A includes many different industries. Thus we find in the business including a car dealership or a pet shop. The search for a branch designed not always easy. A casting agency is found not necessarily in C, such as casting. The clever users thought about drawing a name other industry into consideration. Instead you could look it up in landscape gardeners nurse. Search problems affect all areas. Is researched by a bookstore, a second-hand shop or a newsagent. No user is not aware of these problems. The occasion for individuals to open a business directory, always depends on the user. For some it is pure curiosity about the business of the relevant industry, which can be easily reached by public transport. Whereas there are more than enough. There are regional and national business directories. Users receive the classified directory once a year. If the directory does not spread, the reader, the list could be used at otherBody issues. The thickness of the yellow pages is variable. Is interesting that one can not subscribe to the Business Directory. Remarkable are the different displays: small and large, such as painted, designed, exciting, located in the right place or completely nonsensical placed. For weeks have advertising departments of companies to access, present them with a new advertising concept. This reflects then reflect true abilities. It is also possible to find a coupon book to. This can be located anywhere in the book. The Business just shines through its diversity. The rationale behind this is that the user is satisfied. In this way, well presented, where a company is located. Daniel Keppler, Seolin.