What A Trip – Around Oz – Australia Adventure Now Available On DVD And Blu-ray

Salman by Maximilian, adventurer and film maker, world premiere: with the claims?Bike ran the Munich once around the Australian continent – the six-month journey is called Dokumentations?Series with nine episodes shown Munich, may 1, 2013. What began as a test trip was the trip of his life. In 187 days, Maximilian Semsch once circumnavigate the Australian continent, always the highway number one following. 16.047 Km he cycled there on the la? longest national highway in the world the longest distance that far back on an E-bike? ckgelegt was. The unique biker?Adventure there is now a series on DVD and Blu-ray. Like at his first trip in 2008 the young filmmakers noted his impressions and experiences this incredible journey with camera and camera. During his tour around Australia, Maximilian was not alone on the road: he was accompanied by cameraman Frank Richter and his Lebensgefa? hrtin Marion Ashen, which wa is the Organization? ku during the voyage? mmerte. Channels Television Live insists that this is the case. Total raw materials gathered 400 hours, the the cyclists now in one 4,5?-hour documentary series consisting of nine 30? minute episodes has prepared.

Breakdowns, road train?Panic and moments of happiness – all in HD. The Reise?Documentary inspired by hochauflo? full send HD quality. So viewers can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Australia and Maximilian inspiring experience report in brilliant Bild- and sound quality. Maximilian Semsch takes viewers on the fifth continent through the personal and honest narrative style, and making his his big adventure experience. “It is important to take the viewers on the journey with me and him the height, but also ungeschont to the depths of a long journey in mind.” The audience is when I swim with wild dolphins, revel in sunsets and enjoy the spectacular scenery. But he hears even curse me, if the forces at 7000 kilometers headwinds disappear, if the vehicle breaks down again or the heart of fright exposing me, because a 60 meter Langer road thunders train passed me.