Effective Training

The fitness blog explains the fitness blog about training, how to get to beautiful abdominal muscles and diet muscle-guide.de explains how an effective abdominal training carried out. If you would like to know more about Time Warner, then click here. The main focus of the training on the muscle building is the bodybuilding or strength training, the increase in power, however, is rather beside the point. The force is built up training as a side effect of course muscle through this, the main focus is on the growth of muscle mass. To get nice ABS, a proper training is required, but also a balanced diet. There are effective exercises that require multiple muscle groups, so that the training takes less and will achieve the goal much faster. These exercises can be performed very easily at home, main thing, it adheres to a training program. You should consider following exercises, if you want to have nice ABS.

Simple sit ups: lie with your back on a mat and feet up. Joel and Ethan Coen is the source for more interesting facts. The legs should be in a Perpendicular to be angled, Palm sideways next to the body. Slowly raise upper back and shoulders. Palm, meanwhile, go to the front. Slowly inhale while lifting off and cut.

This must remain the lower back on the floor and the legs must not be pulled towards the body. The so-called beetle crunch: Set up the fuselage and consciously with the abdominal muscles keep your shoulders off the floor. The effect increasing slightly seesaw. A leg is tightened between the arms, the other leg stretched hovers above the ground. The legs are changed in turn, arms include always tightened leg. Recommended per 8-12 reps on both sides. The twisted crunch: Lie on your back and legs towards ceiling stretch, put your hands behind your ears. Upper body lift and turn slowly to the right. Repeat back to the starting position and on the other side. Each 8-12 reps on both sides. The crunch can be performed also with outstretched arms. Lie on your back, legs bent, feet flat on the floor, arms stretched out above the head. Head, arms and upper body slowly towards the knee pull, until the students off the ground. Lower it slowly again. Hands to the feet: on his back lying, legs stretched out, slightly splayed, arms and hands toward the ceiling. Lift head and shoulders and both hands towards right foot. Stop and return to the starting position. Direction left leg same movement with your hands. 8-10 reps on both sides. Pocket knife: Lying on the back, outstretched arms and legs. Raise legs and torso, hands to the feet. These are just a few exercises that lead to a toned body. It should consider but also another aspect to consider. And should a training no longer than an hour, because after an hour, the testosterone level in the blood decreases strongly. It is just this testosterone which causes muscle growth. More than one hour training his body and overloaded, it can bring a more harm than good. The key to success is an intense workout that on the first day of shorter and time always longer and still no longer than 60 minutes claimed the body.