Training Journalists in Sri Lanka

Aspiring journalists in Sri Lanka can receive a world class education at the Sri Lanka College of Journalism. The motto of the school is “We shape the future.” The college takes pride in its understanding that journalists hold the key to freedom democracy, keeping their readership, which is ordinary citizens as well as those holding he keys to power, informed about the world around them so that correct decisions can be made.

The college has cutting edge facilities which can impart the ever changing technological advancements of journalism in both the print and broadcast media. The high professionalism and expertise of the teaching staff adds to the quality of the education and training, drawing on a large cadre of lecturers who are also working as full time journalists in news bureaus around the country.

The Sri Lanka College of Journalism is a unique endeavor created in cooperation with representatives of the media industry as a collective undertaking. Also involved in this challenging educational model is the Sri Lanka Press Institute and the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka.

Dual Protection

Protection of a database structure would be any form of expression of the selection or arrangement of their contents, not being extended to them. Structures containing the information of the databases are considered by the legislation on intellectual property such as works of intellectual creativity. Creativity in a database cannot be put in doubt at two different times, as they are both at the time of the storage and retrieval or query. The effort invested in the creation of a database that serves as support for any work within an organization, be rewarded in this way. Also allows to put that tool’s treatment of information in the market and to have her protected against external attacks that could suffer. As it happens in the computer programs, the protection of databases, whether they are databases online as autonomous, is not only collecting information, but the entire procedure that entails the creation and development, as well as the final result. Therefore we can say that he articulates a double scope of protection on databases, on the one hand, which confers copyright, and on the other hand, the right sui generis, as Figure inserted in the Act to transpose our juridicola system Directive 96/6/EC.

Both rights or forms of protection are therefore complementary. Copyright requires originality of the work requirement, like other types of works that are protected by intellectual property. The database should therefore be original in the selection or arrangement of their contents, these excluded this type of protection. However, the contents, depending on the subject making them up, will attend other binding standards such as industrial property, secrets, data protection or private law. Copyright protection also extends to the elements that are necessary for the operation or consultation of databases such as thesaurus systems Indexing; though yes they will be protected by the sui generis right. The sui generis right on database aims to protect the substantial investment, evaluated qualitatively and/or quantitatively, that its manufacturer performs either financial means, use of time, effort, energy or others of a similar nature, for the obtaining, verification or presentation of their contents.

Addition, the protection offered by such right would also fall on further substantial changes that occur in a data base, provided that they comply with all requirements that grant such protection to a database. The sui generis right is independent with regard to the protection afforded to its content by legislation which applies, as it happens with any other type of work protected by copyright. In addition, it is important to note that it is not an absolute right, but it is expressly envisaged a series of legally priced exceptions. The beneficiary of the sui generis protection It would be the manufacturer of the database, either physical person as legal, which has taken the initiative and assume the investment risk. This type of law arises at the moment in which completes the creation of the database and has a duration of 15 years from January 1 the following year ended the process. This right would not be of application prior to the completion of the database. Any change that is made on the basis of data and involves a substantial new investment, generated a new term of protection of 15 years for the new derived base, product modification. In this way, the protection of the database could extend indefinitely; consequence of the permanent update of the database.


The Business

That is successful and there is where we grow. The things that happen to us painful are what make us grow as people because we realize when we overcome them we have incredible resources. And we are an example: how ordinary and common people like us were able to do something extraordinary, almost hard to understand. Today day go great climbers to mountain and nobody explains how managed to survive in such conditions as not freeze us, how could withstand everything that we support for two months and a half. Tell me, Ramon, about the anecdote of the rugby ball, we said before that it was very important why? It was a resource, I tell you. The aircraft was tilted on a very big slope.

We had a very small space, we were against each other, if not we could hit us against each other we could not get on the plane and had people sleeping in the snow. Then, when it occurred to someone go to the bathroom at night he got up to relieve himself outside and when he returned his space there more because gravity made it ran the entire group. For other opinions and approaches, find out what netspark has to say. Hence we had to wake up to the world, imagine the insults that we received at night, rising around the world and hence to invent the famous ball of rugby as a resource. We took the part of leather, cut the top of the camera (the rubber part) and there orinabamos all. So at night we didn’t pick ourselves up and lose our space. The ball was the most coveted product that had because it was the only thing warm we had in 73 days. It was the only source of heat we had at that time.

