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Unfortunately, the new generation of political scientists sufficiently negligently operates and those and others, which never allow myself the same classical school of political economy Nikolai Alexandrovich Tsagolov Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. For more information see this site: David Zaslav. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. I understand that the current team of advisers to the President of Russia is absolutely 'on the drum, violet and perpendicular to the "relatively clear former graduate of the University regarding their understanding of the profound essence of the same definitions used by them, mentions the names of which they are not unheard of. None Still, even the "grandees" of the Russian ideology should correctly handle the basic concepts, because, not knowing the foundations of the same classical political economy theory, it is easy to fall into the trap himself, and at the same time substitute his immediate boss – the President of Russia. And this is dangerous. One thing is when officials say stupidities rank Gryzlov, and quite another when their president says is still a great power.

Here is a concrete example of such blunders and "blunders", as one of the heroes of Ilf and Petrov, because those who write speeches to the President, not only confused about the categories, but also try to combine incompatible originally defined. Thus, Modernization – large-scale process of transition from traditional to modern society or a permanent process, effected by means of reform and innovation, which today means a transition to a postindustrial society. Determine where we are: in Russia there is a presence of at least two mutually exclusive processes – a regressive process of decomposition of the industrial society until the appearance in it of elements of feudalism and even slavery, and simultaneous attempts to transition into the information society.

The State

And now to the opening hours of nurseries. So, for God’s sake not a matter, to organize children, away from the labour market but it comes to integrate them. It’s good any child in the world when it is brought early at 7: 00 at a daycare and picked up in the evening at 19: 00. This is not well. Parents want to spend time with their children and children need time with their parents. And not the policy or the opening hours of nurseries in local authorities are responsible for this problem, but the economy is responsible for this problem. But this has failed it miserably. There are today far more family-oriented companies than in the past, at the time of my duties there were not even 2%.

But it is still not long enough. Today, there may be as to the 15% of companies that consider family-friendly measures necessary and also period in sufficiently to provide its staff and employees. Click Joel and Ethan Coen to learn more. That needs to be better. Discovery Communications has firm opinions on the matter. This means, 85% of the companies do nothing as some try to escape even the legal regulations, such as parental leave or part-time law. So, the is not the problem of the policy, but that is not the problem of the economy. Helps State superstructure not in the companies to rethink? Renate Schmidt: No.

That has to come from the companies. The State has no superstructure of create. There is entitlement to part-time work, the right to parental leave, so in principle everything you can imagine on legal measures. There are even promoting companies that set up their own creches. It is all there. But the companies don’t implement it and believe that social benefits would be about rather than to realize that there are also business needs. I’ll say again: here, the economy has so far miserably failed. Go back to the quote.