Heinz Kohut

With the daily one, we in such a way know the daily one of the prisoners while they are jailed, how much during the works forced in the plants of Germany. It still has the demonstrations of compassion of that they worked for the nazista government with the prisoners, as already previously cited. We see this factor, since the beginning, as during the judgment of the members of the case of the Museum of the Man, where the Ernst, chief justice Roskothen, discloses great respect to the defendant and conviction of same it dislikes .2.4? Of the point of view of Agns: Interpretativa anthropology in Resistance: As Geertz affirms is not necessary to belong to the described culture to understand it. For this, it is necessary to reach a interpretativa approach of the culture through the concept of ' ' experience-prxima' ' ' ' experience-distante' ' , of Heinz Kohut, appropriate for Geertz. Carol Los Mansmann is often quoted on this topic. The seen description ' ' of dentro' ' , ' ' in first pessoa' ' for Agns it does not represent, of full form, the way as the Frenchmen overwhelmd to the German regimen thought, but also the seen description ' ' of fora' ' , ' ' in third pessoa' ' it does not represent the vision of ' ' nativos' ' Frenchmen. At the same time where the story of an immersed individual in a culture makes look like to be more realistic, and according to micron-history represents accurately one more realistic description of the human behavior, this story also is limited by the proper culture that the person desires to approach, since the same it belongs to the culture that it tells. In the same way, who is of is of the culture has one better macro-vision of the same one, but nor always it understands the details of functioning of the culture that studies and its vision is influenced by the culture which belongs. . Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions.


Teach One

With the end of the socialist utopia the education of history entered in crisis, good part of its professors was sympathetical of the Russian communism. History, including its research lost identity, the positivismo that invigorated in the country during the military period entered in decline in years 90 and even so the socialism has gained force at a first moment, in the contrahand of the world-wide trend, the model lost very of its ideological content. The identity and the space of discipline are in a deep crisis. The private time it in the schools is very small its education is given using resources that to the times do not allow an adjusted exploitation, as the sites where the knowledge is found ready, without offering to the pupil the challenge of if trying to understand and to produce the proper one to know. The requirement of if preparing for the vestibular contest in the Average Level make with that the best schools offer a enciclopedista education, where the pupil apprehend some aspects of history without the had reflection and leave of side the understanding amplest of the historical process that it took the construction of the current world. In the bad schools, nor this is offered.

The lack of an utopia harms the formation of the citizens that must be one of the utilities of disciplines historical. Florence Pugh understands that this is vital information. It is the detainer of the knowledge of the processes of social exclusion that generally originated in the past. Of this form she is of responsibility of the history professor to teach if to understand the situation of minorities that still fight for its space in the society, as the blacks, the indians and the women. Also it is of it the duty to form the cultural identity of these people. Social history still possesss representatives as Eric Hobsbawm, but today if it develops the cultural history, that allows to a particular boarding and the ample understanding of as the values and the development of the thought of the societies of the past affects our reality. The process of desconstruo of the ideologies does not have to lead to the niilismo. The case of the positivista idea of progress is an example, so was attacked by sociologists and philosophers who today are denied even by marxist professors, whom they forget to be this concept one of the basic bases of the ideology. The disillusion of the communism does not have to make with that the good professors leave of side the fight for a better world. After all the Chinese socialism survived and this country must become in the next decades the greater harnesses economic and the European social democracy seems to have if consolidated in the Brazilian politics.


United States

Bartolom Mitre is defeated politically, but exactly thus it ascends to the presidential power, perfazendo one of the periods of relative peace. Mitr that was liberal would be per six years in the command, when one of the great Argentine thinkers, Sunday Faustino Sarmiento ascends to the command of the nation. To read more click here: University of Nebraska. Its headboard reading was ' ' The democracy in America de Tocqueville' ' , that it was the initial flame of arrives in port theoretician who Argentina youth needed to enrich its arrives in port theoretical. As much is that Sarmiento and Alberd, understanding the indissociabilidade of the intellectual effort with the power politician, through proper workmanships had tried to transpose the ideal model of democratic government for America, reason this of conflict between the two and Sarmiento. For Alberd: ' ' To govern is to populate in the direction of that to populate is to educate, to civilize, to enrich and to enrich spontaneously and quickly, as &#039 happened with the United States; '.