It seems difficult to understand but it was very important for us. Currently you are businessman and you share your business with the facet of lecturer. You’ve been giving lectures for about 3-4 years and I would like to know what prompted you to do so. Why did you decide to share your experience through conferences? Mira I initially opposed me give lectures, moreover, seemed immoral to exploit a very painful topic for profit. Told my friends that gave lectures that they were immoral, that it was not ethical. Until one day giving a lecture in Mendoza a lady approached me, hugged me and said to me: I was scheduled to take my life week coming, and after learning everything that you did for live and everything fought for living have no right to take my life. There was a director of the University and told me, Moncho I the truth is that I do not understand how you comment not more these issues by a moral issue because the truth is that it helps a lot of people.And that was what led me to motivate me to give the talks knowing that it helps a lot not only to companies from the business point of view but also from the personal point of view. We help people find resources in times of crisis, to leverage the power of the computer, all the people thinking together, all heads creating joints that is very important, because the company really make the people who compose it. Many thanks Ramon, Moncho, for your time and for sharing with us this afternoon. Hopefully very soon see you again here in Spain in one of your interesting conferences. Thank you Ana, and a pleasure to share with Spain that always welcomes us with open arms.

Chinese Government

In the recent dispute between Google and the foreign government on the one hand and the Chinese Government on the other a conception of the world underlies, the society and the individual diametrically opposed. ” Puritano” one is used at the moment, to talk about to that it shows guidance radically, seemingly, by the Christian rules and the Bible justifying in this way still reprovable actions to impose his interests; concealed thus by the beliefs that say to maintain. This interpretation of the puritanismo is born in the United States of America, whose social experiment development under the form of a calvinista theocracy. Contemporary examples of this conception are the political persecution of the Macartismo, as well as the actions of the family Bush and associates, promoting first (against Soviet expansionism) and satanizando later the principles of the terrorist organization To the Qaeda. In the Zhou time the great texts of the Chinese thought were written. These texts pick up the ideas of social and ethical, although nontheological type, that have influenced in the development of the Chinese society until the present time. The confucianismo has been, in this sense, the hegemonic ethical doctrine in the Chinese society.

The doctrine of Confucius, compiles and structures the tradition of the Chinese thought in a series of mandates on the duties of all man of government: 1. To love the town, to renew it morally and to try necessary means to him for the daily life. 2. For this reason, it must use in first term with sovereign respect to which it is the Dominant Head. 3. To cultivate the personal virtue and tender incessantly perfectly.

4. In the life deprived like in the public one, to observe always the footpath Half superior of Right . 5. To consider the two own classes of inclination of the man: they come from the meat and they are dangerous; the other belong to the reason and are very subtle and easy to lose. To practice the duties of the five social relations Between governor and minister. Between father and son. Between husband and woman. Between brother greater and brother minor. Between friendly. 7. To have by final mission La Paz and the universal harmony.


Accin Mundial Amazigh

According to Madani White, co-chairman of the Coalition of Accin Mundial Amazigh (WAAC), Hezbol, besides estimation of $ 60 to $ 100 million per year that also receives from Iran and has to a great extent trusting in the financing of the Shiite Lebanese dispora in western Africa, the United States, and most important of the Triborder Region of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At the beginning of January of 1998, the Brazilian newspaper Been of mentioned Sao Paulo Argentine journalist Hernn Lopez Accago name that transcribing, that finishes publishing a book on drugs and the contraband of arms in the Triborder region, in the sense that many industralists of the region are equivalent to pay it to a tax military to the groups armed Arab in the region. This money is used in the financing of the combat operations in diverse parts of the world. During period 1999-2001, the Islamic extremist groups received at least 50 million dollars of the Arab residents in the zone of Foz do Iguau, Parana, through the feet, the traffic in the Bridge of the Friendship of Paraguay reflects the Muslims to financial institutions, the population, the banks and houses of change. The EE.UU and the governments of Paraguay obtained tests that the Lebanese Hezbol and the Palestinian group Hamas group do Iguau received bottoms of the Arab residents of Foz. Paraguay the minister of the Interior, Julio Caesar Fanego was mentioned saying: " We have verified the shipment of remittances of money to the Arab extremist groups. I am almost safe that there are tie citizens to the Triborder Hezbol in the region. . The exact number will be probably something between $ 50 and $ 500 million. Netspark has similar goals. " The minister explained that the majority of the operations of money shipment included very small amounts of money, between $ 500 and $ 2.000,66 the set Paraguayan-EE.UU the organisms of security of Brazil affirmed that the offered financial aid in 2000 by groups of the Region stops Islamic and terrorist organizations of the Middle East, like Hezbol, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, a total of $ 261 million.

