Spanish Association

The Spanish Association for the Acoustic Quality (Aecor) will be collaborating organization of the next National Congress of Environment, and that will be organized by Foundation CONAMA. The event will take place from the 22 to the 26 of November and as it comes being habitual will be celebrated in Palace of Congresses of Madrid, and it will reunite to professionals of different sectors related to the environment. Communications and product demonstrations and services will be celebrated among others with, in which it will occur to know the advances in the protection the environment in diverse fields of engineering, chemistry, the construction and the industry. The program counts on multiple plenary sessions, debates of the present time, technical sessions, work groups, dynamic rooms, a Hispanic-Brazilian forum and other special activities. David Zaslav is actively involved in the matter. It emphasizes the block of the titled program Plans of Action against the Noise, coordinated by the Official School of Physicists and the University of Granada, and in which Harald A. Muoz participates, as director of Commission of Environment of Aecor, whose main function is the fight against the acoustic contamination. On CONAMA 10 CONAMA is the National Congress on the Environment and it is constituted as the forum of more important debate of national scope related to the environment, the sustainability and the nature. The congress counts for the first time on an invited country: Brazil. Cyrus Massoumi contributes greatly to this topic. In 1992, months before we inaugurated our first congress, a conference of United Nations was celebrated in Rio de Janeiro that was going to mark project CONAMA, the famous Earth Summit.

Disc Optical

One of the first details that talked about the Blu-ray technology revealed from their initial moments was that this would be an extensible technology, therefore the discs would gain more storage capacity with the passage of time. These days, a standard Blu-ray can store about 50 GB, but the people of TDK’s close relationship with the format, has recently presented at land nipponese an optical disc that can store up to one terabyte of data. Blu-ray may have won the format war (or war of network marketing Tecnologico), although another war by getting the attention of consumers is being pretty tough around the globe. In some regions, its penetration is already almost total, but multiple factors required for a complete Blu-ray experience, coupled with such technology essential costs, makes that these excellent discs should still continue throwing punches in the ring. Of course, its potential as a backup system is undeniable (25 GB per disc minimum), and some films released in Blu-ray let us simply with the mouth open (recent version of Iron Man 2, for example), however, the fact that even not been conquered by full market doesn’t mean that the companies behind the Blu-ray are not preparing for what could be a future successor.

After all, the flexibility of the Blu-ray is very large, and since day one knew that the original capacity of disks could be expanded (a source of hope for those Geeks who have boxes full of cds and Dvds). This has been demonstrated recently people from TDK, Member of the Board of Directors of the Blu-ray Association, and one of the earliest advocates of that format. The presentation consists of an advanced optical disc with capacity in gross of one terabyte, exceeding twenty times what can save a Blu-ray disc on the market today. Prototypes were displayed at the CEATEC Conference which was held in Japan from 5 to 9 October. This capacity was reached to place anything less than sixteen layers of recording on a single disc, while maintaining a high light transmission and a level of error it low enough so that it can become a commercial option.

Many aspects of the Blu-ray technology have been applied and combined in this super disk, but still is a detail to be resolved, and it is the thickness of the disc. According to the official specifications of the Blu-ray, the thickness of a layer should be less than or equal to 100 micrometers, but on this new album, the number amounts to 260 micrometers, causing the optical lens aberrations. The commercial availability of the disk will depend exclusively on the level of interest showing the manufacturers, although that storage capacity could be useful not only for home users, but also for those with an intensive use of recorded material, such as the operators in a television channel. Currently, obtain a terabyte of capacity is not something impossible, but it would not be too bad having a cheap backup alternative and wide.

Russian Users

Communication on icq icq Internationally known program came into existence in 1996, when four programmer from Israel have come up with instant messenger instant messaging. Abbreviation for "ICQ" means "I Seek You", which translated Russian language sounds like "I'm looking for you." In 1998, the corporation "AOL" for $ 400 million acquired all rights to the program icq. Internet-pager is a unique, simple and convenient method of communication between people all over the world, allowing send instant messages to people who are on opposite sides of the globe. The incredible popularity of the program due to the huge number of users that by 2007 there were about 85 million people. Features enormous.

People in different corners of the earth, become the friends and associates about their interests and hobbies, it is possible to exchange files and photos, features allow you to play various games in the mode of on-line. For icq users simply do not exist temporal and geographic boundaries. There are several such programs, built on the principle icq.Ne less popular Internet pager program is a qip, which also allows you to exchange instant messages and files in different mode, on-line. Mobile version of icq named Jimm will communicate with your friends exclusively in any place where the coverage of your mobile operator. Program settings allow you to select the most user-friendly interface, the desired security settings and much more, that provides the user comfortable using the program icq, qip or Miranda.V your opportunity to make settings so that your presence will not see nobody, and you in turn will be able to see all on-line users. If you can not be directly from the computer, the original audio signal to warn you of an incoming message. Mandatory registration of icq users is simple and will not cause difficulties for even the most inexperienced user.

When registering a new user, he is issued a unique number of its Internet-pager. Your nickname in the icq should not cause ridicule and unpleasant hints, because the choice of nickname Take very seriously, because the small amount of information in the user's personal data will not give a complete picture of you and your companion to judge you, he will be at the specified nick. In the presence of all the advantages of the program icq should pay attention to a few unpleasant moments on such programs. Despite the powerful anti-spam, the icq network to a large extent it is exposed. Please be careful who you add to your list of contacts. If an unknown man is continually trying to log you off, it can follow the virus into your computer. And finally, it is worth saying that many large companies do not only do not approve, but all are struggling possible ways to icq users among employees, because communication in the on-line employees may carry a potential threat to the company, as is quite possible to transmit trade secrets of others persons.