Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Zamorano, of the Seville or Amavisca, Racing de Santander, to which would be added in following years signings such as round trip from Tenerife, Mijatovic of Valencia, Davor Suker of Sevilla, a then unknown Carlos Roberto de el Inter de Milan or Clarence Seedorf, who came from winning the Champions League with Ajax. The Bosman law would grow to the Madrid’s Capello, the basis of the modern Madrid that would win the European Cup 32 years later on May 20, 1998. The phrase that Barca produced balls of gold and the Madrid bought them sounded to propaganda by then. But after that came the eighth and the Madrid galopaba to the rhythm of a dizzying genius of Villaverde called Raul Gonzalez Blanco. A whirlwind, a Ferrari. The Crown of the coat.

Was the club president Lorenzo Sanz, who probably at that time would not imagine now, in 2010, a decade after then, so overwhelming: If Santiago Bernabeu Stadium lifted his head, would die by how they are the things. But by then, the debt of the Madrid was vox populi and partner dismissed with disdain to Lorenzo Sanz and their 2 European cups. Cristiano, football wise religion, surrendered to a young businessman who had discussed the elections of 1995 to Ramon Mendoza, who had exercised in politics as Councillor for UCD and promised with a capacity of conviction quasi political, extinguishing the debt sold by a cluster scandalous one of the legacies of Santiago Bernabeu, the ciudad deportiva. Appeared Figo, a contract and the dream of thousands of madridistas, steal the star at FC Barcelona. 10 000 million pesetas baptized the first Galactic Merengopolis: Florentino Perez Rodriguez was made with the Presidency of Real Madrid. After a first fantastic time with the culmination in the memorable goal from Zidane in Glasgow, Florentino, fearful and calculating, believed desirable to dispense with the coach that he had won 2 European cups and years later would give glory to a country injured in his pride of eternal candidate.