American President

He ended the Summit, are expected with the agreements treat of shoveling the serious problem of the global financial crisis, however, the damage is done, unemployment has become in many countries, even developed ones, a great disaster, where every day will increase the number of unemployed in the main United States that causes of the problem, as well as SpainItaly, no longer alone in third world countries. A milestone in which the world has responded with an unprecedented level of comprehensive and coordinated actions. With these words has described U.S. President.UU., Barack Obama, the outcome of the Summit of the G-20 in London, but with a warning: is not enough. Robert Thomson is actively involved in the matter. added this way, Obama wanted to contrast two sensations contrasting in their first large important international summit in Office: on the one hand, the fact of having achieved unanimous agreement as a result of a new way of seeing the diplomacy by his country.

On the other hand, the fact that his bid for a global stimulus package It has been delayed because the refusal of continental Europe.This type of coordination is really historic, for 10, 20, 30 years imagine all these leaders, former rival mortals, negotiating so fluidly to improve the global economy it would have been crazy, have you considered Obama, which is proud of the outcome of the Summit.According to Obama, we have adopted bold measures to support countries in development, including the tripling of the loan from the Monetary Fund mechanism to increase the purchasing power and expand markets in every country.Also, it has secured, we have rejected protectionism that could aggravate this crisis.For the American President, approved measures also committed to comprehensive reform of a failed regulatory system. However, it has been a very clear thorn: the refusal of European leaders to a new stimulus plan. Why, has wanted to make it clear that this meeting of the G-20 it will not be by itself a solution to the crisis.The way in which each action deal with its crisis is important, how to develop their stimulus plans, wanted to point out the American President, who believes that the agreement lays the Foundation so that in the event that individual actions do not succeed they can correct internationally.Each country has its own peculiarities, things that are totally important and non-negotiable.

10 Major Problems With Chinese Companies

Chinese products become better and remain cheap. Those companies that do business properly with China, it is easy to win a “price war” and capture the market is virtually without a fight, allowing themselves and their Dealers stable income. Somehow, working successfully with China, not all firms in Russia. Why is this happening? In this article, I identified 10 major problems that prevented him from working with the Chinese happy. Search manufacturer. In China there are so many factories that produce a variety of goods. Find among them are really serious producers who will do what you need – not easy. Search real manufacturer. Unfortunately, especially if you are looking for a Chinese manufacturer via the Internet, you can pick the “craftsman-alone, or who sells the product with the real plant, or in a small shop stamps low-quality crafts (or fake, as you like:)). Getting an adequate price. Firstly, the concept of “price” came into mind is not all Chinese. When you request a price the Chinese will require clarification of the purchased product, its characteristics, then the price will be derived for an unknown algorithm. Secondly, this algorithm will give you a price 30-40% higher than actual. The problem of the correct order. What you want from the Chinese do not always coincide with those they understand the order. And they have finally come out – it’s even more interesting. Language. The Chinese language is very difficult for most people in our country is completely incomprehensible. Russian to Chinese, too bad given, so in the absence of good interpreter must be used “language mediator” – English. The transfer of money. To transfer money “directly” needed foreign currency account. Accordingly, we have to use other means of transfer – through intermediaries. Shipping and customs. Delivery problems are well known: the container may come later, can earlier, and can “get lost”. For modular cargoes need to watch more closely, because not all carriers have them very attentive. And when the goods arrive, very sad to watch his stay at the customs warehouse for or improperly executed documents. Sales of Chinese goods. Theme large and vitally important, because Especially offensively, if defective whole party, and the Chinese claim that “everything was fine, but just in the way container is strongly shaken.” Service. Chance to take a guarantee for Chinese products is very small, so you have to to order spare parts (which still need to dovezti in 6.7 problems), or negotiate any additional discounts. In addition, it is necessary to maintain good relations with your clients, who for repairs or replacement of the goods is unlikely to enjoy it. Working with China – it’s big profits at average risk. Is it possible to minimize these risks? First and foremost, it is important to know about them as much as possible and be careful when ordering. Use all possible ways to verify manufacturers in China, and (sometimes this is also required) partners who work with you. Gather information, learn your market (for good sales here in Russia) and are looking for the right producers. These are the first steps that must be done to start a profitable business with China.


