Understanding Autism

With autism, there are the following features: a failure to develop appropriate relationships to the level of development with its pairs; absence of spontaneous attempt to share pleasure, interests or accomplishments. A lack of personal or emotional reciprocity. Padres restricted, repetitive and estereotipados of behavior, interest and activities, manisfestados for at least one of the following questions: insistent concern with one or more estereotipados and restricted standards of interests, abnormal person in intensity or focus.An apparently inflexible adhesion the specific and not functional routines and rituals.

Maneirismos motor estereotipados and repetitive (former., to give pats or to all twist hands or fingers or complex movements of the body). Persistent concern with object parts. A disturbance cause clinically significant damage in the areas social and occupational or other important areas of the functioning. No exists clinically significant a general delay in the language (for former.: isolated words are used to the 2 years, communicative phrases are used to the 3 years). No exists a significant delay in the cognitivo development or the development of appropriate abilities of auto-aid the age, adaptativo behavior (another one that not in the social interaction) and curiosidades concerning the behavior of infancy. No the criteria for one another invasive upheaval of the development or schizophrenia are satisfied.

Through this table and of the description of the child it is possible is to classify it as carrying of the Syndrome of Asperger. The Syndrome of Rett is another mental upheaval that can be confused with the Autismo. It characterizes itself for the loss of acquired abilities, reduction of the social interaction and consequent isolation. She develops yourself in four periods of training, that if characterize for psicomotoras regressions, also with alterations in speaks, caused for deteriorations of the syndrome, being able to take to the death for respiratory problems or sudden death, that occurs during sleep. (SCHWARTZMAN, 2006) It is an upheaval that acomete more the feminine sex and starts after 6 life month if establishing between one year and two years, therefore it is in this phase that the brain starts to show one of its more important abilities called as: ‘ ‘ the conditional plasticity for experincia’ ‘.