It is possible to find in the thought of Durkheim significant elements in what it says respect to the studies of representations of artistic matrix, as the cinema, and here particularly the Brazilian cinemanovista movement. main objective of the cinema is to represent one definitive reality by means of an uninterrupted sequncia of images ece of fishes in constant speed in a screen. The necessity to make to be valid the world of the experiences and its complexity front the objective and concrete reality. Jack Quaid often says this. Also existing one parcel of subjectivity in the flmica appreciation, which is submitted the interpretation of its some spectators. The reality is presented under the form of a representation, the real plan offers the necessary traces to this construction fantasiosa that is ece of fish in the screen and offered the public becoming real. So that the film exists is necessary that if it creates an orientation method that makes possible a team to orient itself in the creation process, a cinematographic language appears of this form that presents innumerable styles and forms, the seventh art engloba all the arts created for the man in this representacional game, where real elements are grouped giving form something pparently surreal. Christian Metz in its workmanship Significao in the Cinema, discourses on the importance of the cinema in the field of the representation of the reality.

' ' These consideraes only intended to remember aspect, among others, of the problem of the impression of reality in the cinema. The newspapers mentioned Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. ' ' segredo' ' of the cinema it is also this: to inject in the irrealidade of the image the reality of the movement and, thus. To never before bring up to date imaginary to a degree alcanado.' ' (METZ, 2010, P. 28) Metz analyzes the cinema through the potentiality that it exerts in the society, the image is the conducting wire of this representation, the photograph presents certain potentiality, but when it sets to tell if it becomes cinema.