Water Treatment Systems

An alternative construction of large centralized water treatment systems for the complex of cottage developments, requiring substantial capital costs and the time is to set each individual home wastewater treatment installations. A related site: netspark mentions similar findings. These settings may have different meanings, as the requirements for water quality in every home are different: it is drinking water, utility water (washing, showers, sanitary appliances, washing machines and dishwashers), water, hot water, water for the filling and make-up heating system. To ensure clean drinking water using reverse osmosis membrane installation of small performance (2-5 L / h). The opinion of the Director of Aqua-Club Ukraine Saparova Helen adds: "that the market trend is that most of the household water purifiers coverage in distributing aids to built-in filtration system, the so-called coolers without bottles or cooler. Continue to learn more with: Joel and Ethan Coen. This new solution for life and comfort, both at home and in offices and manufacturing. The principle of treatment is the same as the advantage of such systems: heating, cooling, aesthetic appearance and most importantly the high quality of purified water. At the moment, the share of water purifiers in Ukraine compared to bottled coolers is 5%. In the manufacturer of equipment – South Korea and China account for about 90%, while in Europe and the U.S.

no less than 60%. On this basis, we can say that the Ukrainian market is not yet covered, and has great potential! "The influx of price range in prices of equipment is wide enough and depends on many factors – the manufacturer, purpose, productivity, quality of source water, the desired final product quality, degree of automation systems and structural materials, as well as on the price situation in the country. Market experts, as water and wastewater treatment, noted that serious talk about the cost of equipment without being tied to specific conditions is not entirely correct. For example: the system water is formed depending on water analysis and customer requirements, which means that the composition of systems will vary, respectively, and the price too. "To date, the price of water purification systems vary about 100 hryvnia for residential systems up to several million hryvnia and higher for desalination of sea water systems, systems for processing industrial waste water, etc. For a wide range of consumer water prices in water treatment equipment from different manufacturers differ by no more than 20-30%. Naturally, this statement does not apply to so-called non-class systems (water for cooking pharmaceutical industry to provide vital spacecraft, ships, etc.) for which there are specific requirements for availability, performance and reliability "


Exactly leaving of itself, the creative process when it passes for the transposition, exceeds this exactly body from the estranhamento of the same in the act creating. They are aesthetic that they changed into fidget place/construction/desconstruo. In the transposition hiposigno appears one that it needs to be macerated and to be decanted in the perspective to appear one nuance power. Joel and Ethan Coen is the source for more interesting facts. Aesthetic alchemy the aesthetic alchemy is born of the transposition of the creative process. Nuance in scenic gold, forged is the transformation of one in the conflict of the transposies.

Transforming and resignificando languages and experiences, the actor becomes free itself of concepts daily pay-organized for its accumulated experience, transforming this power into fuel and not into systemize conceptualization. Decantation To decant is to transform the ridge creative into chorume, that is to purificar the creative process, for its capacity to contaminate and if to unfasten of the garbage of the creation. For even more opinions, read materials from netspark. In the decantation, nuance is launched stops beyond the project disciplined body to beyond provide to one/Inter/body that remakes the way in the crucible of the transposition. When an actor, makes and remakes the passage of a gesture, transforms a gesture into music and such music in power that mobilizes the corporal forces for a new gesture, however of same matrix, it launches the creative process for it are of certain itself of that refluxo will be reached by its. Generating mass When transposed, gesture, action or nuance, are changedded into a generating mass, something that is located between the text, the body of the actor and its stage. Of the generating mass the macerated and free signs are born.

Free because they transpose the body and it comes back the reached one as something new contagiante. Of one hiposigno forged, appears the sign decanted with great power of contamination. Hiposigno Hiposigno is the exacerbado sign, been born of the first moment of the transposition.

