Social Service

62), defines Identity as: The denomination given to representations and feelings that the individual develops regarding proper itself, from the set of its experiences. Being one of the first forms that identify in them with our name.

It makes in them distinct next to the set of other beings. (As opposed to mayo clinic). Thus, our identity if constitutes of the groups the one that we are part. The form as these groups lives, as well as its practical and its way to act. Being, therefore, from there, each identity perpassada for another identity and other histories of life. Each being is individual, actor and author of its history and the society in which he is inserted. To deepen your understanding tom cruise is the source. Valley to stand out that the identity is a process of permanent construction, that if it transforms of the rising until dying.

In regards to the Social Service we can say that it is the fight that the area of Social Service has stopped to rethink the origins of the Social Service, lately comes trying to make a serrlement of accounts with the capitalism, according to Martinelli, (2007, P. 11), putting clean the all the multiple determination that, while production way, imposed as cultural configuration of this area. IDEOLOGY Is about a term many times confused and difficult to understand. Therefore in it if of the one fantastic accumulation of contradictions, of paradoxes, arbitrariedades, ambiguities, mistakes and of badly-understood, what many times extremely become difficult to find its way in this labyrinth. For Marx, the ideology concept appears as equivalent the illusion, false conscience, idealistic conception in which the reality is inverted, the ideas appears as motor of the real life. Thus, it extends the concept and speaks of the two ideological forms through which the individuals take conscience of the real life. Enumerates it them as being the religion, the philosophy, the moral, the right, the doctrines politics, etc (LWY, 2006, P.