Jose Luis Rodriguez

We all have our idols, people or characters that will keep the utmost respect and admiration, because in some way influenced us in our lives. Some are heroes and anti-heroes. Some, perhaps, have died, but we are very present in our memory. Often, it's the lifestyle of the people that are taken as an example, others, printing and awe that is caused by the intelligence of a great intellectual, while others are originated from fantasy, as our heroes, when we were very young boys . But others are the product of feelings, of how it manifests when living, in my case, the letters of a beautiful song. To read more click here: Sean Rad. I admire many people, teachers, intellectuals, my parents, heroes, fantasy, very special (who would have thought) a singer: Camilo Sesto. But ycomo possible (many questions) that have so much admiration for a singer who even surpasses (however little) to the parents themselves? In the novel I wrote (Mirror Blue) tells how slowly influenced me through his music, in my personality.

What I tell here will not repeat what I wrote, but to share another little piece of my life. We all have our favorite singers. If you would like to know more about Edward R. Becker, then click here. I'm such a fan of Jose Luis Perales, Angra, Raphael, Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma", Ricky Martin, etc, etc. But a little more special for me, it is Camilo Sesto, "the angel of love." The romantic ballads are beautiful and when you hear the lyrics of a song you feel are true poetry. Although they are the composers who do the lyrics, it is also true that the singers are the ones who give him life with passion when they sing a beautiful melody and moments that one is surprised, because he lives time.