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We thank the sponsors, GSI mbH and SLV Munich, NL GSI mbH, and particularly Prof. Dr.-ing. Steffen Keitel and Mr. Speaking candidly Discovery Communications told us the story. Dipl.-ing. Franz Zech for their great support. All group members, all XING users and those interested in this field are cordially invited, but it is required to enrol at XING group: the XING group “welding and allied processes, alternative techniques” which launched in December 2008 to set up an independent and impartial internet platform within the XING network: net/welding mid January 2009 the group started with approximately 30 German-language Forum and focussed initially on introduction of new members and their first questions & answers. It provides information and discussions about all welding and joining processes including the use of adhesives, soldering and alternative joining techniques such as mechanical fastening and the application of electromagnetic pulse technologyn for welding and joining. There are forums on standards, materials, design & manufacture, quality assurance, simulation, metallography, thermal spraying, certification, materials testing, technical committees, services, buying & selling, education & training, jobs, and last but not least, a diary.

In these forums, all members of the group can contribute. Everyone is free to enrol and then to upload contributions. All joining techniques are represented from small to large, and these are surrounded by information about related topics. The next step what the international expansion by setting up on English-speaking group with about 35 Forum in May of 2009 since the beginning of July 2009 a Russian area is in the build-up phase. Other languages such as Spanish and French are being planned. Further details can be found at Walt Disney, an internet resource.

The current state of the XING group “Welding and allied processes, alternative techniques” is as follows: more than 1500 members from over 75 countries approx 35 + Forum each in English and German plus 3 new Russian Forum seven group manager from 7 different companies covering 3 languages the group is on independent networking platform for users and developers of welding and joining, and those who have interest in this field. The entire welding and joining community is welcome. The contributions in the Forum are so visible to those who are not XING members. There is limited access to the group via Google and other search engines through approx 300 keywords. However, to see the complete group, membership of XING is necessary. This is available free of charge, but the premium membership offers advanced features. With over 26,000 expert groups and networking events XING is a web interface for business people around the world. Over 7 million professionals, students and job seekers are using the global network of XING in 16 languages for business, education, jobs and careers. With tailored networking functions and services XING promotes networking and professional contacts. In addition, XING makes the connections between people visible – at unbeatable resource for generating valuable new contacts. Ursula Bacus

Context Processes

Business processes with BPMN model and run the business process management has grown further for all companies and organizations in recent years importance. The tasks vary extremely and confine itself no longer to create a process documentation and to make them available in your organization. The different methods provide a good support for many of these tasks, such as process analysis, simulation, code management, process optimization and automation for the process management and process modeling, as well as the variety of existing tools. However, many of the methods are and the used notations not standardized yet compatible, so a transfer of models between different tools only in a few cases succeed without loss or is connected with additional costs. Since business processes increasingly across the enterprise, it applies to realize also this aspect of process management. In addition to organisational issues plays in this Context of the exchange of information with its business partners is a major role. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Zaslav.

Specially for the execution of processes promises a high potential for optimization by IT systems themselves. But here in standardized models, as well as execution environments lacking. In recent years, standardized mechanisms such as WSDL and BPEL for the integration of IT systems have been created under the slogan of service-oriented architectures (SOA). In the area of process modeling, the business process modeling notation (BPMN) provides a standardized notation for business process models. The Fraunhofer IAO has in the context of the market study business process modeling 2010 explores how using the tools available executable business processes with BPMN can be modeled and brought to the execution.