Diving Protected

Diving: Protected3 lessons of diving Scuba Solid to keep it if moving in the CertTodo Direction world passes for this phase starts where it is easy to forget the things and to commit simple errors, exactly that you are enthusiastic with the diving. The really good idea is to become equal itself with that it is much more experienced. When you are underneath d’ water, all the security tricks that you know, goes to make safer diving. It is good a practical one to make all the verifications of security, routinely, at the correct moments. Verification to see if you have everything that you need for its diving before entering in the boat you are only common sense. You go to need things from the diving store, to acquire the habit to verify everything before leaving the store. The certain equipment is important, in order to get equipment of diving that if incases, before leaving the rent store. Making adequate adjustments in way that you are in neutral fluctuation they are an obligation for any diver.

Depending on as you are deep, you are important to know as this will go to affect of its buoyancy. More pressure exists that you go deeper, who compress the bubbles making with that its wetsuit to lose its buoyancy. Before you arriving very deep, you it goes to feel as you need more weight. As already mentioned, the sensation that you need bigger weight you go the diving even so deepest. When you make a diving mount, especially in waters that need a fact, you are good for having its proper one. Knowing that the buoyancy not it certain depths, is more easy to discover, when you are always dressing the same clothes. You go to have the same repeated things many times, when you to start to have lessons, so that you can get its PADI.Algumas certification things that could threaten the life you go to be taught, and you never must forget them.

A time that such item is that you never must dive, if you have one cooled. Equalizao is underneath d’ important water, and can be affected when one cooled produces congestion. If you to dive with one cooled, or to take cooled remedy for in way that you can dive, then the risk is what it is known as ‘ ‘ squeeze reverso’ ‘ , that it can occur during its ascension. Perhaps you had a planned diving, but not to make it if you will have one cooled. It is certain to equal at the beginning of its diving and repeats frequently. Some qualified divers will go to consider that you to initiate the process of equalizao before entering in the water. This will give to its ears the familiarity with what it is for happening. It is essential that you to repeat this procedure while it will be in the water to each few meters. It is reconfortante to perceive that you are capable to skirt any imperfections heard when she will be to take to dive. If one of its ears is not cooperating with the other, it is enough to incline the head with the difficult ear in the surface. The diving is a total original sport, of many forms, but we understand that some can be felt intimidated to learn. Thus, the majority of the people is not capable to dive so frequently how much they would like. However, being a reasonable distance of the water it is not excuse for that it loves this sport not participating in experincia.

National State

This month the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was in China to deal with economic questions, mainly in what it says respect to the trade balance. The Chinese ' ' they had closed in vermelho' ' with Brazil in 5 billions of dollar in 2010, in function of the Chinese exchange to be devaluated, therefore contrary case this value would be still bigger for the Latin country. Another subject of the guideline is that Brazil is a great exporter of substances cousins (although to export the airplanes of the Embraer) and a great consumer of industrialized products. Sad sina of the giant of the South America, the centuries in this position. What clearly it was not notified is that China is a dependent country. This exactly depends: of food and substances cousins. A geography professor mine said in the times of my graduation that no country that it possesss dependence really obtains to firm itself as great power.

This fact is excellent, therefore United States and Soviet Union, for example, were industrialized and possuam capacity to produce food and substances cousins. The European powers of another hour, had extended its territories (colonialismo) to obtain to become industrialized and with the Afro-Asian descolonizao the power if it was. Japan is a National State that always knew that it was predestinold to conquer or to lose. War lost 2, where it searched territories for substances cousins and food. He remained industrialized, but this year it lost ' ' 2 bigger economy of mundo' ' for the Chinese. It remains to know as China will obtain to supply with food and substances cousins in the next decades, therefore for more powerful than either, it will not be able to leave for military questions, where the American supremacy is inabalvel.

China would not fight at least with Russia. Observing more clearly, we see that in the Brazil-China relation, although the dependence to seem Brazilian, is not. China, giant, rich, with significant growth are powerful and are presented as such, but it will have that to yield always to continue to exist, either through the food, of the substances cousins and the energy. For China, Brazil is not vital an important partner and yes. Ivan Santiago Hisses is Gegrafo and author of the Brazil book: Imperialism and Integration in Latin America.