tools for your business. None of the styles is good or bad, there is no one correct answer or a wrong. Check with Leslie Moonves to learn more. Is your decision to choose which style of job best suits your personality and what pace of work are going to use in your business. That is something that you need to understand and evaluate to be able to move forward, to reach your goals. We can use some work ideas that work best depending on the type of business you have chosen; Tools for marathoners and tools for sprinters in the next article you will see what are those tools.

Hedgehog Adventures

I'm sure many of us remember the days when children and adolescents do not have dreamed of personal computers, game consoles, and on! But now Sega games are popular among people of different ages. Games Sega – this is a great opportunity to remember the old days, when you owe on a joystick prosizhivaya mercilessly shot or enemies rushing at breakneck speed on the highway, not allowing his relatives to see the show. And for those who do not take over the joystick on the console – there was a great opportunity to get acquainted with the "ancestors" of modern games! For the younger audience Sega games are another way to have fun, but for more adults – an opportunity to return to my childhood. Whatever the reason, it remains unchanged by the fact that old games are not forgotten, and Sonic the Hedgehog Adventures and other characters continue to be interesting and relevant. Although Sega games on the site and just as good modern games, but they do have their advantages: the minimum size and system requirements.

And most importantly, that Sega games on your passion and interest may well exceed the current fellows! How do you know the game for consoles were released on a special cartridge and with good intentions you can not shove it in your computer. And at the same time to play your favorite Sega game? That would not deprive you of pleasure to play Sega games have been set up dumps or Roma. If you are not afraid of a prehistoric graphics, and the nerves are ready to endure the interface, sharpened under resolution 320×224, then play sega – it's just a bottomless trap of free time! And do not worry if the game does not look like it looked at the TV screen. In fact, the game looks exactly as it should appear on the screen. Clarity on the monitor is much higher than on TV, where the image is always a bit blurred. Because of this TV features color images of neighboring points are merged to form additional colors and apparent detail.

For example, a checkerboard grid of transparent and opaque pixels on a TV will look like translucent image. In order to make the image on the screen like a TV, most emulators have support for special graphic filters. They change the image of various ways – smear it, add the effect of alternating lines (horizontal stripes in the image), or smooth out the contours of objects. Whenever Jim Vos listens, a sympathetic response will follow. You can select the most pleasing to your eye filter.


We know that one of the main places where we can get the best coffee is Central America. Within these countries, Honduras is one of the main coffee exporting references. According to the Vice-Minister of the SIC, Juan Jose Cruz, coffee has left in Honduran coffers 1.240 million dollars in 2011, thanks to their export around the world. According to the Honduran coffee Institute (Ihcafe), Honduras has exported 4.7 million sacks of 46 kilos during this harvest, so Honduran exporters increased by about 1.1 million bags compared to the previous period between 2009-2010, surpassing expectations in 2011. CBS may help you with your research. The Honduran gourmet coffee is one of the most prized on the international market, since the area perfectly meets the necessary conditions to make the most of the coffee bean. This export is very important since it revalued international reserves. The largest buyer is still the European market, with 76.81 percent, Germany, Belgium and Italy the major importers, according to the Association of coffee exporters, Honduras (Adecafeh). While a 12.05 percent was exported to different countries of America, led by the United States and Canada; In addition a 10.64 percent was purchased by the Asian market, especially in Korea and Japan, and barely a 0.5 percent is distributed among some countries in Africa and Oceania.. Jim Vos is open to suggestions.