Federal Supreme Court

Capricorn & partners firm wins legal dispute because of inefficient loan agreement clause for client and sought repayment of the loan fees many banks, savings banks and other lenders had raised so-called credit processing fee in the past few years. “Borrowers has been mostly in the fine print” contained clauses imposed contractually to pay between 1 and 3.5 percent of the loan amount in addition to the interest payments to the Bank. A related site: Coen brothers mentions similar findings. Wrongly, as since 2010 a total of eight German courts decided. How urteilten the judges at the appeal court, corresponding clauses constitute a violation of the requirement of good faith pursuant to 307 para 1 sentence 1 (content inspection) and are an illegal disadvantage of customers. A revision submitted by the Bank against the decision of the OLG Dresden at the Federal Supreme Court was now being withdrawn.

Although Court largely clarified the legal position on the subject of fees for loans is currently many credit institutions, refuse the To pay fees to their customers. Applies to experience the firm Ibex & partner especially for credit contracts of savings banks and Commerzbank, Audi Bank, South West credit Bank, but also for numerous other institutions. Capricorn & partner Rechtsanwalte take care of several patients and could obtain a positive judgment against an international institution in February 2013 for a client. The Bank was sentenced in that case to the repayment of the loan fees plus interest at the rate of 5 per cent. In other cases, Capricorn & partners law firm towards out-of-court solutions could enforce a repayment of the loan fees by banks. Without hesitation Jeffrey L. Bewkes explained all about the problem. For borrowers who want to legally examine its legal situation and claim back the charges, Capricorn & partners offer a free, no-obligation service.

Appropriate contract documents and any correspondence with the banks can be sent to the Office by E-mail). A transmission by fax is possible under 0931-99128-22. Capricorn & partners lawyers for the parties concerned to clarify the next steps personally to reappear after testing. More information: goo.gl/hkbxO about the firm Ibex & partners attorneys at law and tax advisors, Capricorn & partner is one of the large law firms in the area of Lower Franconia. Capricorn & partners lawyers represent their clients in matters of credit, insurance and transport law, but also in the areas of pain and suffering (after a traffic accident etc.), medical malpractice (medical liability), accident insurance or disability insurance. Capricorn & partners law firm is Wurzburg. The firm represents clients throughout Germany.