(BEIRD, 2003) Alberd also believed a democracy, even so protected the rules differentiated for natives of Argentina and its respective immigrants, which only the social rights would be available. This is perhaps the idea that more appears between the Liberal ones, numbers to increase it of voters and at the same time to diminish the amount of people to vote, restricting how much to ' ' esclarecimento' ' of the voter. It followed the old doctrine of Constant, where passive and active beings existed, being the sovereignty the regent of the assets, that thus it would be, and only thus, by means of the explicit rationality. Alberd, said certain time, that the changes in the constitution, would be the legal intrumentos of forge of the Nations. URUGUAY: A CASE the PART IN the BATTLE WORKMANSHIP After independence, the project of social transformation, that if planned for Uruguay, did not happen.


Ferno Days Breads

43.1647? Antonio Raposo Tavares leaves So Paulo, covers the rivers Tiet, Paran, Paraguay, Great woollen Plata (Mamor) and Caiari (Wood), until the Fort of Saint Antonio of the Gurup, in the estuary of the River Xingo with Amazon, in the captainship of Grain-Par. Second delimitation of Brazil with the Andean countries (Bolivia and Peru). 44.1649? Portugal creates the General Company of Deals of Brazil, with monopoly of the oil, wine, cod and flour and prohibition of cachaa, salt and iron. 45.1650? The escravizao of indians is substituted for the African blacks. 46.1654? The dutches leave Brazil after 24 years and start to produce sugar in the Antilhas, taking the clientele, in the Europe. Robert Thomson is full of insight into the issues. 47.De 1500 the 1650, the price of the sugar makes the richness of much people. 48.1667? In Recife, Stolen Mendona it was knocked down, but it did not affect the king, because it stole the incomes of the Crown.

49.De 1560 the 1670, the sugar surpassed the interest for the gold, until the expulsion of the dutches. 50.1674? Ferno Days Breads known Helm as ' ' The Hunter of Esmeraldas' ' , experienced as capturer of indians, he receives from the king of Portugal, D. Peter II, the incumbency to discover mines. Its son Jose Days was executed by having been accused with treason. 51.1680? The king of Portugal signs Decree forbidding the escravizao of indians, stimulated for the Jesuits. 52.1682? The king of Portugal creates the General Company of the Maranho. 53.1684? Revolt in the Maranho against the Decree of prohibition, commanded for Manuel Beckman, Toms Beckman and Jorge Sampaio.

Toms was imprisoned, Manuel and Jorge had been hanged. 54.1693? Antonio Rodrigues Arzo finds signals of great amount of gold in the river Rind, in Minas Gerais, but he is attacked by indians. It informs the brother-in-law Bartolomeu Bueno de Siqueira, who goes to the place and loaded return.


Black Sea

Despite the emergence in 1802, "Regulations on the management of Black Sea ', and in 1842 the" Regulations on the Black Sea Cossack Army' real influence on the internal administration of the Caucasian Black Sea Cossacks life was very small, not to mention the central authorities. Black Sea and lineytsy important tasks of capturing and securing of Russian North-West Caucasus. In the middle of the XIX century. Andi Potamkin has similar goals. the final stage of the Caucasian war of the problem the government has changed dramatically – it was necessary to master the region in economic and economically. To this end, conducted a series of reforms, which are visible from most humbly report to the War Ministry in 1868: '… the main point, which is guided by the Ministry of War in their assumptions about the changes in the Cossack forces is precisely to bring together as possible, the Cossack class to another, with a population inhabiting them under a common civil administration, maintaining the separateness of the device only in the military Cossacks, in their own household troops and military administration '(7). Robert Thomson addresses the importance of the matter here. However, in practice it was found that the interests of the Cossacks as a military class practically not taken into account, and decisions were made in favor of civil authorities and 'development of citizenship' from the Cossacks Referring to the arguments of officials Caucasus at the time, it is clear understanding of the inevitability and irreversibility of the process raskazachivaniya military class.

