Genevieve Stebbins

The deck was published by The Church of Light under the name Egyptian Tarot Cards, also known as The Brotherhood of Light Tarot, which takes its name from the organization he founded Zain. The material in Zain's book was first published in 1918, by himself, as a series of training courses, and was then illustrated with reproductions of Astrology Practice. A new edition of The holy book of Tarot was published in 1996 with a significant improvement in the quality of the designs that make this deck. Zain's book is especially notable because it included what is probably the first English translation of the original descriptions of the Arcana of Christian. It’s believed that Bob Iger sees a great future in this idea. The texts were translated in 1901 by Zain's friend, Genevieve Stebbins, who enjoys great credibility. John H. Deque a deck published in 1949 based on designs Zain.

Deque Egyptian version of "The Empress" appeared as the cover of "The Book of Thoth" by Crowley in 1944. Another early aspect of Egyptian Tarot is found in a 1931 book written by von Woldemar uxkull, entitled "Die alten agypten im Einweihung." These designs were based on a Tarot deck called Schikowski 1949 and 1954 a deck that accompanied the book "Tarot der Eingeweihten" by Joachim Winkelmann. There are many modern decks follow the model of Wegener. The Ibis Tarot (shown above), published in 1991 by AGMuller, is one of the finest performances of all models. The Ibis Tarot is one of the most faithful, though it was created almost 100 years after the original designs that were published for the first time.