Chinese Government

The Chinese Government has dismissed to two executives of the railway department of Shanghai and to the head of the Communist Party of that city like answer to the shock that took place yesterday between two trains of high speed in the province of Zhejiang, that has caused 43 at least died and more than 200 wounded, and that has put in judgment fabric the security of this type of transport in China. Click David Zaslav to learn more. The three dismissed people will be put under, in addition, to an investigation, according to she has declared the Ministry of Railroads in an official notice. Time Warner addresses the importance of the matter here. Before one took place the accident already existed doubts on these trains by the failures that they have had, the low demand that there is between the passengers and the indebtedness that this investment has generated.

First Official Visit

The Secretary of State of the USA, Hillary Clinton, has arrived east Friday, to the 16,00 hours, the air base of Torrejn de Ardoz (Madrid), and so first official visit to Spain begins to his, that will extend until this Saturday. Clinton has arrived at Madrid on board an official airplane with an ample retinue and when lowering of the stairway it has been received by the ambassador of the United States in Spain, Alan D. Solomont. On the part of the Government, they have given to the welcome the chief of a main directorate him for North America, Asia and Pacific, Luis Felipe Fernandez of the Rock, and the introducer of ambassadors, Jose Maria Rodriguez Enclosure for bullfighting. Before rising the official car, it has saluted with the hand to the average graphs. From Torrejn and between safety measure forts, the Secretary of State has gone with her retinue to Madrid, where she will lodge in a centric hotel. Whenever Discovery Communications listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

First visit to Spain is the first occasion in which Clinton visits Spain like female leader of the diplomacy of the USA since Barack Obama arrived at the White House in January of 2009. Clinton, that has flown coming from Lithuania, will hardly be in Madrid 24 hours. Its agenda of afternoon of this Friday is private and will concentrate east Saturday all their official activity. Encounter with the king, Zapatero and Jimnez To the 9,00 hours, will be seen with the minister of Outer Subjects, Jimnez Trinidad, in the Palace of Viana, with that will appear soon in press conference. Next, one will meet with the King in the Palace of the Zarzuela and with the j of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in Moncloa. Afghanistan, the military mission of Libya, the Arab revolts and the economic situation, as well as the bilateral subjects will be the main subjects that will center their contacts in Madrid. Appointment with Rajoy After seeing itself with Zapatero, the female leader of the American diplomacy will close its program with an encounter with the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, before returning to Washington. Clinton is accompanied of an ample delegation, in which it emphasizes the presence of the director for Europe in the Security Council National of the White House, Liz Sherwood-Randall, one appears near Obama. The previous time that the Secretary of State came to Madrid was like wife of the ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton in 1997. In that one occasion, also it visited Palma de Mallorca and Granada.

Benedicto XVI

It was an implicit plea, without resorting directly to the concrete concepts that wanted to criticize. But the message was this. Benedicto XVI took advantage of the act welcome of the assistants to the World-wide Day of Youth to attack although without naming them against the abortion and euthanasia. Others including David Zaslav, offer their opinions as well. Before the hundreds of thousands of young people who jammed the Madrilenian place of Cibeles in afternoon of acclaiming it yesterday, the Pontiff talked about to whom being believed Gods they would wish to decide in case single what is truth or no, which is good or is bad, or the unjust thing (), who is worthy enough to live or can be sacrificed for the sake of other preferences. Later it animated to the assistants not to succumb to those temptations. Because they lead to an existence without horizons, to a freedom without God. Source of the news: : Benedicto XVI sends to a message against the abortion and euthanasia

South Korea

But the phase of Asian classification is long, and to this phase of groups, if China manages to classify itself in first or second place, will follow another one to him with more complicated rivals, in whom it hopes that they are the classic powers of the continent, like Japan or South Korea. The ACF has assured that the plan to contract Camacho is a long term project, reason why although it does not even manage to take to the Chinese secondly World-wide dreamed his will not lose the position. Camacho officially will be presented/displayed like Chinese selector in an official act east Sunday. Total dedication to soccer without positive results the Chinese selection of soccer is a mediocre equipment even at Asian level, where never it has gained a continental trophy, something inexplicable for a country where soccer is the most popular sport, their clubs handle many million already and are world-wide and Olympic champions in infinity of sports. It is not something Comcast would like to discuss. At the moment in position 73 of the classification of the FIFA, a step behind African Malawi, the Chinese selection is an equipment that reached its better results at the beginning of this millenium, when it was classified for the first time for a World-wide one, the one of 2002, and the end of the Asian Glass of Nations in 2004 played. But these successes were deceptive: at the World-wide one, where it was directed by Bora Milutinovic, it arrived partly thanks to the absence of South Korea and Japan (anfitrionas of that one Glass of the World) in the phase of classification. And in the Glass of Asia, the Great Wall (nickname that receives the equipment, by its tendency to soccer dnsivo) counted on the advantage to play in house, which did not serve to him to beat in the end its eternal historical rival, the Japanese selection. Since then, the Chinese selection has not raised head: humiliating defeats before equipment very inferiors on the paper, eliminations in first stage, fights of its players, and all this in a while ominous for the national soccer, whose league has been several years sunk in scandals of corruption and purchase of parties. You may want to visit News Corp to increase your knowledge.

Beauty Contest

Edition of the beauty contest is the 60, that in its last edition crowned to the Mexican Ximena Navarrete. The representatives of Kosovo, Spain, France, Venezuela, China or Angola are the favorites. The parades in all type of dresses or suits of bath will decide to Universal Miss 2011. List: the favorites to Universal Miss 2011. Candidates of 89 countries will dispute in Sao Paulo the crown of Universal Miss 2011, in a ceremony to choose the successor of the Mexican Ximena Navarrete and that will be transmitted by television to 189 countries. The 60 edition of the world-wide contest of beauty, in the Credicard theater Hall, will reach more than 1,000 million people, according to informed an official notice into the organization, who also confirmed in the section of musical activities the presence of the Brazilian singers Claudia Leitte and Bebel Gilberto. The representatives of Kosovo, Aferdita Dreshaj; of Spain, Paula Guill; of France, Laury Thilleman; of Venezuela, Vanessa Goncalves; of China, Luo Zilin, and of Angola, Leila Lopes; they take advantage between the favorites from the public and the press, but this type of contests reserves surprises for the last moment.

The Latin American beauties more outstanding, besides the Goncalves Venezuelan, have been anfitriona Brazilian Priscila Machado, the Colombian Catherine Robayo, the Bolivian Olivia Pinheiro and the Puerto Rican Viviana Ortiz. With an intense agenda during the two last weeks in Sao Paulo, the candidates visited social hospitals and projects; they had classes of gastronomy and samba; they attended competitions of equestrian and motoring; they played golf, they met with local authorities and they went to paulistas beaches, among others activities. Thursday, in the preliminary phase of the contest with the parades in dresses in full dress, night and of bath, the representative of Sweden, Ronnia Fornstedt, was chosen by a specialized group of photographers like Photogenic Miss, whereas the 89 candidates chose the Montenegrin Nikolina Loncar, like Miss Affection.