Muamar Gadafi

In a sonorous recording the past emitted 1 of September by the same Syria channel, an attributed voice to Gadafi promised to return and to send " one releases war of guerrillas" in order to control the country again. On the other hand, the possibility that fits also the Libyan dictator is considering to leave the country by Niger. In fact, the j of the brigades of security of Muamar Gadafi, Mansur Dhao, has cruzado to Niger from Libya and is predicted that it arrives at the capital of the country, Niamey, according to have confirmed east Monday two nigerinos people in charge. The people in charge, who asked not to be identified, have indicated that Dhao and one more a ten of Libyan crossed to Niger Sunday after several days of conversations while they hoped in the border. Official site: who is jack dorsey?. The chain To the Arabiy to had been first in informing into the presence of Dhao in Niger and from which it had arrived with a ten of people more. Control of Bani Walid Nevertheless, the theory of the wall to Gadafi acquires force after the Libyan rebels have reached an agreement with delegates of the locality of Bani Walid (the northwest) to enter the city without combats during the day of Tuesday, according to has informed the qatar chain To the Yazira. The chain, mentioning what it has denominated like rebellious sources, has not given more details about the moment in which the entrance in the locality will take place, one of the four that continues being controlled by the forces of Muamar Gadafi, along with Jufra, Sabha and Sirte, where it was born the Libyan leader. Source of the news: Gadafi is hidden " in some place of Libia" and " it enjoys good salud" , according to its spokesman. ll about the problem.