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Bonus systems generate valuable customer data valuable raw materials, an economy cannot function without the oil, coal, precious metals. A further raw material moves increasingly into the spotlight”: the information. Internet and technology providers of goods and services bring a flood of information, which, used properly, can provide a decisive competitive advantage. Big data is the key word and is on everyone’s lips. The challenge: in an increasingly complex world of the huge amounts of data the relevant information for its own business to win.

The Kerpen agency specializes in implementing large discount and bonus systems getmore media. It sits the company exactly at the interface between customer and producer. Big data was already our everyday life, as this term was still unknown,”says co-founder and CEO Arkadius D. Zielosko. Just when even the wholesale stands between the manufacturer and the actual customers, a systematic evaluation could give valuable insights. Which product to buy wholesale? What wholesale sold how much to which operation? What article buys the company today? What are the sales in a certain period of time? These data are anyway. But we make them visible to the customers”, says Zainal continues.

The requirements of data protection will be thereby safeguarded. Especially the marketing departments are very fond. Therefore, we have greatly expanded this area. Our customers value the ability to select and filter the information freely,”says Kai Stamm, key account manager at getmore media. Also a regional and temporal analysis was possible. Finally, the customer can see how its advertising really works, what promotional activities lead to what results. Losses can be avoided. The poking around in the fog that has an end. Changing shopping habits be covered objectively.” Once data can be any filter and accurately evaluate. So structured information, the real result from unsorted data Wertbewerbsvorteile can offer. getmore media helps in this way to do business where they want to be: very close to the customers. For requests we are gladly available. Your contact: Kai Stamm key account manager getmore media GmbH loyalty & rewarding services-Heinrich-Hertz-str. 3 50170 Kerpen Tel: 02273 / 95295 0 fax: 02273 95295 – 90 getmore media is a specialist agency for loyalty-and rewarding programs. Whether premium catalogue, bonus system, or online incentive and competition – the Agency has extensive experience in these areas. The company advises well-known customers in Germany and Austria and especially attractive reward programs and Incentivesysteme. As binding and motivation tool, they belong to a successful communication with employees and customers. getmore media has successfully positioned itself in this area and develops customized solutions for its customers.