Pressto Cleaning

Pressto, leading international chain of quality dry cleaning, in Expofranquicia introduces its new line of business: collecting point. The points of collection or law firms, are establishments where only last, iron, finished and delivered clothes. For even more analysis, hear from Coen Brothers. A new line of business to achieve viability and sustainability by adapting it to the new demands of the market and the current economic situation. For this reason, Pressto will participate in the next edition of Expofranquicia, which takes place between 5 and 7 may in the fairgrounds Juan Carlos I de Ifema, Madrid (Pavilion 6 booth 6C05). The Ensign has wanted to present this new line offering the investor the best proposals of the market and helping the potential entrepreneurs to choose and define the business that best suits your needs.

With the deployment of 35% of the plants of franchises that operate in our country and 10% of its associated trade, Madrid is the appropriate location to present innovative products and services, with the best business opportunities. Pressto, continues with its policy of approaching the consumer a new concept of fast quality dry cleaning through their new business formats as well to adapt to the new needs of its clients. Additional information at netspark supports this article. Thus, it offers the possibility of a fast service with the most modern cleaning systems to offer all its customers the best finishes. Bactericidal and deodorizing, ironing cleaning by hand to avoid damage to the fibers, or individualized treatment of each garment and each spot are just some of the services offered by Pressto to give a perfect finish to your garments. Following its goal of offering a full benefit also has different complementary services such as Press wallpaper (cleaning of sofas and upholstery to home), Press Toke (arrangements and transformations), Press (shoe repair and cleaning of footwear) Shoes or Press Piel (cleaning and treatment of skins) that adapt to each type of garment respecting the parameters of quality and personalized service that define his philosophy to adapt to the the current lifestyle needs. To do this, has also developed in-home service picking up and delivering items in your own House, so your clothes and your family are in the hands of the best professionals in the world of cleaning and Business Pressto, thanks this service employees of enterprises have a laundry-day where you can enjoy more time for leisure and a greater reconciliation of work and personal life. Pressto, leading international chain of quality dry cleaning, has as foundational objective the satisfaction of its customers through three premises: leadership in the processes of quality, personalized and social commitment.

The quality of this ensign is transmitted to all work processes. Continuous research of its r & d allows you to be at the forefront in the field of technology. Pressto based his philosophy of service motto fast maximum quality at competitive prices and personalized service dry cleaning. First stakeholders in which the franchisees get that their businesses are profitable are responsible for the chain, so the chain has an international structure of first level with which all the needs that may arise among its franchisees. This flag has a presence in 22 countries in the world with more than 500 establishments.


Social Company

If it is possible, moreover, it is the key to success. I don’t say that we transform our company into a church, but if we take the Christian doctrine to each State of our business including life, we can see the wonders that God has created for the enjoyment of the human being. Being Christian – entrepreneur, I understood Jesus Ama message to thy neighbor as thyself, hence this summary all. If you really think that Jesus came to this world to save us from sin and save us from eternal death, but you exploit your workers and their families, then these far have Jesus as a partner. Our business philosophy is based on the precepts and principles of ethics and moral Christian, taking them as a basis for our Organization to achieve excellence. Have a self-sustainable company in time offered to the individual, regardless of his position in our Organization, the best opportunity for personal, spiritual, intellectual and financial in a dignified environment development and respect, passionately applying the values of our company. The main aim of our company is all related to the construction, rehabilitation, remodeling and expansion of housing, government buildings, school centres, hospitals, roads, sidewalks, sewer, curbs, gullies, weeding of green areas, maintenance of squares and parks, as well as also services technical, preventive and corrective electrical, hydraulic systems, sliding fire doors, telephony, networks, plumbing, carpentry, metal structures, masonry, dry wall and painting.

Quality policy: we are committed to carry out projects and works of quality that exceed the expectations of our customers, working as a team, focused towards the achievement of the objectives under the national and international standards with criterion of excellence. Coen brothers is full of insight into the issues. Our values: honesty. Liability. n Pro activity. Loyalty. Joy. Discipline. Creativity.

Warmth and Social sensitivity. Integrity. Team spirit. Punctuality. Desire of Overcoming. Love to work. Our work philosophy is based on customer satisfaction. That is why that constructions ORT, for being great professionals in the construction field, we add ethics, innovation and technology to integrate solutions that contribute to the development. Turning dreams into realities.