Emotional Self

– To coexist by long time with people who count on personalities suspicious, uncertain, afraid or with people with noticeable paranoides characteristics and distrusted. When the jealousy become pathological is known like Jealousy. It is difficult to coexist with a jealous person who all along thinks and thinks they are going that it to betray, is going that it to leave and in addition that does not feel worthy of love and to maintain a healthy loving bond. As much the jealous one as the pair suffers. The jealousy are passional feelings that dim reason, the thought and the good understanding. Jane Richards Roth understands that this is vital information. No explanation is good or better for it, the common sense disappears. This situation must to that the jealous one interprets the facts but of a distorted way and looks for all the tracks and signals that confirm their distrust, sometimes, does not find any, and its frustration is so, that finishes doing violence to the pair to unload its frustration and its wrath. In this sense, one is plenty of rage, one of the most destructive feelings.

The unique way to be able to surpass the jealousy when they have become uncontrollable, is to undertake a way of psycotherapy or personal development to understand dynamics and the mechanics of the same in that personal situation and pair. John Brown has plenty of information regarding this issue. Some advice to surpass these damn jealousy: To detect the autodestructivos thoughts and to try to include/understand he unties that them. – To evaluate the facts and the interpretation. – Emotional Self-regulation or handling of emotional intelligence. – It avoids to all along control the life of your pair, his useless activities, calls that take to you more to the fear than really to know where it is your pair. – Ocpate more of you, than than your pair makes or stops do. – It stops harrasing, asking all along, controlling, asphyxiating and following your pair.


The aloe is a plant that supports the cold well, but not it humidity. For that reason it is important to cultivate it in a land with easy drainage, flowerpot or directly in the ground. If we planted in flowerpot this does not have to be too great, because the roots would proliferate to the detriment of the leaves, as reference we can take the length from the leaf of aloe divided between two to calculate the diameter of the flowerpot, that is to say, if the leaf measures 30 cm, tiesto must have 15 cm of diameter. It is important to choose a sand with a slightly acid pH, because the too alkaline grounds delay the growth of the aloe. If the plant is in the outside he is advisable that receives moderate wind so that its stem is fortified, although is necessary to avoid that their leaves get wet too much as a result of rain or the irrigation, if this happens is precise to dry them so that they do not rot.

If he is of interior the best thing it is than it receives intense but filtered light and that it is oriented to the south or the east. The prosperous aloe better when it does not undergo abrupt changes of temperature and this oscillate between 20 and 25 C. The best time to seed is spring, when the vital cycle of the plant is more active, if we chose to seed on ground the best thing is to make it in slightly inclined lands or small slopes, so that it can drain the excess of water that receives from rain or the irrigation. If we planted in flowerpot it is necessary to put at heart of tiesto two fingers of gravel to assure the good drainage. Seedtime must become from layers or clones, these are easily extracted of the plant mother, since the aloe owns deep roots little and is enough to extract the Earth layer with the help of a knife.

Global World

In spite of continuous " avances" , the human beings of the 21st century we are exhausted creatures. Our bodies and minds, that have been molded throughout million years of evolution, are put under extremely fast changes that as soon as we can assimilate. There examples of the vertiginous change go del that I speak: 1. Hear from experts in the field like Leslie Moonves for a more varied view. In the physical surroundings, we have invented more than 10 million new chemical agents; that they are added to the water that we drink, to the air that we breathed, the foods that we eat and our more common homemade products. It is the health that comes. 2.

In the psychological surroundings, our experience of the time and the space, has undergone a drastic change in the last fifty years. We have passed of the time " cclico" (marked by the Nature), to the time " reloj" and now we are immersed in the time " express". What before we could do in 1 week, we do now it in 1 day. The distance that we crossed in a day, now we took 1 hour. You want to speak with me? It connects the moving body. You want to write a letter to me? Mndame a mail. You want to go to some place? Sbete to an airplane.

In fact we lived neither in towns, nor in cities, lived in the Global World. Any news of the last corner of the planet, will arrive to us less than in 1 hour. We are supersaturated! Now that I finish writing the previous thing, I want explicaros that one of the structures that our balance maintains psychic, is the temporo-space organization. Translated, it means, that for the psychiatrists it is very important to verify that our patients are located and oriented temporary and space. A way to define and " estratificar" the time, is the following one: 1.The time second, defines brings back to consciousness precise to be alive, since in that space we breathed.