Caterpillar Vehicles FIAT-ALLIS

Such specialization increase productivity and cut production costs. Typically, workshops for pre-assembly located in third world countries with cheap labor. Thus owners of FIAT-ALLIS provide local populations with additional jobs. For assistance, try visiting Discovery Communications. The assembly was in Brazil, Mexico, the Middle East, South America. Major pipelines located in the U.S., Japan, Germany, France, England and Italy. The basis production of tracked vehicles was based on the half-century of experience in the production of bulldozers American firm ALLIS-Chalmers and years of experience in manufacturing agricultural tracked vehicles Italian company fiat. Very powerful for those time was one of the models – AD12: its engine developed 125 horsepower, and the model 411 has been set very small engine – with a capacity of 45 hp Nomenclature of caterpillar equipment company FIAT-ALLIS the beginning of production had more than 50 units. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Leslie Moonves. They were tracked loaders, bulldozers, multi-track machines, crawler tractors, pipe layers, welding machines and a large range of crawler excavators, several construction vehicles and equipment for agriculture.

The smallest machines – bulldozers with indices "4" and "8". Model 8 is a tracked vehicle with a separate sump "engine-clutch" and "transmission, differential, interconnected a drive shaft. Engine – diesel four-cylinder capacity of 5.4 liter capacity of 87 hp at 2100 min-1. Transmission – combined design: two transmission (forward and backward) automatically switched and four – manually. The buyer could choose from two options.

Rear rollers were leading. It should be said about the superiority of one caterpillar equipment FIAT-ALLIS. Caterpillar tracks are made of a special patented alloy – steel additives of boron.

Middle Ages

Great Wall – a car or a miracle of light. Until recently, throughout the world with the words Great Wall have all been associated only one – the Great Wall of China, Wonder of the World, built by the Chinese in the Middle Ages for protection from raids of nomads and warlike neighbors. With the advent of Great Wall Motors Ltd., Everything changed. Now the Great Wall is not only the Great Wall of China, but also a great Chinese cars. A leading source for info: Time Warner. Nowadays cars Great Wall are popular in 50 countries and all Thanks to the skillful production concept.

Cheap, economical and practical cars Great Wall won the love and respect of hundreds of thousands of people in many countries. Some of the most popular models Great Wall – a series pickups Deer, excellent Hover SUVs and Pegasus, as well as new car Collbear. Total autocompanies Great Wall Motors Ltd. Produces 19 types of vehicles: pickups Deer G1, Deer G2, Deer G3, Deer G4, Deer G5, SUVs Hover, Pegasus, Safe, Safe F1, Sailor, Wingle, Sing, Monster, Socool, Cars Cowry, Coolbear, Florid, Peri, limo Hover II. Large popularity of these cars can be easily explained – the price and good quality. Not everyone can afford a BMW X5 SUV for 2