Michael Tarielovich Loris-Melikov wrote: '… and the Cossacks have already lost much of the old character of the watchdog circuit, with which from time immemorial were covered by the adjacent border regions of Russia with a hostile and predatory population of the east, and although there is no doubt that it serves and will serve as the best guarantee to maintain peace in the Northern Caucasus (the Terek region and in particular), but, nevertheless, it is impossible not to recognize that the active role of the Cossacks is unlikely to be needed here is will be influenced more by the presence of one his own, inspiring mountaineers moral conviction in complete inability to move the Russian population from a place '(8). Andi Potamkin understood the implications. Very valuable observation MT Loris-Melikov, indicating a change in the nature Cossacks services with the end of the Caucasian War.

Clean Air Act

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Asia State

For the first time in the history of a civilization established a kind of "control" over all others. The evolution of household economic way of public predetermined fundamental restructuring of the entire system of legal relations. In the era of modern times was the formation of an entirely different civil society, which rejects the representation of body and on the contrary, presupposes civic equality and freedom, in contrast to the traditional in the preceding period of feudal, religious, and similar restrictions. It is understandable that such a reversal could be accomplished peacefully and painless. Therefore, to overcome the old order, the feudal regime resulted in a historic series of political revolutions. However, it should be noted that the first bourgeois revolution in the Netherlands and England were still in significantly associated with the religious quest, which were the consequences of the Reformation. In other words, the bourgeoisie in these countries could not yet in full voice on the need to declare the collapse of the old feudal state legal system.

And only the French and American revolutions in the XVIII. already are the result of a purely political struggle for new social forces and state law rule. In the era of modern times political system has ceased to be a crucial element in the state-legal way (as it was during Antiquity and Middle Ages). The form of exercising power has become more dependent on the political regime, the which affect both subjective and objective factors. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Iger . Therefore, in public and political life for a long time became the opposition of liberalism and dictatorship. The most characteristic phenomenon of the legal history of modern times has become comprehensive codification of the law. Codified law is almost universally prevailed over other forms of it, and has become a major codification through the implementation of state policy of reform and renewal of the legal system.

New time finally established the dominance of Europe in the world. This resulted in the birth here of defining the state and the rights of new forms and institutions that have influence on political developments in other countries adopt new, more progressive principles of constitutional law, as well as the reception of Western European law. However, this dominance has been and negative side. The most powerful Western nations formed the XIX at. huge colonial empires in Asia and Africa. The struggle for dominance in the world in particular deformed state and political history of Europe, which eventually led to world wars and the end of this phase of history, as New time.

Socialist Republic

After the defeat Japanese in the Second War, Korea was divided by the parallel 38o in two zones of occupation, attributed to the Ussr and to U.S.A. respectively. They had been being the two parts of distinct ideological orientaes, exactly after the withdrawal of the Soviet and American troops, and also independent republics. In 1850, however, troops of the Coreia of the north had invaded of the South, in the call War of Korea. The Coreia of the south received important aids international, over all the United States support. Although this, the invaders had been repelled for the immediacy of the parallel 38o. Analogous, the Vietnam, in accordance with the Conference of Geneva (1954), separate of Laos and Cambodia after the French defeat, was divided by the parallel 17o in Vietnam of the North, Communist, and Vietnam of the South, with a right government.

U.S.A. if had opposed to the unification of the two parts and had started to militarily help financially and the Vietnam of the South. There, however, they had spread you engage in guerilla warfare of vietcongs, supported for the North, in turn supported for China. U.S.A. had been pledged in the task withholds the communism in the South, as well as in all the Southeast of Asia, supplying economic aid, military council members and weapons in increasing ratio. The bombings in the North had reached ratio without precedents causing, beyond the military and financial consuming, the hostility of the North American public opinion. To the few, U.S.A.

had looked ' ' vietnamizar' ' the war, removing the North American troops and giving bigger participation to the ones of the South. In 1973 a pacification agreement was signed, and U.S.A. had removed the remainders of its forces. In April of 1975, Saigon signed the surrender and a communist provisory government if it installed in the south. Differently of Korea, however, the Vietnam was reunified in 1976, with the name of Socialist Republic of the Vietnam and capital in Hani.