The Present

During the first trimester, the professor of the Cycle presented/displayed you rule of work and the common criteria for the development of the activity. The students in groups of three, free way were divided and choosing they themselves; nine groups existing two with four students arose since the total number is of 29. In the second trimester, in the month of January, to each group a specific content was assigned to him to prepare. contents, that would give rise to an action of the group with a course of THAT we decided that they were mainly for fomenting the security, the protection and prevention, and activities in case of emergencias, and everything of functional and practical way. Once distributed the work between the students of the cycle and supervised by the professor, a calendar of activities was realised choosing each content for each one of the groups of third and quarter, in the hours of position of a guardian of these. One has worked the hygiene in the work, fires, burns, asphyxias, falls, electrocution of low tension, poisonings, work before the computer, and domestic accident prevention. Each group is preparation within the common criteria but autonomy has occurred in order to look for the activities that believed more advisable.

Thus, the one of electrocution, realised a small dramatisation, standing out the negative of the care of the electric home appliances, and the one of work before the computer, acted correcting errors and representing with cartoons bad positions. EVALUATION OF the EXPERIENCE As in the previous experience learning of the students of the Cycle has been obtained to the proposed objectives of education and the students of THAT, of creative and attractive way for them. Also an integration of the students of cycle in the Institute has been able, since many of them are the first year of schooling in center, to come from other Institutes to attend the Cycle of average degree and like the factories they are would be of the enclosure of the classrooms, has been beneficial that they enter the classes of the students of THAT, not only to know them, but by the interrelation that has maintained with them. Of equal way the professor of the cycle, has indicated the satisfaction in the preparation of the activity, since the interest and the motivation have been excellent. All the groups of the electricity students, have surpassed this matter and have obtained a positive qualification, since its intervention in the global qualification of the module announced to them. EVALUATION OF THE AUTHOR OF THE PROJECT OF PROMOTIONAL SCHOOL OF HEALTH. In the present year they have been realised activities in hours of position of a guardian, in extra-curricular activities and hours of optative with all the students of the Center. Until the present moment, all the realised evaluations have been favorable, fact that animates to us to work and to follow in this line to secure the education of quality that guides to us.