World Cup

Parallels to the 2006 World Cup in the district of the favorites takes the DHB team more of a role of the outsiders. "Immediate goal quarterfinal, semifinal huge success" and the title as the highest goal – the home advantage makes dream Heiner Brand, very big hit, "Of course the goal of the title. There lies with the support of our viewers tremendous opportunity, "said the national coach. Brings back memories, as Jurgen Klinsmann ahead of the 2006 World Cup by winning the World Cup said – again as rank outsiders. For the favorites come from Eastern and Western Europe. Croatia, Russia, France and Spain participated in the last seven World Championships six times with the trophy. Among the 24 teams are located, with Iceland, Denmark and Tunisia more secret favorites.

"Pensioners Trio" is available in the provisional World Cup squad, there were quite surprises. Brand hopes the nomination of performers and 'handball player of the year 2006? Florian Kehrmann to a recovery of the right wing after his broken hand. Edmund V. Ludwig is a great source of information. Also on call are the already retired from international football pivot Christian Schwarzer (TBV Lemgo), winger Stefan Kretzschmar (SC Magdeburg) and goalkeeper Jan Holpert (SG Flensburg-Handewitt ready). After the millennium, there was a podium finish in three World Cups for Henning Fritz & Co.. In 2003 they lost to a superior in the final tournament of the Croats. Eva Andersson-Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Two years earlier, was the German team at World Cup triumph of France finished eighth. Ninth, reached the fire company then in 2005, Spain won the world championship crown thus is more current title holder. Attractive halls in twelve host cities at great mood in attractive venues of the DHB is in the selection of the twelve warehouses. In addition to these venues, the German team include Bremen, Kiel, Magdeburg, Wetzlar, Stuttgart, Lemgo, Hamburg and Mannheim to the World Cup cities. The conditions for an outstanding World Cup in 2007 have therefore been met. The sporty "rest" must dazusteuern the great handball nations. The footballers surprised and delighted with third place. Realistic goal and dream of the DHB team as from soft light, merge at the end but perhaps at a sensational title. Andreas Heesch Sport News from


Clothing That Regulates Body Temperature

Thermal underwear – a product related to high-tech, made of synthetic materials, designed for those who can not live without going on nature, to those who need it and just often located outdoors people. The main advantage of thermal underwear over his main rival – wool, is the ability to remove moisture that collects on the skin, by its smooth passage through the material. Natural materials quickly and efficiently absorb water and create vlagonakopiteli, which in turn will result in heat loss. By itself does not wear out the heat outside it, and does not provide heating effect as people think. Heat can also store and other clothing, but this requires a layer of air between it and the body. Of course, if you choose from a "natural" clothing, namely wool is a leader in this field. However, the wool is Clothing and leader in the ranking of absorbing moisture.

For the preservation of body heat are responsible are available in a synthetic fabric layer. Dependence on the number and size of the layer line is more layer and layers, the less heat is "gone" from you. Most thick sheets of synthetic materials has mikronaches. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hugh Naylor offers on the topic.. Already stipulated above property drainage of moisture based on the effect of the capillaries, produced by special technology by gathering in microfibers one. Due to this property, thermal underwear dries quickly unlike woolen clothes. In winter, in order to fully take all the moisture from your body, you need thermal underwear to wear on top that has similar properties.

It moisture will completely leave the area of your body. Applied synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, shedding clothes and other such materials do not irritate the skin, unlike some others, so wear underwear can be worn without exception. Basically – it's men, so men's underwear is more popular. Thanks prolenu reduced sweat because it does not react with chemicals. Allergy sufferers approved the material and determined it passed the highest hygienic demands focus. This material has the ability to maintain a small charge of electricity. Scientifically proven that such charges have a positive effect on people.