ASP Failure

So, feed your machine, at least, through a filter, or better yet through a device called UPS. In a storm, always unplug the laptop from the network, using just the battery. 6. Do not leave your laptop in the area of the reach of young children! 7. In the event of any fault, do not trust disassemble the laptop and try to repair the non-professionals, remember, after repairing the illiterate and inexperienced intervention without professional equipment and tools will cost you twice as much! Now let's talk about typical symptoms and methods to address them: 1. If after switching on the laptop screen was dimly lit, and the picture is visible is very bad, or it was the same color (in shades of red), then there is a malfunction lamps illumination. In this case, your laptop will need to be repaired or inverter, which is simply the necessary professional knowledge of electronics, extensive experience and highly qualified specialist, or to replace the backlight matrix, because These lamps are very thin and fragile and may break upon impact. Robert Iger is a great source of information. Also, the backlight may fail due to oxidation of the cathodes.

Replacing a backlight rather subtle, precise and painstaking work that can not be exercise at home, because understands fully the entire matrix, which requires special equipment, skilled hands and professionalism. Repair and replacement of the matrix can produce laptop specialists ASP-Service. 2. If the image on the laptop screen was constantly flashing, this indicates a possible malfunction of the matrix controller board, or the discharge of tail matrix. 3.

If, after the attack appeared on the screen or vertical thin horizontal strips of color, this is the first sign of bundles of glass at the junction with decoders. In this case the laptop needs a complete replacement of the matrix. 4. If you are working with a laptop you hear repeated clicking inside the laptop, it indicates the beginning of a failure of the hard drive, so hurry to keep all the valuable information on other carriers, because soon you will have to change the hard drive. 5. If you are working with laptop, it was very hot, then it may be a consequence of a number of malfunctions such as: – clogging the cooling system – failure of internal memory, a processor – a failure of individual parts board memory. It is necessary to diagnosis and identifying the cause of laptop heat. 6. If the battery life of the battery began to decline and reached 5 – 15 minutes, and a full discharge-charge the battery situation is not changed, it is a clear sign of failure of a battery that can either replace the new one, or can be repaired. Diagnose and repair the laptop can be in the company's ASP-Service.

Subscription Service Repair

Recently, you can often find deals organizations that provide computer help and customer care services of computers and office equipment. What is a subscription service? In this we try to understand this review article. First of all, the subscription service of computers and office equipment – a complete supply of all computer and related services to organizations, as well as individuals in any convenient for them. It's no secret that computer technology is not so reliable as we would like. Unfortunately, the computer crashes, computer viruses are not uncommon, but rather commonplace now. And, most unpleasant, computer crashes often cause very serious damage to any organization. And it was the subscription services of computers and office equipment allows the organization to maintain a constant performance of computer and office equipment, avoiding emergency situations, financial, information, material losses if it fails. It is assumed that subscriber service computer and office technique involves a planned and, importantly, an unlimited number of emergency visits for urgent emergency computer help.

With the planned departure by checking all the computers in the presence of viruses (and disinfected if necessary) and technical problems, the elimination of existing problems, software installation, training computers to further smooth operation, preventative service network. Emergency exit, that is, emergency computer help, performed in case of emergency failures in software or in the event of technical problems and is carried out within 1-2 hours after registration. Often in customer service computer and office equipment includes such works as: installation, configuration and support of MS Windows operating system and MS Office; disinfection, disposal and Prevention; install and update anti-virus software, installing (replacing, repairing) computer components and peripherals, configuring Internet access, network services, setting any computer software, consultation, training to operate the equipment and software installed. It is worth to note that a subscription service of computers, as a form of computer assistance is much lower than the total cost one-off work to restore the equipment during the year and cheaper than the content of their own very qualified technicians, including and highly specialized, such as system administrator for service network, computer and office equipment. You can utverzhat that this type of computer assistance, as subscription services significantly minimizes the costs of maintenance of computer and office equipment, much improves the reliability of a computer system, its safety and efficacy. Reference. The company 'MosRemKompyuters' provides services in IT and is one of the leaders of this trend. That's why 'MosRemKompyuters' can offer customers the lowest possible prices at the highest level of quality and optimal timing of the work. Since 2001, the company has provided services to many businesses and organizations that were completely satisfied with the results of work performed and pricing policies. This circumstance allowed the company to gain a foothold in the market of repair (eg repair LCD monitors) and services (including subscription services) computer and office equipment.