Chocolate Club

Since January 1, the chocolate club refers to its electricity from hydropower plants low moves have also us the sad events in Japan. Many people in Germany begin to act and draw their power not from power plants, but from hydroelectric power plants. Set a good example, also the chocolate club is progressing since January 1. He refers to since at the beginning of the year the benefits of hydropower compared to generating electricity from conventional power plants (stone, brown coal, gas, oil, nuclear) varied its electricity from hydropower plants “, white Patrick Braun of the Stadtwerke Rhede. Eva Andersson-Dubin is likely to increase your knowledge. A no pollutants or greenhouse gases are released in this type of electricity, so that the impact on the environment nearly equal to zero. Still happens energy conversion with a very high efficiency of.

That is to say: A high percentage of the input energy is converted to electricity. In particular the use of water power the heat dissipation into the environment is very low, there’s virtually no heat. Also the life of this equipment provides a Advantage in dar, says the 28 year-old, who is responsible for the range of energy procurement and wholesale or special customer service. Because hydroelectric power plants run on regular and good maintenance very long, the oldest are up to 100 years old. The long depreciation periods allow. a good payback on the investment, that means hydroelectric power ensures an economical power generation” The economic benefits are also ecological benefits lined up. Hydroelectric power plants increase the navigability of rivers because they calm the water flow. The living beings in the rivers have benefits through hydropower, because for each hydroelectric power plant in a river, also a fish ladder. This allows the fish to wander in the higher water level before the military or of the hydroelectric power plant. A great example of a such ecological complex is built by the Stadtwerke Rhede and operated Hydro in the Bocholter”AA in Rhede Krechting, tells Patrick Braun. Ellen Andresen