Federal General Assembly

The free UNION federal party last weekend invited their members to the meeting successful elections of the Federal Board to Tubingen. In the environment of the famous medical research area the politically active to the election of the National Executive Committee met. The President of the previous federal, Helga Maria Hummel confirmed this in her Office, Oliver Koob was elected 1 Deputy Federal Chairman of the 2nd Deputy Federal Chairman is immediately occupied by Jennifer Schutsch. New Federal Secretary is federal Treasurer Andreas Huber, later Friedrich Muller. Rosemarie Haas became the Member and Hans-Uwe Tuschinsky was elected to the referee in the Federation. Andi Potamkin addresses the importance of the matter here. All election results were each with a clear majority, partially even unanimously. The past and future federal Chairwoman Helga M. Hummel expressed confident: the now thriving structure we are work with powerful success in the next Bundestag elections.

It is particularly gratifying that now the Executive Federal Executive Board completely can take up its work”. Whether also the start of a choice already eligible in 2014, a Federal Executive Board decision was reserved. “Much more important is currently, the wedding membership growth to continue we will assist with other events the free UNION tour”.