Seal Plastic Bags: Reproduction

Under the reproduction in the printing industry means the entire area of photographic, photomechanical and electromechanical technology transfer original text and images on printing plates for print plastic bags and other surfaces. Prior art printing reproduction processes are the technological operations, which not only reproduce the originals, but also compensate technical data printing equipment (increase pitch, transferable amount of paint and color density) in order to optimize the print quality consistent with the original. No exception, and the printing process plastic bags. Original quality is a decisive condition for the desired print results. Despite many technical improvements in the "chain of transmission" to the printed form, can not compensate for the deficiency color reproduction of the original by reproducing it on the surface. The largest part of production printing on plastic bags and other packaging materials are the images of food, vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc.

Printed packaging should attract the attention of buyers, so special attention paid to the choice of originals dl reproduction. Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. Along with the criteria for registration, in the originals have been contain the required details and gradations of colors. In flexographic printing, you must expand the midtones to halftone dots. The size of the dot is determined by the gradation of the brightness of the original. At the same sharpness of contours and high prosvechivaemost dot on the film of reproduction is an important condition in the "chain migration" of the original on the printed form. This stage is especially important for flexographic printing of plastic bags and how consequence of being enhanced. Different sizes of halftone dots can be expressed in percentages by measuring the optical density (DXA).

When printing color reproduction possible (and cost-effective) transfer manifold hues on a substrate using three colors. To do this, use standardized basic color components: yellow, purple, blue. Black color component complements the transferred image. Giving it depth. With this four-color rants meet the challenges of multi-color reproductions of the originals.

Moscow Marketing

Used as an independent marketing trick, but in anticipation of the exhibition can be arranged by the company’s mailing list with the application of invitation to the exhibition, special offers, to track the effectiveness of such an action, you can apply a system of coupons. Spend a newsletter twice or three times at regular intervals. After each mailing, contact respondents by telephone and make corrections to the database on the basis of telephone conversations. For example, in the first letter you talk about your product and said that more information will be available at the exhibition. In the second message, the recipient receives specific invitation (with coupon) to visit your booth.

Advertisements in anticipation of the exhibition, increase its advertising activity. Give more advertising in the media and the Internet. Prepare press releases and various informational materials about your company for publication in the media. Choose the publications that are planning to cover the course of the exhibition. People such as qwiki would likely agree. Composing a press release, try to illuminate the same page the following issues: – Who. Who uses the product or service – What. Formulate its proposal for a product or service.

– Why. Indicate your differences from others, indicate the goals and objectives – Where. Indicate the place. – When. Enter the date or timetable for the – recognition of its brand. Good conduct preliminary work to prepare for the exhibition will pay triple. Converse is also true, simply by paying for their participation in the exhibition and make the necessary efforts to promote your stand, you’ll probably lose money than to get the expected gain from participation in it. Often newcomers exhibitions expect that all organizational matters, including advertising support will be engage in the exhibition organizers. In sum, participation laid% of the money for the campaign, but the advertising campaign – the Show! The organizers will provide general promotion activities and involving the interested audience. To attract visitors to a particular booth meets the company itself! Do not spare efforts and resources in preparation for this important event. You should not discount the possibility to go to active action on a new advertising field. There are other possibilities. Many of the exhibitions offer part-time participation, or the possibility of placing advertising stand with your printed materials. Huge selection of Brochure in sc Riword will help you introduce your firm to major trade fairs. Price of entry into the ‘big marketing’ is available to any commercial enterprise. Come to our demo room at the address: Moscow, Emb., 4. Also remember that on our site every day a new special offer – buy a favorite promotional stands will be at a special price. We always welcome new customers.