College Abroad

Jud Is it possible to go to study in 1932? And specifically do to study in master's degree, he has 2 top Russian education? I would like to certainly something related to fire safety. To avoid any unnecessary questions, I will say at once, that somehow then it's score? in question change country of residence? Or 32 years later? Wannabeacanadian Age is just not a problem. Otherwise it is age discrimination. Jud Thanks for the reply, midnight searching for information on various forums, namely the age of nothing, just on this forum met, such that some girl (31 years) was denied a student visa, she said that, most likely because of the age I want to learn at their own expense, perhaps, problems should not have? Still, as I understand from reading the various topics in the internet that the scope of extinguishing the way ordered, because must be a citizen of, well, because there is still a specialty on this topic, do not necessarily state Service? Jud Do you think if I write them a question with a description of my occupation, work experience, etc., they will be able to answer me, I went up to them? Swetlana When registering a student visa problems may arise due to age framework for receive no such problems. But not the fact that you refused because submission of documents and interviewed in each case. But, as experience shows, the older the student, the harder it is to obtain a student visa.

With regard to you are interested in a specialty, then tell me – on what country you're doing an accent, only English-speaking country? Wannabeacanadian Let not agree with you. 1932 – is still very 'tender' age in the context of studying in Europe or America. More information is housed here: Leslie Moonves. Topics more people are looking at things realistically and realize that we need to continue their studies at a higher academic level. In order for you to answer this question, you must formally submit all required documents (diplomas, transcripts, etc). Learn intar can go though in 32 years, although older, but the chances are that to get into the embassy less than the next person on the student's age.

Still depends on the kind of study – language courses people go to old age, and for the Judiciary age normal, just continue the programs are also learning all his life, but on the program-level college or undergraduate explain their motivation is far more complicated. Nimitta You did not understand him. For the study – it is even early age. The problem is not that you have been given to study, and to the visa officer believe that learning – indeed the purpose of travel. Wannabeacanadian With one-year stay in Canada, student status (including English classes), you will be eligible to apply without going through the list. intar I do not know where you are subtracted. To pass a list of 38, current rules need to spend 1 year in Canada with a study permit, let alone what you have learned the rules is not regulated. Jud And where can read about these conditions and feeding after passing the list? How do I calculate the scores out there, or is there some other system? What you offer courses? intar easiest way to evaluate your chances at the state Web site without learning to Canada and potentially at the time of graduation in Canada and see the difference.