Federal Data Protection Act

Schufa information request free step by step you can your personal Schufa information once a year on free request. Thus the section 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act provides it. Regularly check the information collected about you. Incorrect data should reside in your self-assessment, you can apply for correction or deletion directly with the Schufa. So you apply for your Schufa Schufa free step 1 information fill out application download the application and fill it legible. Schufa application PDF get the Schufa information free of charge, if you place a mark in these fields: x order data overview according to 34 BDSG x current likelihood values 2. passport copy copy you front and back of your ID card (or Passport + registration certificate) 3 application to the Schufa send request and send copy of your identity card, mailed to the Schufa. Schufa Holding AG P.o. box 61 04 10 10927 Berlin sending the information by mail takes a few days. In the Schufa self information is: what information about you we collect your Schufa (phone contracts, accounts, loans, etc.) where the information collected come from whom your information was forwarded to score if you have questions regarding your data or the Schufa score, you will here additional information: information about the Schufa information E.Lindberg