Spanish Association

The Spanish Association for the Acoustic Quality (Aecor) will be collaborating organization of the next National Congress of Environment, and that will be organized by Foundation CONAMA. The event will take place from the 22 to the 26 of November and as it comes being habitual will be celebrated in Palace of Congresses of Madrid, and it will reunite to professionals of different sectors related to the environment. Communications and product demonstrations and services will be celebrated among others with, in which it will occur to know the advances in the protection the environment in diverse fields of engineering, chemistry, the construction and the industry. The program counts on multiple plenary sessions, debates of the present time, technical sessions, work groups, dynamic rooms, a Hispanic-Brazilian forum and other special activities. David Zaslav is actively involved in the matter. It emphasizes the block of the titled program Plans of Action against the Noise, coordinated by the Official School of Physicists and the University of Granada, and in which Harald A. Muoz participates, as director of Commission of Environment of Aecor, whose main function is the fight against the acoustic contamination. On CONAMA 10 CONAMA is the National Congress on the Environment and it is constituted as the forum of more important debate of national scope related to the environment, the sustainability and the nature. The congress counts for the first time on an invited country: Brazil. Cyrus Massoumi contributes greatly to this topic. In 1992, months before we inaugurated our first congress, a conference of United Nations was celebrated in Rio de Janeiro that was going to mark project CONAMA, the famous Earth Summit.

Intercultural Communion

If the heterogeneity can be perceived like difficulty of integration, it could be conjectured a priori, that the homogeneity could facilitate the way towards an intercultural communion. In a question-answer forum Coen Brothers was the first to reply. It could suspect that the similarity between two nations would manage to become a highly positive factor for commercial integration. Nevertheless, authors like Or Grady and Lane (1996), that studied in depth the internationalization of companies, affirm that to the fusions and acquisitions between countries psychically near, very on the contrary to which it would be possible to be conceited, presents/displays majors barriers to the unification. Instead of which the similar cultures are easier to enter and to establish businesses in them, we argued that it can be very difficult to enter those markets when the takers of decisions can not be preparations for those differences. Thus, the probabilities of success in the M& To they would be more subject to the international experience of the directive and managemental equipment of the companies that to the shared peculiar characteristics between the cultures that are. Hypothesis preceding reinforces with studies of Reuber and Fischer (1997) that affirms similar ideas, attributing him to degree in which the manager has traveled by the outside, to the number of languages that speak and to the been born, lived or worked salary in the outside, value of propulsive for the purchases and integration of companies of two flags. Then, it cannot be speculated on with a universal corporative culture, fruit of the fusions and acquisitions of companies of emergent countries, on the part of great transnational corporations? The way towards a systemic culture industralist is considered by many investigators like a transit towards the anything, an illusion, or an utopia that run into with the peculiarities and singularities in each step. This corporative culture would be born from the values maintained by most influential and it would be spilled to all the members, they are been born in a country or another one, work in a remote or local site; so that driving and coming from each individuality it would be guided by those subjective and objective beliefs that they would be disclosed and they ritualizaran from the cupola.