Emotional Self

– To coexist by long time with people who count on personalities suspicious, uncertain, afraid or with people with noticeable paranoides characteristics and distrusted. When the jealousy become pathological is known like Jealousy. It is difficult to coexist with a jealous person who all along thinks and thinks they are going that it to betray, is going that it to leave and in addition that does not feel worthy of love and to maintain a healthy loving bond. As much the jealous one as the pair suffers. The jealousy are passional feelings that dim reason, the thought and the good understanding. Jane Richards Roth understands that this is vital information. No explanation is good or better for it, the common sense disappears. This situation must to that the jealous one interprets the facts but of a distorted way and looks for all the tracks and signals that confirm their distrust, sometimes, does not find any, and its frustration is so, that finishes doing violence to the pair to unload its frustration and its wrath. In this sense, one is plenty of rage, one of the most destructive feelings.

The unique way to be able to surpass the jealousy when they have become uncontrollable, is to undertake a way of psycotherapy or personal development to understand dynamics and the mechanics of the same in that personal situation and pair. John Brown has plenty of information regarding this issue. Some advice to surpass these damn jealousy: To detect the autodestructivos thoughts and to try to include/understand he unties that them. – To evaluate the facts and the interpretation. – Emotional Self-regulation or handling of emotional intelligence. – It avoids to all along control the life of your pair, his useless activities, calls that take to you more to the fear than really to know where it is your pair. – Ocpate more of you, than than your pair makes or stops do. – It stops harrasing, asking all along, controlling, asphyxiating and following your pair.