Cranes From Korea

Although a number of full-size truck crane truck mounted crane is child's play (although it should be noted at once that cranes are sometimes not toy size), the first impression is deceptive. Swarmed by offers, Walt Disney is currently assessing future choices. Opportunities in this technique does not toy – after all crane replaces several expensive cars and operated with one person – a driver-operator. Get all the facts and insights with CBS, another great source of information. Cranes are widely used in the event of transfers and addressing the many economic problems, and even a one-story building. These machines will immerse themselves, unload and be transported all the necessary items – and at a price much lower than when using a combination of '+ Truck + crane loaders'. So save on a mobile crane, flatbed trucks and loaders, use the services of the crane! You not only get significant savings of money, but time and say nothing about the nerves, spent on the organization of coherent interaction in the case of multiple separate devices. Cranes usually have lifting capacity crane installation 1 to 10 tons, boom length of 10 to 30 meters load side from 2 to 20 tons. Cranes are represented on the Russian market made up mainly of Japanese and Korean car production in Russia has brought second-hand.

On the market are also new cranes in China, but due to a significant number of complaints about their quality and lack of service base, they have little common. Korean and Japanese cranes, on the contrary, even though that are often a decent age, are reliable and safe operation. Also, fortunately, the problem with their maintenance, repair and spare parts has long been solved. What distinguishes Korean cranes from Japan manipulators? This, above all, the presence of steering with the right, that is, left side. First, it is safer, and secondly, familiar to most drivers, and third, all the same from year to year Legislation is moving in the direction of limiting the use of right-hand drive vehicles. It is quite possible that tightening will affect primarily as a time of trucks and equipment, work which fraught with all sorts of dangers.

Because, like it or not, the arm – it's still a full hoist. Thus, the crane from Korea, is one of the best choices. Prices for such devices begin of 400-500 thousand rubles (for small specimens). One of the suppliers of cranes on the Russian market is the Asia-Car Company ( Our cranes and Korean buses, which we also sell successfully cope with tasks assigned to them, and their operation will not cause you headaches. Quality of selling technology, we confirm the warranty.